Experience Attending Canton Fair After Covid with Chris Davey

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This week’s show is a fun one with Chris Davey and he is going to talk about his experience in attending the Canton Fair which happened for the first time after Covid. Let’s tune in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Chris Davey

    Great to have you back on the podcast!

  • How have you been adjusting during post-covid world?

    How is business, Amazon, and life?

  • The first Canton Fair since Covid

    Thanks for inviting me, but I had to skip. How was the experience?

  • Registration process for Canton Fair in Covid

  • How were the booths and show in general?

  • How was the Shenzhen Gift Fair?

    You attended this one this year, how was it?

  • Comparing Canton Fair and Shenzhen Gift Fair

    What are your thoughts?

  • How can people find you online?

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Episode Length 32:37

Thank you, Chris Davey so much again for sharing on our show and to the community as always. We all appreciate what you do here!

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Okay. Episode 363 of Global from Asia talking about the Canton fair and a little bit of my journey – seven days in the mountain temple. Aubrey, did you miss me? Yes, Mike. All right. You did great. You did great when I wasn’t here. So alright everybody let’s tune in. Welcome to the Global from Asia podcast, where the daunting process of running an international business is broken down, into straight up actionable advice.

[00:00:31] And now your host, Michael Michelini. So Aubrey survived without me for a week. How was it? Actually, I did okay. The studio launch and the event went well so far. Thanks to the help of our other members. Yeah. So just a little update. I don’t think we shared much on this podcast. Some people might’ve seen or heard on, on the maybe social media or emails, but I, I took a seven day silent retreat in a

[00:01:02] Buddhist temple mountain in Shenzhen, about, about not so far from where I am here in the downtown. But about, about a half hour, 45 minutes by car from where I am. And it was a little bit short notice, but I told Aubrey. I know she’s, you’re still new here and doing great. But you haven’t seen too much, but I haven’t really taken a day off, I think in years, multiple, multiple years.

[00:01:26] So. So it was much needed, but a little bit short notice. But the team did great. And, and you, and there was a whole bunch of our team in Shadstone and GFA that did a member birthday kind of call last week. How was that? Yeah. So again, congrats for your well deserved break. Last week, yeah, I think last week, we did great.

[00:01:53] We discovered that the community is enjoying with us. They shared something that might be useful for us to improve our services as well. And also there are three lucky winners for your raffle.  The swag pack. Yeah, we gave, yeah, I’m gonna write a personal little note for them too. Cause I know I know them and our community and give them some GFA swag shirts and some other giveaways we’re going to start to do more of that.

[00:02:24] It’s an advantage of being here in China as we can make so much, so fast. So I’m going to try that out. I think it was, I think we won’t share the names, but there are some really regular people in our community. So it was great to have them there. And I read your report. I think you shared it in the members’ forum at GFAVIP. But people were really supportive.

[00:02:43] I think one big update is we’re going to try to get more of our GFAVIP members involved in the podcast, right? I think some of them are interested to do some interviews and host some shows.  That was mentioned in the event and thankfully they are excited or they’re willing to join us on this podcast. Really looking forward to that too. I know.

[00:03:05] And that’s why I’m happy to have you and helping out with the community management, because it would be a little bit extra coordination, but we’re going to have some of our members hosting some shows. So hopefully, maybe I don’t want to promise too much, but maybe we can go back to weekly. Maybe if we get, once we get the flow and, and have more great

[00:03:22] Guests because we have so many guests that want to come on our show and great content to share about, you know, cross border, trade, and business. And e-commerce, so we will be working on that. And it’s a pretty big update. And then for deal flow, I think there you’re, you’re working on one or two cases right now.

[00:03:39] Of course we can’t share too much, but, and I’m, I’m back, I’m back from temple. So I’m going to be following up some of the, some of that, but it’s, it’s great to have your help Aubrey. Yeah, sure. Mike again for a the listeners or viewers, if they want to sell their businesses, I guess we can help them. They just need to visit our site at globalfromasia.com/broker.

[00:04:02] So I’m sure we’re happy to help them solve their business. We would love to, of course, we’re fully focused on e-commerce and the course FBA’s the hot one for our, on the by side, but we’d love to just talk to them and get to know them. And of course, in our general membership, Aubrey, and I are just starting to talk about it.

[00:04:19] But another development during my mountain trip is we’re working on a new, not just a course, but a program, about a whole new model of e-commerce. And I can’t share too much right now, but we are just starting in, stay tuned for some more updates on that. I’m really excited about it. Yes. I read the document and I am so excited for it too Mike. Nice, yeah, it’ll be a 2022 launch, but maybe with some, of course, some special offers before the end of the year.

