Global From Asia Alliance

Looking To Grow Your Brand in Asia?

Are you a growing software or service provider targeting e-commerce business owners? Are you looking for more representation of your brand in the China and Asia markets? We understand you can’t be everywhere, are you also aware you need to have people on the ground in China to help represent and grow your business in the region?

Welcome To The Global From Asia Alliance

Don’t go it alone! Expanding in the Asia region is a massive undertaking and its best done when you pool together knowledge and resources.

The Global From Asia Alliance is a group of quality businesses looking for more representation in the Asia market. The GFA team is here to help you by having part time or dedicated staff for your business, on the ground in China, to help do sales and after sales support. By having an alliance (group, network) of other businesses, who are not competing, going after the same customer base a lot of synergies can happen.

Save Time & Headache
Increase Efficiency
Grow Your Reach and ROI
Boost Bottom Line
“More than grateful for the friends, the partner, the knowledge, and the willingness to share. I AM A REINVENTED WOMAN! and my business tells! Cheers to the success and happiness.”
Carol Zurita


As a business owner of a growing software or service brand, we understand how important your brand and your growth is. It is always a tricky balance of keeping the quality of your brand high while also growing fast into new markets. The GFA Alliance understands that and respects that and believes is a top choice for your business to enter and grow into the China and Asia region. Here’s a few of those reasons why:

Experienced Management Team

The founders of Global From Asia are a Asia business veterans. Michael Michelini has been in China since 2007 and started doing e-commerce since 2004. Wendy Wang is a China management expert, having scaled multiple businesses in China with local teams. So you can rest assured your account representative will have the tools and guidance they need in their daily work.

Strong Brand Awareness

The organization is all about educating and empowering its audience, and has grown a strong media brand and audience over the years in the market. You can leverage this brand to grow your brand in Asia. By being part of the GFA Alliance, your brand will be displayed at all major media events – both online and offline – to grow your presence and build trust in the marketplace.

Pooled Resources

A lot of the administrative work and setup work needs to be done either as a group or one by one. Let’s stop working separately and handing over our money to admin and consultants. Instead, put the money where it is needed most – into marketing and sales initiatives. By you coming to China on your own, you’ll spend a half a year or more just doing paperwork and administrative tasks. Burning through that valuable time and money you then can get started on the marketing. Skip that headache and jump into the marketing process with the GFA Alliance, we went through all that admin headache so you don’t have to.

Network Effect

In China and other parts of Asia, once a relationship is built and trust is there – introducing a new product or service is a natural progression. Leverage our network to skip the long and painful process of starting that relationship from scratch. Because our alliance doesn’t have competing services, we can organically introduce and share new products and services as they are brought into the alliance.

Grow Your Network

The other GFA Alliance members are great people to know! Just within the alliance itself you can make synergies, cross-promotions, and business deals that you didn’t imagine possible. By seeing complimentary service providers and software vendors on a regular basis (in our management calls and other event chances) you will build a relationship with others in the alliance. It won’t be too hard to foresee long term collaboration happening with some of these members.

Interested To Join The Alliance?

Great, Here’s The Next Steps

We hope this Global From Asia Alliance offer has gotten you on the edge of your seat. It should if you are still not yet actively selling and marketing in the China / Asia region and want to get more reach. What is involved in becoming a member of this alliance, good that you asked, let’s dig in:


Application & Vetting Process

We need to know about you and your business. Because this alliance is all about trust and relationships, we must ensure those we accept into the alliance are aligned with our interests and goals. The minute we accept someone into the alliance for money alone and skip the vetting process is the moment the value and effectiveness of it will begin its decline. Therefore, we will review your application, your business profile, do some background checks, and discuss with our current alliance members. We reserve the right to decline an application based on our own internal procedures and do not require to provide a reason to the applicant. This is done to keep bias out of the alliance and ensure that we have top quality and synergy in the group.

Assign Main Contact Person

Who is the main contact person at your organization? We suggest it to be a high level management position, ideally the CEO or C level representative. This point of contact will be involved in the management calls and other major events and announcements of the alliance. If they are not available, another contact (secondary) that you provide will be able to take their seat for that specific event.

Contribute Yearly Dues

We have a base yearly fee for all alliance members. This is to cover the basic upkeep and administrative costs of the alliance itself to continue to operate. This needs to be paid upfront each year to remain involved.

Choose Your Alliance Package

Because the needs of each alliance member is different, we have custom packages for each. Do you need us to hire a staff in China or other parts of Asia on your behalf? Full time or part time? Or, you already have your own office and staff here and more interested in taking part in the pooled marketing efforts?


Frequently Asked Questions


We Would Love To Have You – Apply Today!

This is a great chance for you to grow your brand and sales in the China and Asia region. The Global From Asia team is excited to grow this alliance and help quality overseas companies in the marketplace. We welcome any questions or concerns you may have and look forward to being a positive representation of your business and brand here.

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