Buying, Selling, Licensing, & Transferring IP: Trademarks & Patents in Hong Kong and Asia with Tayan Patel – GFA69

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Curious about IP buying and selling in Hong Kong and Asia,then listen up and you’re in for a treat on Global From Asia episode number 69 – show notes on Thanks everyone for tuning in today, I’m really to be in your earbuds, some news only a parent may appreciate, but today my son Miles crawled for the first … Read More

Chinese Law in International Business & Trading with Huiying Zhang – GFA40

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Thank you everyone for tuning in – I’m recording today’s intro on July 4th here in China – I’m still a proud American- which can be hard without fireworks and campfires and barbecues like I remember back stateside! i’m back in shenzhen after a couple weeks on the road in Chengdu and Shanghai, catching up w/ my fam. A really … Read More

Obtaining US Intellectual Property from Asia with Tayan Patel – GFA20

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Today we have Tayan Patel – an experienced Intellectual property lawyer that has worked inside the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for many years but now is practicing in a firm. He has helped clients, like me, who are based outside of the US obtain patents and trademarks. Today is an overview of intellectual property and he is … Read More