Latest Hacks & Strategies For Amazon FBA in 2022 with Daniel Fernandez

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So today we have a special guest, Daniel Fernandez, and we are going to talk about Amazon hacks – optimizing your seller central experience. Let’s dive in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce Dan

  • Where Dan is at right now

    In USA now? It was always great having you speak at our Cross Border Summit and Matchmaker events.

  • Some Hacks

    IP Accelerator, AMZ posts, Virtual Bundles

  • GFAVIP Member Online Mastermind Session

    You’re willing to share some of your insights also with our private GFAVIP members in a couple of weeks, date to be determined, we’ll confirm with the members. So that’ll be also afterwards for those people that support.

  • Cross Border Matchmaker 2022

    Dan will be a panelist for our yearly Cross Border Matchmaker, online, June 16-17, 2022.

Hacks on Amazon by Daniel Fernandez

  1. Grant your Amazon Brand Registry Access for a month using Amazon IP Accelerator
  2. Virtual Bundles
    • This is for Brand Registered accounts only
    • Check which products are usually bought together from your store and create virtual bundles.
    • Here’s the Amazon Manual
    • Benefits:
      • maximizing the new product listing with these products. 
      • Drive traffic to your virtual bundle
    • Can’t run SPA, but SBA can run
    • Can only get impressions from the bundle and the sales will be individual products
  3. Amazon Posts
    • This is for Brand Registered accounts only
    • Needs an Amazon Storefront
    • Here’s the Amazon Manual
    • Benefits:
      • This is FREE for now
      • Can still competitors customers by showing your posts on their detail page
      • This can also show your post on Amazon search results
      • You can encourage customers to follow your storefront
      • You can track your post’s views and clicks in this if this is effective or not
  4. Amazon Vine
    • Get reviews for newly launched products
    • Launch stand-alone listings if you have variations and don’t use parent listing so you can enroll for Amazon vine for each product and can get 30 reviews each
    • The negative side is you can’t control their ratings they can give you 3, 2, or 1 rating
    • Another hack is to send limited stocks first and put a product insert or other freebies inside the packaging to get positive reviews.
  5. Amazon Experiments
    • This allows you to A/B test your title, images, and EBC.
    • You can review the results of your A/B testing and use the one with the best results.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 44:47

Thank you Daniel for coming on, you know I always appreciate you for coming on the show and sharing.

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Show Transcript


[00:00:00] So welcome to another episode of Global From Asia podcast, episode 374. So today we have a special guest right,Mike? Yeah, it’s going to be a good one. Daniel Fernandez, uh, Amazon, we say hacks, but basically really optimizing your seller central experience. So you’re ready for this Aubrey. Yeah. Let’s dive in.

[00:00:22] Welcome to the Global From Asia podcast, where the daunting process of running an international business is broken down, into straight up actionable advice. And now your host, Michael Michelini. So today, we’re going to have Dan Fernandez. I believe he has also been on our podcast before, and he will share some hacks on Amazon and basically

[00:00:47] it will really be helpful for our community, especially those in the e-commerce space. Yeah, for sure. Daniel is great. Uh, he’s, he’s a very  detailed oriented. And he always dives deep into seller central link. He says in the show he lives, he does this as an agency full-time for so many years and he doesn’t hold back.

[00:01:09] It gives a lot of great insights and he’s spoken that, of course, on our podcast, we’ll spend at least, at least a couple of our events, Aubrey, and I think we should also mention, maybe we can talk about it more in the, after the interview, but. We are having our next big event for the Global From Asia community – Cross Border Matchmaker

[00:01:26] Right? Save the date, everybody. What dates are they? Yeah, June 16 and 17. So better cross that date for the CBM. Save those dates is going to be epic. We’ll maybe share some, some tips, tips of how to prepare for that. After the interview. Also, Daniel we’ll do a private session. In a couple of weeks for the GFAVIP private members, Aubrey’s helping arrange that masterminds.

[00:01:49] So the date will be provided to our members. And also Daniel gives a little bit of a bonus. We talked about it after the interview. So if you guys want a free bonus from Daniel, we’ll share that also after this interview. So let’s tune in. Aubrey, are you ready? Ready. Let’s go! And thank you to our sponsor. Our returning sponsor online bank was a real bank, but can a totally online for US, our blimp program participants are going through this as well.

