Keep Your B2B Business In Order

B2B Order Management Solutions


Are you a B2B (business to business) hardware company? Whether you are a brand owner, a reseller, or a manufacturer – you need to leverage the internet and technology more to maximize your turnover.

Still using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to create pro forma invoices and quotations? get out of the stone age and into the modern space – OrderSpace!

OrderSpace helps companies selling wholesale to manage their business similar to an e-commerce shop. Let your customers order from you from your own website and give you clear order specifications and instructions. Reduce friction and the “back and forth” email conversations create – especially with international time zones and multiple languages. The technology solves that by giving the buyer an interface to place an order with you even when your office is closed and asleep.

OrderSpace has a free trial, so there is no reason to not give it a try. See for yourself how having an online order management system from placing the order to tracking to inventory management will save you headaches, increase your sales, and reduce your overhead costs.

Try OrderSpace out today!


What Is OrderSpace?

To recap, OrderSpace is a B2B eCommerce site. It is great to manufacturers, trading companies, wholesalers, and distributors who currently handle wholesale orders either by email or excel sheet. They can add their products, create a unique URL, create specific pricing for specific buyers (if they want), take payments online, and even integrate their sales into their accounting software. It is really cool! And I think there are lots of Asia-based entrepreneurs who need this.