Setting Up Your Company in China: WFOE, Rep Office, or Joint Venture with Jason Zou – GFA70

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Want to get started with opening a Chinese company? Today, we try our best to shed some light on various corporate structures Westerners have for opening a company in China thanks for tuning in to Global From Asia episode 70 Thank you everyone for tuning in today, I’ve been getting more and more requests about Mainland China business, and I … Read More

Differences between Hong Kong Domestic and Offshore BVI, Seychelles Company with Fion Sen from – GFA47

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Happy late August everybody – boy is it steaming hot in the South of China. Also some bad timing as am wearing pants a bit more these days for some business meetings – much different from my normal t-shirt, shorts and flip flop attire many are accustomed of seeing me in. Also for my first attempt at making a mastermind … Read More

Global B2B Business and R&D Fundraising in Singapore with Chris Gormley – GFA09

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Chris Gormley is the guy to know for doing International Business and we’re really lucky to have him on the show! He has setup and operated companies all over the world, with 11 current entities structured in places such as UK, Hong Kong, Montreal, Australia, China, Singapore, and United States. Chris Gormley is co-founder and Project Manager at Genesis Global … Read More

GFA02 – Sunny Wong, Hong Kong Accountant – Straight Talk About Registering in HK

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In this episode, I interview my current accountant, Sunny Wong, and get expert insights on items you’re considering when opening or maintaining a Hong Kong company. Try not to get too complex or boring, this is geared towards those in the beginning stages of a HK company setup process. Topics Covered in this Episode Any differences for a foreigner versus … Read More