[00:02:17] Thank you, Mercury. Travis is great there. He has been on our show has been on our events. We’re gonna have another event where we will have them attending as well. And if you want to get a little bonus for you and us, if you sign up and do some special circumstances, so you can go also have video tutorial that we use, even for the BLIMP

[00:02:35] people use the same exact video to learn how to use it. I hope you can check it out totally free. Why not see you? Okay, everybody. Thanks for tuning into our Global From Asia podcast. We have, it’s been, it’s been wild Mac years are flying by Daniel Fernandez from AMZ Clever. They’ve been on the show before.

[00:02:56] I think maybe you were, I think it was one week before. Podcasts, you were a guest on maybe I think a few years ago and an amazing speaker at our events at cross-border summit and a transporter, matchmaker and others. So it’s been a pleasure to get, to see you developing and growing your business and your abilities.

[00:03:17] You know, I always appreciate you coming on the show and sharing. So thank you, Daniel, for coming on. Awesome. Back to. Back to be, uh, great to be back in Asia, even if he’s virtually I know. Right? Yeah. So, you know, before it was hit the record button, you know, you were chatting, you were, you left China right before.

[00:03:39] COVID right. I’m ready. You can share a little bit of the story. You the last few years of your, your adventures or travels, maybe not fun parts, but to your, oh, I, I, I caught the last flight from the city. I was living. In January, 2020 before the route got that route got shot. And then they ended up in Bali, Bali, Indonesia.

[00:04:05] That’s, that’s how I that’s when I closed my China chapter and then did two years in three years in Bali. And you know, it’s been, it feels like so long ago. Dude. Yeah, I think the, and I, you know, you’re in the US which is really cool for a few months only, or. Yeah I move back, look back at, towards the end of last year.

[00:04:30] Okay. And I excited, excited to be, to be back here in the US. Yeah, there’s a, you know, I have, I have regulars friends tell me, move back or, you know, there, I think it’s true, like with our, our skills and our ability and our perspective in Asia, China applied back to the states probably has a pretty big advantage, you know?

[00:04:55] You can start a global from USA. Yeah. I don’t know. A few years ago I was even talking about on the podcast. I registered and still keep it because the a so it’s, cause I, I usually say GFA, right? So I did a poll at a time and a. People were not happy not having it. They’re like stay with Asia, but yeah, it’s true.

[00:05:21] I kept the, the eight anywhere I was thinking about it, you know, but we’re still Asia for now. Maybe, maybe it’s maybe remedial change of fi move saying. So it was really cool to have you, you know, I know. I, I, you know, we call this hacks. You always you’re like, you love seller central or you, your you’ve studied the ins and outs of Amazon seller central.

[00:05:42] Right. I mean, that’s kind of how I know you as a seller central guy. Is that the right way to say it? Yeah. Well, we, we spend a large portion of the day in seller central, you know, working with our clients, my team, my team, when I, so it’s, we, we hang out. You know, long hours, long hours in it. And inevitably, you know, discover things, things that are, you know, sometimes not so obvious, but sometimes there’s also some areas where people may be, see, they people see them all the time, but never really use them or never really exploit.

[00:06:19] And Amazon, you know, all that can be said about Amazon, whether good or bad. Some of the good things. Some of the great things is they keep adding to their platform. They keep trying to make it better and they keep adding tools. So. That’s something that, you know, I think we, we, we have been utilizing a lot of this new, new tools, new opportunities that I think can add some value to, to other people.

[00:06:46] For sure. Yeah. So, so we’ll go through some of those today, and then I, I’m also happy. You’re willing to share some of your insights also with our private GFAVIP members in a, in a couple of weeks to date, to be determined, we’ll confirm, you know, with the members. So that’ll be also afterwards for those people that support.

[00:07:04] Support in a private community, but of course, you know, I think today alone is going to be amazing. We already kind of go through some of the bullet points and I think it’s just going down the list and I could try to give my, my, my comment, but, you know, I think you’re, you’re, you’re leading the charge today.

[00:07:23] Awesome. Awesome. Yeah. And I, I, there’s a few there that, like I said, we discuss we’ll keep them VIP. The top of the list stuff right now, when I cover, you know, some, some important stuff. And I think some of these things people have heard about a lot of the things that I’m going to share require a brand registry on Amazon, which basically is having a trademark.

[00:07:45] Getting that registered with Amazon, but really wanted to touch on if you don’t have run registry, the, the old way we were getting, it was going around finding a trademark attorney and then getting the process started. And it took, usually took about nine to 12 months to get that trademark registered and only then go to Amazon and say, Hey, here’s my trademark to get, you know, the, the brand registry access.

[00:08:16] We don’t do that anymore. We’re getting now brand registry in a month. Maybe sometimes less. And this is what I recommend everybody to do, which is to use the Amazon IP accelerator. It’s not hard to find. You can just Google, Amazon IP accelerator and make sure you start the process from there. If you, if you start a process outside, you will not be able to do this.

