GFA15 – 3 Ways to Raise Funds & Differences of USA from Hong Kong

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Part 2 of a 2 part series, Jon gets deep into equity financing structure at the seed level, breaking down the 3 main structures when raising startup capital. He also goes over the difference raising money in Hong Kong (Asia) versus USA (Silicon Valley). Take out your notebooks, this is jammed with value and examples. About Jon Buford A startup … Read More

GFA12 – International Venture Capitalist Tim Draper visits Hong Kong

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The final part of our special StartMeUp Hong Kong series, we have here with us Tim Draper a world renowned venture capitalist! He’s visiting Hong Kong as the Venture Forum’s keynote speaker, and shares some valuable insights about trends in industries happening around the world, and opportunities for Hong Kong, Asia based companies specifically. About Timothy C Draper Founder and … Read More

Douglas Richard from School for Startups in UK shares his Asia Perspective – GFA10

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We’re in for a treat! This is a special 3 part series for the StartMeUp.Hk’s Venture Forum speakers. I was able to interview Doug right off the plane from London, getting some great insights on his experiences selling his company in USA, moving to UK to start an investment fund, getting to become a Dragon on Dragon’s Den and his … Read More

GFA05 – InvestHK’s Charles Ng Shares on Ways Businesses Leverage their Government Programs

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Interested to learn about Hong Kong’s government initiatives to help businesses startup, base, and grow with Hong Kong as their headquarters? Then today’s episode is for you! We’ll sit down with Charles Ng, Associate Director of InvestHK and heading their new initiative StartupMeUp.HK. Listeners today can learn how they can better get benefit from the Hong Kong government programs, and … Read More