Episode 08: A New Generation Of Manufacturers, From OEM To Brand, Founder Of Ausdom, David Wu

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David Wu, founder Of Ausdom, Shenzhen Ausdom Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with the mission to provide the best 3C products to the global e-commerce business. Since 2005, they focused on intelligent audio and video hardware R&D, production and sales, including industrial design, product development, manufacturing, brand promotion and international trade. Currently, their product lines have video and … Read More

From Former Founder of eBay South China To Founder of Popeye Incubation With Ricardo Li

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Ricardo Li, Former Founder of eBay South China, Cross Border Trade Expert, Best Partner for Branding Overseas, Best Seller,Operation ,Crowd Funding. He has experience selling “both ways” both into China and abroad via a wide range of e-commerce platforms. Popeye Incubation has ready teams to operate JD, Taobao, eBay, Amazon, Wish, AliExpress, and more.

Listening To Your Customers: The Best Way To Grow Your Business, Jack Peng, YunExpress CEO

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Jack Peng, the CEO of YunExpress Jack is also the founder of lightake.com for cross border ecommerce business since 2009. Established in 2014, YunExpress developed dramatically and now become one of the largest logistics company in China. It’s because Jack’s background of being ecommerce seller in the passing years, so Yunexpress know what service that merchants need and keep designing … Read More

Providing All-in-one Solutions for Cross Border E-Commerce, Bens Li, Founder of IrobotBox

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Bens, Founder of IrobotBox More than ten years of management experience on cross-border e-commerce, started his business in 2008. In 2011, his previous company became a supplier of many foreign group-buying websites. In 2014, IrobotBox was founded, focusing on industry strategy research, business management, logistics management and system development, deeply involved in operation mode of cross-border e-commerce and the present … Read More

To Create the Soul of a Product, One Must Be Born for It, Leo Liu, Founder of Ennoplus

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Leo, Founder of Ennoplus Leo Liu entered the business in 2006, their earliest product is Solar Fountain. Naturally, they want to provide sellers with the strongest protection we can so that they feel safe investing in their products. Ok thank you everybody for tuning in. We’re at the Global From Aisa Cross Boarder E-Commerce series.                                           We’re here in Shenzhen China. … Read More

The Journey of 22 Years in Chinese Factory Management, Chaoshan Female Entrepreneur, Michelle Cai

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Michelle, Founder of XiJi & JunHe Michelle Cai, born in Chaozhou, Guangdong, Graduated from classes of US BSE Business College, US Money&You, US West Point, 1989-1994, worked in Foxconn,1995, founded Xinji Technology & Junhe International company,products include various audio cables, data cables, car chargers, travel chargers, wireless chargers, etc.,currently involving in artificial intelligence hardware, smart mechanical arm and 3D printer. … Read More