[00:08:43] And then what really, really is, is getting your trademark through one of the trademark attorneys that Amazon has vetted and they, you will be able to get a brand registry access. When your trademark application is filed in, instead of when your trademark is completely, you know, approved and register, and the filing takes takes just a few weeks.

[00:09:10] So, and it could be, it could be the difference for a new brand that you’re launching or perhaps your, your first product ever. You’ll be able to have. All the stuff that I’m going to talk about as well as, as well as, you know, more, more things that, that, you know, such as your storefront, your EBC, running sponsor brands, ads, things that I think, you know, we probably won’t call her today that are more, more, more everyday stuff, but that’s, that’s very important to them.

[00:09:38] Yeah, no, I totally second that I’ve, I’ve done it myself. Two times now, let me be three now, too. I think the other way I did with just normal trademark outside and then it, but, uh, the one part though is there is a, quite a few service providers in there. And then I just hit like contact. I spent like, I hit contacts, like quote, quote, quote, quote, quote, quote.

[00:09:59] I have one I’ve worked with twice. I don’t really feel comfortable promoting the firm because. You know, it’s dangerous if they, you know, and I guess they’re all vetted, but there’s one in Florida actually. Maybe I can’t, I don’t know. I don’t really want to say it cause I mean, it could, but yeah, you have to choose one of them.

[00:10:16] Right. And they list out their firms now have different pricing and policies and procedures that you use you’re directly working with them, but then they give you some kind of a code it’s so confusing. A little bit, you have a case number or something and you put it in and then it can unlock your brand registry.

[00:10:32] They usually guide you on it. And then they usually tell you don’t keep harassing me for the, you know, like pushing them for the code to unlock brand registry. Yeah. And so they always say, don’t ask me, don’t ask me, you got to wait if you do it before I say, you might not get it, something like this. Like they have these notices when I’ve done it, you know?

[00:10:56] Yeah. I think on average for us, it’s been about,about a month. Maybe, maybe slightly less than that. And I’ll even I’ll share something, uh, something very, very interesting to happen. Even we have a client that, that we did the IP accelerator. We got brand registry. Everything was great. And because what few few months later, the trademark application with the US government got rejected.

[00:11:26] Right? They, they said like, sorry, there’s too much market confusion. There’s other brands that have some similar name and sell similar stuff. Right. But, um, you know, not suggesting you do this, but like knock on wood. We still have our rent registry access with Amazon and they haven’t, you know, they haven’t even touched on the subject.

[00:11:49] Right. Which is perhaps, perhaps you said like a hit, like a secret perk, probably come from doing the IP accelerator. I think it, maybe it almost depends on a  firm because the firm I work with told me if it’s. Maybe they’re trying to sell me more, but they made me pay another fee. Cause they said something like, it might be a problem in HR and they got longer a hundred, $200 more to try to solve that because they said it was rejected.

[00:12:18] They said it might work like you’re saying, but they won’t let it because they don’t want to get in trouble by Amazon. So they will tell you something like, maybe it depends on the firm you use, but they were saying like, They were saying like, we would, we would feel obligated to, I don’t know. That’s kind of what I recall her saying.

[00:12:39] I mean, a knock on wood for every all of us, all of us, but yeah, there’s also the choice of, yeah, we’re getting into too much trademark law here, but there’s also use or intend to use so you could also prove later that you’re using it to buy time and still get brand registry. You don’t have to have it in use yet the last tip from my experience.

[00:13:01] But yeah, it’s of course also faster. If you, as a filer, know what you want, if you’re doing it for the first time, you have no clue. And then you got to like, look up all the categories and fill out the form slowly. If you, if you have everything ready. I know you do. And I do, but some people, if it’s your first time might take a little bit longer, but, but yeah, it’s definitely faster.

[00:13:23] So it’s a great, great tip. Awesome. Well, okay, so let’s, let’s, you know, if let’s say you started the process, we fast forward from there. In terms of what I’m going to talk about right now is a lot of the things that you get unlocked in the brands tab of seller central. It’s usually the one that the very end and I can not just go through a few of these and how we are using that for our clients at the first one, hugely hugely under utilized is a Amazon posts. And Amazon posts,

[00:13:56] you know, this one is in, is within, it gets unlocked within campaign manager. And campaign manager, you have to go to the bottom left, you’ll see a little, I think it’s a gear icon or a little like app icon, and then click on that. You get an option for posts and I was opposed to it’s basically like Amazon’s own Instagram.