[00:04:49] So stay tuned for anyone interested in a new, a new way of e-commerce. All right. Now let’s talk about this week’s show. It’s a fun one, actually I’ll be honest, Chris Davey is somebody you should know them, Aubrey and others in the community. I’m sure a lot of listeners know him. He’s a, he’s an Amazon seller many, many years, many

[00:05:07] I think he shared on my Facebook when we first connected as Facebook friends, but he’d been on our show, echo information before, at least once or twice. And he’s been to many of our events. He also has his own events and community at FBA4u for Canton fair meetups. So of course it makes sense to have him on the show about.

[00:05:25] The Canton fair. And the Canton fair happened for the first time since COVID started just this past October. And he went, he invited me and he had a small meetup and I was going to go, Aubrey and those listening, but I had to get a COVID test within 48 hours and there are some other policies and paperwork.

[00:05:46] And I’ll be honest, I’m recovering from burnout. That’s why I went to the temple. So I was like, sorry, Chris, man, I really want to go and network and see some trade show booths, but I didn’t make it. So Chris is going to give us some insights about how Canton Fair and he also went to another trade show, have been, post COVID in this new, normal, the new COVID world.

[00:06:10] So we will tune in and it was actually meant to just be a segment, Chris was like, I don’t think there’s that much to talk about and it was going to be a segment, but I think it’s, it’s a pretty long discussion that is, I think, worthy of its own episode. So let’s do this, our URL for today’s show globalfromasia.com/covidcanton, one word.

[00:06:33] All right, everybody. So let’s tune in and let’s listen to Chris. It’s been awhile. I think Chris, when was the last time you’ve been on a show a couple of times, at least, but it’s been quite awhile. We’ll link them up on the show notes, but it’s always a pleasure to have our friend Chris Davey from FBA4u, the founder there and the Canton fair meetups and always keeping the community here connected and always appreciate it, Chris, how are you doing buddy?

[00:06:55] Yeah. Good. Yeah, really? I mean, I think I wasn’t on yet. I think I was on your podcast last time. I can’t remember. It was like February, 2017 or 18. Probably like time is time is flying. I guess, where, you know, I know you’re super busy or also busy now, and the world has changed since then to say the least.

[00:07:15] So I guess we’ll talk about the fair trade shows up in a bit, but maybe it would be nice just to hear what, we’ll link the links. But you know, you’re, you know, you’re a established seller seven figure, maybe eight figure by now growing seller. And soon enough, I’m sure I know we’ve been chatting, but you know, I know you’ve been really, really just doubling down.

[00:07:34] Right. I mean, adding new products, you know, growing a team you want to give us a little details, what you’ve been up to before we jumped into the, yeah, sure. There’s a kind of a funny story actually, which was, I was sitting at my desk job back in 2014 and I sent an email to Michael cause I was listening to this podcast and said, Hey, do you know, do you know any Amazon sellers in China?

[00:07:55] Foreigners that you can get on your podcast. Cause some, you know, I want to start an Amazon business but you know, there’s nobody I know in China. And Michael was like wrote back to me after about three or four months, while he wrote back to me straight away by three or four, he said he was like struggling to get one who wants to appear on the show and I’m like, oh don’t worry, my product is going to be launched and shipped sooner.

[00:08:14] And he was like, great, you can come on this show. Yeah. So that’s how I ended up here for the first time. Yeah, it’s true. I mean, you know, especially back then, people didn’t especially a lot of sellers, you know, there’s even, I did the vlog at one of your Canton Fair meetups. And I was asking people, what’s your ASIN, you know, as a joke, but you know, a lot of sellers are so secretive and they don’t want to share too much, you know, which I do understand, but, but so.

[00:08:41] I kind of get that, but on the other hand, I kind of don’t get it in China because all the sellers like sat right next door to each other, you know, there’s like this, like these huge, like offices, like full of e-commerce sellers and we actually went to one, a few weeks back and it just got all these, like, you know, products, just sitting outside with their brand names on.

[00:09:00] And I think, you know, foreign sellers will be scared to do that, like, it’s like kind of weird. I don’t exactly get why they do that. But yeah so anyway, what have I been doing? Working too hard, to be honest. Yeah. I mean, Basicallylike pandemic came and, you know, I just got back into China just before the border shut and I just been working my ass off.

[00:09:23] I’m designing lots of stuff and just like designing far too many things. So just like all of this stuff side hit in order at the same time, you know, like 40 products needing, you know, copy and follows and PPC and everything, all that. And it’s just like swamped me and sunk me pretty much. So that’s kind of what I’ve been doing and now I’d be like, oh, I’m not going to develop any new products.

[00:09:47] I need to get all these ones that I’ve done. Get them out first and get this out properly. So I’ve still got one board full of products, but trying to avoid doing them. And I even went to Canton fair. Yeah. Cindy was saying. Like, oh, this is cool. How about this? And I’m like, oh no, I’m not really interested in anything.

