Differences between Hong Kong Domestic and Offshore BVI, Seychelles Company with Fion Sen from Bridges.hk

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GFA047. Happy late August everybody – boy is it steaming hot in the South of China. Also some bad timing as am wearing pants a bit more these days for some business meetings – much different from my normal t-shirt, shorts and flip flop attire many are accustomed of seeing me in. Also for my first attempt at making a mastermind – I mentioned last week I’m going to host a 8 person online Google hangout every couple weeks in a closed format where we discuss our businesses, specifically around operating via HK company – have a few applications and you can apply, for free, on GlobalFromAsia.com/mastermind so check it out.

Overview of Interpretation in Hong Kong, Cantonese, Mandarin, & English w/ Loretta Tam

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GFA044. Thanks for tuning in – we are now at episode 44 and I’m recording today on Chinese Valentine’s day! This year it is on Saturday August 2nd, 2014 and it’s never the same day as it follows the lunar calendar instead of the Western Solar calendar – a bit tricky and lucky enough I found out from a wechat message from a friend a couple days ahead of time else my wife would have killed me! Got her some Hong Kong women’s perfume and other goods I carried across the border the other day.

Overview of Getting Job Placement in Hong Kong with Justin Leung

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GFA043. Thanks for tuning in again, I’m recording this after taking a midday hike in Nanshan Mountain – in late July. I wanted to clear my head a bit and get some sun – but that was a bad idea – got a little dizzy towards the top and luckily I could grab a gatorade from a vendor on the mountain (yes, in China they have vendors – with humans inside, on the tops of mountains!)

Updates to Hong Kong Investment Visa Approval Process with Stephen Barnes

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GFA042. Thank you everyone for tuning in to another Global From Asia, a shout out to 4 amazing people who shared last week’s Hong Kong warehousing and fulfillment post – Casey Lau (who was on episode 3 on Hong Kong startup scene and StartupsHK.com), Victor Leal from Importarama.com who I met when he was here for Canton fair from Brazil giving me some of his research for the logistics show,
and Michael Eagleton from FABAPC brands in Shenzhen, who shared it a couple times this week on his linkedin and I’m so appreciative – and Chi-Wai Li who is a regular listener and founder of getfit.hk,who also left a voicemail for us.

Overview of Hong Kong Warehousing and Logistics with Danny Sung

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GFA041. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day and ready to learn more about Hong Kong business! Episode 41 today and I’m going to start off our show today with a new iTunes review from Roffo in Australia:

“If you’re thinking of basing your business out of Hong Kong but don’t know where to start look no further than Mike’s terrific podcast!

He focuses each show on one aspect of running a business from the region, the perks of doing so (hello SE Asia travel) and debunks the myth that a HK based company is just for big international corporations. He also feats special guests who draw upon their real world experience.

There are too few good resources for starting a business from Asia, so finding Mike’s podcast has been a gem for me. Highly recommended”.