[00:14:19] I’ve seen, it shows us a feed is very image, image driven. So there’s an image. And then you get an option to add some, take some captions, and also you, you must  link it with a, an ASENs or ASINs. Each, each post has to be linked to a product and it looks like it looks like a feed, right? Just like an Instagram feed.

[00:14:42] And there’s a few important things about it. Uh, first of all, One of the reasons you want to do it is because he’s getting a lot of engagement. We’re getting, we’re getting, let me give you an example. There’s a brand. We’re we’re getting about a thousand clicks a week from Amazon posts, right? And these, these are free clicks, right?

[00:15:08] These are clicks to our listings. And with that same brand on PBC, we’re paying on average about $2 per click, right? $2, $2.50 per click. So if we do the math, we’re getting about $2,000 of free ad spend by simply using Amazon posts and using it often. Right? So that is a there’s one at one of the reasons you want to use it, but there’s a few more things is Amazon posts will show on your listing

[00:15:43] upon scrolling down, usually above the reviews area. People will be able to see them. Not just that people will be able to follow one. People will be able to follow your brand, just like somebody can follow another  account on Instagram. And I’m going to touch on that a little bit later, but what that really means when you have a followers.

[00:16:06] Another thing about Amazon posts is we have seen them appear in the search results as well. It seems like Amazon is testing that sometimes appear to their peers in terms they don’t also depends on the, on the category. There’s such a huge opportunity for discoverability. And that, that is, that is also free, right?

[00:16:27] Because there’s no, there’s no Amazon posts sponsored, which is one of my, one of my suspect. I suspect we will be coming at some point. We all know monetize is more, they make that money. They find a way, right. The other, the other thing, the last thing is some posts appear on your storefront, your peers.

[00:16:48] It’s going to be the last tab of your storefront and where people can also subscribe to, uh, also follow your brand on Amazon. And the storefront is just infinite feed. Where people can just post up and down the posts you want to have. You want to have a few fewer ways it’s different from Instagram is that you, you obviously cannot do hashtags or tags of anything, sending people outside, Amazon, you got to keep it within the ecosystem, you know, but you can promote, you can promote with your captions.

[00:17:24] And what you want to do is to get probably enough posts so that someone would have to scroll up and down for, you know, maybe five minutes, uh, or couple of minutes, let’s say at the beginning, without running out. Right. You want to get them that effective. You know that sense of infinite feed number one, number two is you want to rotate your products, right?

[00:17:52] Do you want to show ’em if you have five products, no product, one product to product three. So you want to go.  One by one and then cycle it back. Certainly back, simply back. I think that from the testing that we’ve done, that increases chances of having the customer, one of the child proceed, what options are available and end up, you know, in your ecosystem, you can track Amazon shares with you.

[00:18:18] A dashboard of Amazon posts where you can see, you know, the views and then the engagement, and then how many clicks each pass a postcard. So you can also track the performance that they’re getting at the individual level. Oh, you me a couple, couple point questions for me, I guess it doesn’t matter if you do, if you’re duplicating it across like Instagram, Facebook website, you know, the same content, of course you’re not interlinking because Amazon policies or whatever.

[00:18:47] I think you could utilize a similar content and text maybe. Yeah. If you have already an Instagram, Instagram account and you know, there’s some content there, even if it’s old, it is, it is low-hanging fruit to repurpose that content over to Amazon and. You know, we have, I know sometimes with Instagram, depending if you use some influencer or something, you have to watch out for the, the rights, the rights replicate that content, but yeah, all then that is, it’s an easy move to repurpose that.

[00:19:23] Yeah, it makes sense. That’s a good one for sure. So, so that’s one of them. I was in posts. Another one I wanted to talk about and this one, I’m sure a lot have heard that it’s Amazon vine and this is where, you know, we’re launching products. Uh, you know, in my opinion, the best way to get reviews right now, I’m completely aligned with Amazon.

[00:19:47] What Amazon wants you to do. I’m not to talk about the basics, you know, which, which is buying can, you can get up 30, 30 reviews used to be free. Now there’s a fee. It’s a  $200 per product. And what we are doing is when launching a product with variations, let’s say you’ve planned to launch a product that has, I don’t know, 10 variations, right.

[00:20:13] What we’re doing is we’re not launching them as a parent. At the beginning rather, or lotion them as an individual standalone listings. And then we’re enrolling each individual listing. You do up to five. Some accounts can do up to 20. I think I I’ve even seen accounts. I can do up to 50, depending on if you belong to other Amazon and programs, the thing is then you want to enroll each individual product

[00:20:43] to Amazon vine. Yes. You’ll have to pay the fee for each of them. Right. And then what happens is each of them will qualify to get after 30 reviews from Amazon Vine waiting until people claim the units, people start  leaving the reviews in. And only then we’re putting them together as a parent.

