Choosing Asia or Silicon Valley for Your Business with Phil Wickham

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GFA060. Thank you everyone for tuning in on episode number 60 of the Global From Asia podcast – I am without a passport right now – always makes me nervous every year as I am renewing my CHINESE VISA !! They hold your passport for a couple weeks, so I am locked down from traveling and hope I get passed. Always wonder what they do while they are processing it, doing some background checks?

Differences between Hong Kong Domestic and Offshore BVI, Seychelles Company with Fion Sen from

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GFA047. Happy late August everybody – boy is it steaming hot in the South of China. Also some bad timing as am wearing pants a bit more these days for some business meetings – much different from my normal t-shirt, shorts and flip flop attire many are accustomed of seeing me in. Also for my first attempt at making a mastermind – I mentioned last week I’m going to host a 8 person online Google hangout every couple weeks in a closed format where we discuss our businesses, specifically around operating via HK company – have a few applications and you can apply, for free, on so check it out.