Let’s Cooperate!

Are you a service provider, software, or other business that is targeting the same audience as Global From Asia? We would love to discuss win-win ways to help each others businesses while also adding value to the community of international business and e-commerce enthusiasts.

Here are a few different ways we work with partners

Be Your Affiliate

Do you have an affiliate program? What’s an affiliate program? This is a way for online marketers (like the Global From Asia blog) to be able to use a tracking code when sending traffic to your business website and track if someone bought your software or service.

Affiliate marketing is best for B2C offers, meaning, the website traffic can signup and pay online directly without needing to contact the business first. If it is a B2B website it will need to have the website visitor fill out a form (lead) and request more information.

Therefore, most of the time we only accept affiliate agreements from businesses who offer a “buy now” situation on their website with reasonable expectations the buying decision can be made when we send the traffic there.

Once we have an affiliate arrangement, and have qualified your offer as a quality and reliable one, we can make a strategy to promote your offer to our audience in the form of blogs, podcasts, webinars, and other creative ways. If we receive complaints about the quality of your service, we reserve the right to terminate our relationship. This is because above all else, the quality and reputation of our brand and those that we promote are the most important for GFA.

Sponsoring Our Media and Events

Global From Asia is a media company in its roots. Starting as a podcast, we now have blogs, podcasts, videos, newsletters, and more – read about all of our media properties here.

We have packages where you can buy blocks of time on the podcast as sponsored ads, as well as mentions in blogs and podcasts. We want to maximize your effectiveness, so suggest that we work together to find the right categories of content (we organize our content schedule by categories – business, corporate, and lifestyle which then dives into even more specific sub-categories) to maximize your ROI.

On top of online media channels in GFA media, we also have offline events that have been growing across the Asia region. These range from small and personal “expert meetups” to formal full day workshops and business events.

To top it off, each year we have our annual “Cross Border Summit” in April with hundreds of attendees from around the world – all focused on cross-border e-commerce and global business growth.

Organze a Joint Event Together

Hosting an event together is a great way to build up your brand and get valuable feedback about your product or service in the China and Asia market.

Join the GFA Alliance

Want to pool your resources together with other overseas companies trying to reach the Asia Market? The Global From Asia Alliance is a great option for you to “put our heads together” as 1 and make a bigger effect in the China and Asia market.

Consulting Services For Market Entry

Want to tap into our wealth of knowledge and contact in the Asia business region? Working with our parent company, Shadstone Limited, you will have a wide range of services that can help you maximize your business’s chance of success and growth in the Asia region.

If you’re looking for HK incorporation and services, our strategic partner, Unipro Consulting Limited, can assist you with the full range of Hong Kong CPA services.

For marketing and sales and strategy, Shadstone Limited is your source. Packages are custom based on the needs and requirements you have.

Get Active In Our Community Offerings: Market, Jobs, Experts

We have a wide range of ways for you to offer your opportunities to our community!

4 Major Pillars of the GFA Network

* GFA Market – do you have a “productized service” you can package and list on our Global From Asia Market? Currently free to create an account and list your service, use this as a platform to get in front of our audience, and only pay us when you get a successful order. Win-win-win for all.

* GFA Jobs – looking to hire a staff in the Asia market? List it, free, on our Global From Asia jobs directory. This is a great way to get some free exposure and also connect with our talent pool.

* GFA Experts – have industry relevant knowledge you want to share to our audience? Apply as a Global From Asia expert, get involved in our forum, and list your course or workshop to our audience. We work together and do a profit share of the earnings, and you also get access and exposure to the community here at Global From Asia.

Our Annual Conference: Cross Border Summit

Every April we host a conference to “put it all together”. We invite industry leaders as speakers, and have hundreds of amazing global entrepreneurs and e-commerce business owners to celebrate going “Global From Asia”.

We would love to see you there, and each year we have grown the size and quality, offering various ticket levels and opportunities for all levels of international business owners. Check out the full details about what Cross Border Summit is all about – and we would love to consider you and your business as an attendee, speaker, or sponsor.

Become a GFA VIP Member

Love everything Global From Asia is doing and want to be fully submersed? We have a Global From Asia VIP members program which gives you access to our private forum, as well as discounts and preferential treatment on everything GFA has to offer – from events to the GFA market, jobs site, and experts platform. Being a VIP will ensure you have the best price and offers in the GFA community and network.

Don’t have time to be active in the community but looking to grow your business in Asia?

We understand we are all busy business people. Our executive package is more hands on and we work closely with you to make strategic moves and introductions to get on the right foot. We will assign you an account representative who evaluates your business and brand and introduces it to targeted relationships in China and Asia. Each month you will get a report of what is happening with your brand and business feedback during our analysis and evaluation period.

Think of us as an online extension of your business and brand in Asia. We will help you in the following ways:

* Give free or heavily discounted product offers on your behalf to our members and targeted audience for you (we will let you know if your product or service is not a match for our audience first)
* Collect valuable feedback from those who receive those products (or services) and prepare regular reports
* Find potential distributors for product or service in China or Asia (let us know which market you want and we’ll tell you the probability in our network)
* Find staff and part time sales in our network. We will work with you to find quality workers via our GFA Jobs platform.
* Create a listing on our GFA market – we will write up a relevant listing for a service that matches your business. If you don’t have a perfect fit, we can make a special one for more exposure of your brand in Asia.
* Representation at our GFA Expert events – we can have your logo placed strategically at our meetups in Asia, and also have the organizer introduce your brand to the audience.
* Prepare online workshops for you – We want you to engage with our network. Once we have gathered feedback and have some ideas on who is perfect fit for you, we will arrange an online workshop where you can introduce yourself and your business to them.

Sound interesting? Let’s work together to help you grow your business in the Asia market!

I Really Appreciate You!

I hope we can find a win-win way to help each other’s businesses. The team here at GFA has been working for years on building up quality content and community for the global entrepreneur – and you supporting it in any way possible is much appreciated.

I wish you all the luck in your global business from Asia. Please, come along with me for the ride, and remember what Hellen Keller says – life is a daring adventure or nothing. So let’s enjoy it.

Yours Truly,

Mike Michelini

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