[00:21:05] So we’re, you know, five, five X-Wing in the least the amount of 30 reviews we’re talking in. Depends on how fast people review it. But in six months you could get 150 reviews instead of just 30. If you launch them as a parent, then you’ll only be able to enroll the parents as a whole, and that will limit you to 30 reviews.

[00:21:29] These days it’s expensive. If we calculate cost per review with, with Amazon vine, it’s just a few bucks and it just makes the most sense. If you create the product, if you create your product or your parent’s listing first and then you break it up, you already messed up. If you try to enroll those on vine, this way you’ll get, they’ll get rejected.

[00:21:53] That’s really a big tip, man. That’s really, that’s really, you know, I, I have never used a vine, to be honest. I’ve heard reviews where they’re, they’re actually more critical. These revised final years, they almost have to be critical because they feel like if you give everybody like five star, they won’t be as

[00:22:12] neutral of a reviewer. So I dunno. You understand what I mean? But some sellers have told me like, they’re like they have to give them a three-star four-star maybe even less sometimes because they have to kind of have negative or not. Fuck. Can’t give everybody fives. Even, I feel like that as a customer is a normal customer.

[00:22:32] Of course, I don’t want to, you know, I both books or stuff I buy, I don’t want to give everybody five, you know, side that’s one concern about vine. I don’t know if you feel. I love it. They like, do you just feel obligated to a more strict, I would say on average, on average. The vine ratings we’ve got are probably four, four and a half stars.

[00:22:59] If I had to give an average there. Okay. Yeah. There’s a few things that always don’t make much sense. For example, you know, these people are getting the product for free yet. Some people comment about the price for the product, especially the ones that, the ones that are critical, but again, on, on our expense.

[00:23:17] It has been overwhelmingly positive in all granted it has to do with the quality of your product and all that. What I would say here’s how here’s the hack is. If your first batch you sent to Amazon, let’s say you have a thousand units, right. Only send to Amazon a hundred, let’s say for, excuse me, for a given product.

[00:23:41] Right. And then in that 1000 in that story, that 100 you yourself. Expect every single unit at a hundred note, Hey, thank you so much. You know, I’m the owner, you know, this is how you know, Michael I’m here for you. Here’s my email. Here’s my phone number. Just let me know if you need anything. Maybe. Some, some little, some little ad-ons and a little gift in there, right.

[00:24:08] For those hundred units, send those in, make sure that those are the ones that the vine reviewer claims. And I think your chances of, of, yeah, it’d be in positive is going to be high. Then after that, after they got cleaned, just send the rest, send your staff that is just regular sobbing. You’re an old school old school eBay.

[00:24:27] You may hack.

[00:24:32] You know, of course, a little bit tricky from China, but it has 3 PLS or other ways, you know, he could do that more easily. True true it’s or even from, from production, just to make sure that they don’t write the note in Chinese, because going to the U S I’ve heard of the worst note, you made me think of one.

[00:24:51] I think it was Ali express. Somebody got like a bloody dress and I said, help me. I’m in prison. Or something shiny, something like that. Oh man. Yeah, there is a, I know what you’re talking about. There’s, there’s essentially many stories, many stories about it. I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want let’s move on to just the note part anyway.

[00:25:18] That’s a great tip. So yeah. Okay. Fine. I, I I’ll try it out then. That’s awesome. And then the, so the next one is, and this one is not so much a tip. It’s just  something that you ought to be using. And that’s our virtual bundles and virtual bundles is just the ability to create ASINs in Amazon system of two products, FBA products that are being sold separately, you send a stock for each of them separately, but virtually you’re creating a bundle where they are sold and shipped together, right.

[00:25:58] To a customer. So you get an option to add new images for that bundle. It becomes an ASIN, you know. You’re going to run, sponsored product ads for it, but you can run a sponsored brands ads, and then you can add the images for that. You can add the bullet points titled basically the, as if it were a little bit basic, more basic of a listing, you can also

[00:26:21] edit the price. So it helps if you give it a small discount, they’re like, you know, bought together maybe like 5% off or something like that. A couple of things is, is it works. It works. If you, especially, if you bundle things that go well together, people do buy them right now. It shows only on that. Right. And probably the most important insight is even if here’s the, here’s the thing, like if you’re selling, let’s say you’re selling your, your coffee products.

