Hong Kong Science & Technology Park Programs And Incentives with Andrew Young

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GFA054. Thanks everyone for tuning in, I have had a few visitors from people heading to the yearly DCBKK (Dynamite Circle Yearly conference) and will try my best to catch up with a few in Hong Kong while they are passing through. I really wanted to go, but dealing with new daddy duties and local business dealings – that is the event where I got inspired to start this podcast, thanks Dan Andrews for pushing me to make this a reality and cheers guys! Also I am working hard on the book – in 3rd draft and having an editor friend, Russell Smith, checking it over in detail now. Will be expected to release on November 1, and if you join my email newsletter you’ll be the first to know and a bonus, which is globalfromasia.com/book so check it out and leave your email.

USA Government Programs for Exporting & Selling American Products Internationally with Bryson and Paul

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GFA049. Thank you everyone for tuning into Global From Asia episode 49! Man, almost 1 year doing this – I am so pumped, recording today’s introduction after an amazing first Mastermind call with 6 other amazing business people, all first time to ever be on a mastermind call – I know it’s a strange/intimidating name but the idea is it is a 1 hour call – we use Google hangouts and go around the room introducing each other and helping each other achieve our business goals – so our first call had a wide range of people, mostly already in Asia – and we helped Gerard in the Netherlands on the hot seat as we helped him hash it out if it is worth him setting up a Hong Kong business for his China sourcing to Europe business http://www.betafresh.com/ as he is getting information overload and a bit conflicting news about the costs and he is also wondering the yearly costs to maintain it. I’ll have a show next week more about that as others are asking too!

China-Axlr8r Accelerator Program Fireside Chat

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GFA013. Today is a special one for me, being an alumni of Chinaccelerator program’s 3rd batch where I started Social Agent and met my soon-to-be-wife Wendy, I get to host a “fireside chat” with Todd and Cyril while Todd was in Shenzhen on a roadshow. Applications for their 5th batch are open for another week so check it out and see if you can Apply your startup in their program today!

International Venture Capitalist Tim Draper visits Hong Kong

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GFA012. The final part of our special StartMeUp Hong Kong series, we have here with us Tim Draper a world renowned venture capitalist! He’s visiting Hong Kong as the Venture Forum’s keynote speaker, and shares some valuable insights about trends in industries happening around the world, and opportunities for Hong Kong, Asia based companies specifically.