[00:26:52] Right. But then somewhere in that seller central account, you have, you’re also selling that out. Let’s say that pink Flamingo you have there, you know, behind you, something that has nothing to do this brand products to. Yeah, go ahead. Sorry. So yeah, this is polishing cloth, Excalibur Brothers is a new brand.

[00:27:13] It’s a medieval brand name, but it’s like men’s gift, but you had a Flamingo, something cool. I play with too. So things that have nothing to do with each other, right. Would you still want to do, create a virtual bundle that right. And many people listening might say, well, no, they don’t make any sense.

[00:27:35] But what I would say is, is it would be a, an amazing and very, actually very important defensive strategy to do so. Right. And the reason for that is in right now of the virtual bundles appear on desktop and they appear below that frequently bought together, section your listing, and they take on a huge amount of real estate on the page.

[00:28:01] And once you activate them, it pushes down the sponsored products, carousel, where you may have a lot of competitors, right. It pushes that below the. And the person, the shopper, everything they see is more of your products. So, you know, even if you don’t have anything that goes well together for that reason alone is worth deploying it.

[00:28:29] And then one other. One other thought about that is Amazon now there’s a few ways to get sales data in business reports. However, you’ll only get impressions for your virtual bundles. You will not get sales figures for your virtual bundles because the sales figures are going to the individual products.

[00:28:50] Right? However, we found that we created a system. To figure that figure out and actually get as real sales data and conversion rates for, for these virtual bundles. That’s great. That’s that’s the next one? Have you used, have you used them yet, Mike? So I’m showing this, we’re doing a new case study, but the coffee product brand, I sold it a couple of years ago and I’ve been between.

[00:29:18] Brand’s sense. And we’re doing this. One’s hopefully going to launch in June, maybe May this, literally this production is a wine polishing cloth for a and a letter. We have four different ASINs products that we’re doing actually under a brand licensing model. Basically a, I don’t believe virtual bundles existed in 2019 today, or maybe they did.

[00:29:41] I didn’t know about them. Maybe they did. Maybe I haven’t had. Virtual bundles. I’ve heard of it by having myself. Got it. Got it. So it also part of a brand registry. The, so the next thing is, is, and this one back to. That brand’s tab in seller central. So in there you’ll find virtual bundles. Another thing you’ll find there is some, a section that’s called managed experiments, and this one is really cool.

[00:30:11] This is a real AB testing that you can do on Amazon. It’s been around for a little bit of time already, but when we look at account, excuse me, dry throat we’re looking at accounts is overwhelmed. To see how many brands when] he said this are not using it. Right. And, and these allows you to AB test your title AB test your main image, AB test your EBC and wanted to share what is your case study with it a few weeks ago with one client.

[00:30:48] We have a product that is selling really well, right? Like into the, into the six figures per month, just one SKU, also very nice amount of traffic. And then we decided to do an EBC. So the EBC we had before was very technical, right. Tech specs, very, I guess. Logical, not, not much content that, that make the person let’s say emotional right to, in a buying state.

[00:31:23] It was more for the person looking for information. And so we decided to AB test that EBC against an EBC, that was polar opposite EBC. That was about all, about lifestyle, showing people, showing emotions, showing faces, and then, you know, a little bit of information just in, in badges, right? Lo and behold, Mike which one do you think do better?

[00:31:47] I don’t want to go with the boring informational one. All right. It wasn’t. It was, it was the other one. Really? The one. You know, what’s more, more emotional and, and here’s the thing, right? So that was just one experiment. So it shows basically a higher conversion rate, like is it’s the AB testing, the managed experiments, but as he shows you how many sessions went to each version, Right.

[00:32:17] And then how many orders and then how many, what was, what the conversion rate was for each of them? And the cool thing is that the split was very, even to like 50 50 in terms of traffic, like Amazon is really splitting the traffic evenly. These are how to hire a commercial rate. And it even shows you how much money, how much money, you know, how much more money right.

[00:32:41] You, you make with the winner. And, and we didn’t just within, just ended there. Right? So yes, the test was run, but we say, okay, let’s look at our whole catalog. Right? It’s a catalog that has maybe like 20, 20 to 30 products at the same nature. Like we implement. Not the same EBC, but the concept of that, EBC, that one, the emotional one across a whole catalog.

[00:33:08] Right. I need it basically. Take the sales. So if, if doing so with these products, let’s say generated an extra 5,000 or so dollars per month, right. From what he was doing compared to the previous previous version, right. We implement, implemented that across the catalog and that, you know, it’s not $5,000 more per product because some products sell less.

[00:33:33] Right. But it’s probably generated, I would say. You know, $20,000 more a month across the catalog with some of the other best sellers there. So that’s why it’s very important. That’s just EBC, right? EBC. My opinion has less impact than main image. And maybe a part with title, title is more like a CTR, a game main image is both, but you know that there’s all the case studies about that.

[00:33:59] But I think this one for now is good. Got it. Yeah, I get it. No, I always think of that title as like the email subject of the email, right. To get them to click right. CTR click through. Yeah. Just want to get them into the page. Yeah, right. But, and, sorry, go ahead. No, that’s it. That’s it. The, the other thing about the system we’re testing right now, when you AB tested  title, we’re testing.

[00:34:31] If, if the B version he wants you out in there indexed in the Amazon system, right. Because your, your control, your A version, right? It’s your, your regular title, right? We’re still in some more evidence, but figuring out that the, the version B has some, some ranking indexing juice.  Some more, maybe at some time, we’ll, we’ll be able to put together some kind of case study or results from that.

[00:35:00] That’s pretty awesome. Imagine that you, after indexing, B experiment data. Well, man, it’s been fascinating, man. I mean, you’re like, I can’t imagine. Well, there’s amazing things. You’re, you know, you’re, you’re also having, I mean, this is just a tip, but a thing. Thank you, Daniel. I mean, really appreciate this insights.

[00:35:21] I’ve already taken notes into implementing some of these for Excalibur Brothers. This is cool. So save the rest for later or how are we doing? Yeah, I know I have a still list here, but we, yeah, we should do, uh, we should do a continuation of this another time and I’m excited too. There’s a couple things there that are, that are too, perhaps too powerful to share.

[00:35:54] Just, you know, openly. VIP’s kind of reward them there, their  loyalty. Exactly. We’ll be doing that probably the end of the day, end to April we’ll we’ll sync up with them and you to find the best time to do that session. And that’d be fun. Okay, buddy. And then as always, you know,, that’s your agency websites.

[00:36:16] What’s the best way that the best way for people to find you or find your, get some insights or. Yeah. So we, we, we are a full account management, PPC management, Amazon/Walmart agency. And the best way is to go to our website, or my email is I know that sometimes he’s not, it’s advised not to share your email on a, on a podcast.

[00:36:43] I don’t care. Reach out to me, ask me a question or anything I can be of help. Just shoot me a line and then, you know, trying to try to be a, trying to connect with people. That’s funny. Yeah. I know you always give such good insights. So, uh, definitely recommend those that are able to work with you.

[00:37:02] Definitely do so you’ve done a million things for, for these accounts. I’ve seen it myself. So thank you. Thank you, Daniel. And then also I think I know our load me up, but there’s to be the online cross-border matchmaker. So I think we’re still confirming it, but it looks like it’ll be June 16, 17th online.

[00:37:18] We’ll be in touch with you about a time. There’ll be like some panels with some other people in the community to share. So it’d be great if you could make that. I mean, All right. Well, there, there it was. I did that at night. I know Aubrey was not available for that. It was just me and Daniel. I was sitting in the dark here, Aubrey..

[00:37:38] I dunno. I don’t like to have the lights above me. I’m weird. I like I’m in my like cave or something anyway, but Daniel always delivers amazing value work. I think you already saw Aubrey. I took some notes. I put them in the show notes, but I also asked our, our Amazon team. To review those as well. Cause I mean, Daniel would be amazing insights.

[00:38:00] He doesn’t hold back at all. So, you know, I know you are learning a lot too, right? Aubrey. Yeah, definitely. And of course those insights will be helpful for our team and of course, to our community and they believe he will be, he will give us some, you know, extra efforts and give us some bonus. So you’re right.

[00:38:22] You’re right. So after the interview, he was chatting to me and I mean, he’s always, I don’t know if you’ve heard this already, but he’s. I’m appreciative of the community. He’s made a lot of good connections and friends and, and clients from our Global From Asia community. So. You know, full disclosure. I don’t want to hide it, but he will give us a little bonus if, if people sign up from the show, but also he’ll also offer at no additional price to you probably actually get a better deal.

[00:38:49] But if you say you came from GFA or just use a keyword GFA, when you email him or reach out to his agency, he’ll add, he won’t give it forever. Cause you know, this podcast is going to be online for years from now, but he says, while he’s able to he’ll give 50 minutes free phone consultation to the people that come in with GFA.

[00:39:08] So that’s an amazing deal. I mean, anybody, I just listened to that notice. He’s just, he’s an expert. So I, that, that sounds like a great, great little deal, you know, no strings attached. Yeah. So, uh, , I’ll watch out for that and go grab that opportunity as well. Exactly. I think he’s also trying  to, or will be attending our event, the CBM.

[00:39:34] And I would like to take this opportunity to invite our listeners, viewers, etc., to join us in that save the date June 16, 17. We’ll definitely going to have lots of vulnerable speakers, panel discussions, and roundtables. So I’m really excited for that. I know, I know we still got to try to get you to China, Aubrey, somehow, maybe if you want to, I think you got your passport ready.

[00:40:00] We might do something in person in China, honestly, you know, I don’t know if it fills you in already, but the dream of cross-border matchmaker brand is to do online, offline, together. You know, we’ve been doing really good with our, you know, our monthly members calls, which has been great. And other online events we’ve been doing and you and the team have been really amazing.

[00:40:19] So we might do a small, because especially in China, people don’t rent either can’t even log into the online are not into it. So we’re experimenting. Wendy, you know, my wife and amazing part of this community to issues helps a lot with our events in China. So we’re thinking to do it where we have the online events on the screen.

[00:40:39] You know, like, you know, and then we have a smaller group in person, maybe in China, maybe even in the Philippines. I don’t know. We got we still are learning this online, offline together, but that’s one, one thing. And then we really, we did this last year. For a cross-border matchmaker online and we’ve done cross-border matchmaker, in-person three, at least three times or more, you know, 2017, 18, 19.

[00:41:02] And then we did 21 in person. I think we skipped 2020 for this one, but it’s not like a normal event. Actually we have testimonies with feedback at If you want to check those out and previous videos from last year, but it’s not this normal one. I don’t want to make it. We don’t want to make it a normal, boring one where it’s just a speaker with PPT and you’re just watching a PowerPoint because of course you can just watch YouTube, right?

[00:41:29] Like why would you [00:41:30] come in to watch a PowerPoint? So what we really do is panel only like Daniel will be on a panel with other Amazon experts. We have some really great people on our committee. Actually, we haven’t finished inviting everyone. You’re helping run a survey, but we’ll get a, we always get great people and it will be Q and A panels about hot topics.

[00:41:50] You know, like last year he’s he’s you checked the survey. People’s favorite stuff was the Amazon acquisition aggregators to hot topic. And we bring people. Some of the best people in the space to share. And they really liked Daniel like really appreciate us and our community. And it really don’t hold back.

[00:42:05] It’s not, it’s not a, this boring kind of like fluffy stuff. It’s like deep, real insights and people can ask questions. And then the real big bonuses we have the roundtables. So every panel has roundtables after which is this online event. So you can network with the speakers and other experts and people in the community.

[00:42:22] So this is alternating panel-roundtable-panel-roundtable, which I don’t know if I seen in other events, but we barely have any real PowerPoint. It’s almost like banned, I think, in this environment. Yeah. So really the great value of you know, meeting people, really connecting with them, they can build a life-long relationship for their businesses and also purpose in all matters.

[00:42:44] Right. I’m really excited for this one. And then I think the other one this can be unique to last year is we’re going to have the, I guess, a graduating class of the first blimp cohorts, which we had to, uh, you know, a very limited beta group of our first batch of the franchisees that went through this, a case study with Excalibur Brothers.

[00:43:04] I know you were on a call with us a couple of days ago. Honestly, it’s never easy was even extra hard with the lockdowns and the COVID and logistics, but I hope by mid June, we have these listings live on Amazon and we’ll have these franchisees sharing on that panel as well. Where you’ll, you’ll hear from them and see the story.

[00:43:25] And we’ll also open up applications for the next. So if you were interested in the blimp program and you see what they’re doing, I know we already have a waiting list, but if you want to get extra likelihood to get accepted at attending the CBM and seeing and talking to them and talking to us, right, we’ll have like some networking, a booth, so people could sign up.

[00:43:44] Or apply. We don’t accept anyone but apply for the next blimp method program. So it’s going to be an exciting time. We got a lot of amazing things to share and, um, honestly, and shout out to Aubrey. You’re really amazing helping us keep everything rolling with these shows and the community and the events.

[00:44:01] So thank, thank you. You’re welcome,Mike. My pleasure. So yeah. All right. I guess this is a little bit longer. I don’t know if you’ve heard, I call it the blah, blah, blah, sometimes after the interview, but you know, if people didn’t like it, they could have skipped by now, but we’re super excited about CBM 2022.

[00:44:20] So, you know, there’s lots to do and we’ll be sharing in the next episodes as well. And thanks Daniel, of course, for sharing, this will be on Thank you everybody. To get more in a Volvo running an international business. Please visit our website That’s

[00:44:40] Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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