[00:10:06] She’s like, why don’t we come then I like, I just want to get a feel for the market. You know?

[00:10:14] I mean, even me, I know you, it, you know, you had reached out to me and asked if I’ll go? You know, I wanted to, I really wanted to go. But man, no, the, the, the, the, the, I guess that’s a good opening for the, you know, the content, the discussion is just to get into the show, right? Like even you you’re in Shenzhen, I’m in, I’m in, I got back down to Shenzhen a couple of months ago from the north, even to come from within, we were already in China.

[00:10:39] I, we made it before the borders closed, like you said, and you’re in, but even within China was hard to get in. Right. Yeah. Even in the same province now. So they basically for the Canton fair, they brought in a load of new rules. Yeah. So for Guangzhou,  sorry. So for that city, during Canton fair, they implemented new rules.

[00:11:00] Yeah which was you couldn’t come from another city unless you had had a COVID test in the last 48 hours and COVID tests only lasts 48 hours. So this is kind of when you, you know, you needed a COVID test to like check in of a hotel. Although we did find that, although if you weren’t staying right next to Canton, it was a lot easier

[00:11:21] But then like, you know, the first day you got to cancel on fare, you’re already in the second 24 period of your COVID test. And while you’re there, you need to take another Covid test, another COVID test. So you could go there the next day. Yeah, I heard, yeah, you were, I think you had some others to tell me, like, so just kind of recap.

[00:11:38] So you, you had told me like, oh, if you want to go, you gotta get COVID tests within 48 hours, which you just said, and then while you’re there, you have to also get it. Like I heard there was a line at the fair to get a COVID test. I don’t know if somebody said there’s even a queue, you could go for a test or somewhere near it or something like that.

[00:11:55] I don’t, I don’t. There are COVID tests operating all over the fair. Yeah. Like outside the fair, inside the fair, like there was no difficulty getting the COVID tests. For us to get to one we both have the test in the first place we needed to pay like $10, I guess, like 60yuan . But once we were at the fair, they’re basically like free because they do it in a different way.

[00:12:19] They do like 10 people at a time rather than a single test. So when you’re at the fair, I mean, for us, maybe five or 10 minutes queue to get a COVID test. It was more problems for some of my friends kind of turned up and their COVID tests that it had to be aGuangdong COVID test. So it had to be done in this province.

[00:12:42] So they turned up Covid test in 48 hours and they’re like, oh no, that’s not acceptable. It needs to be a Guangdong one. So, so they turned up in the Canton fair and they basically, they wouldn’t let him in because the, the Beijing one, and Guangdong one And kind of don’t communicate with each other or something alike. So they had to do a number one and it’s basically like, oh, you get the results within six hours.

[00:13:06] So their first day wasn’t written off. Because they couldn’t get in. Anyway, we actually organized a silver bullet that we had everything we needed. So we just turned up there. The big problem we had was since the last time we went, our passport number had changed and we were really struggling to find where to change this passport number because.

[00:13:28] In the backend of wechat this code in Canton Fair mini program was linked to the Global mini program. And there were cross checking the passports and the same, they don’t match. So I know it was no problem, but like 10 minutes once we found it. But the problem was finding anyone who knew where the, how to do it yet.

[00:13:56] That’s unbelievable. Yeah, I think because I also have a new passport since, since the last time. So when, when you reminded me of that, I was like, man, I don’t have a COVID test. I guess it’s not that hard to get one. But then I saw, you know, I kinda kind of escaped going on some fortunately, but, but so how so besides, you know, you get there, you got the test, you get the passport update, get inside,

[00:14:19] It’s normal? I mean, the, you know, I’ve been there many years in the past. It’s normal. It’s the same. So, so the way, the way they’ve done it, this time was it’s normally three phases. So it’s normally like five days on five days off, five days on five days off, five days on five days off. And each phase will be like very specific and they generally don’t change it.

[00:14:39] So, but this time there was only five days of Canton Fair. Okay. It was completely full, but they basically combined the whole three phases into one phase. I don’t know how the suppliers got, you know, got picked who could and who couldn’t attend, but so it, but it was completely full. And I think they made a really good job of it.

[00:15:03] to tell you the truth, as far as buyers go, majority of the buyers are Chinese. So they changed the rules. So like there’s a few different options, but like Cindy, for instance, she was called a foreign buyer name. And so she was basically like, she actually came in with me under my badge. So as a foreigner, you can bring two people in there.

[00:15:28] Normally it’s like $50 a day for them people and the badge on lost one day. But now it was a $15 for the whole show. So they definitely wanted to keep people, you know, they wanted to keep it busy. So they were making a, I never noticed this before, but one of the signs, photos, which is, you know, you got a strap around your neck, these straps with different colors and these different colors mean different things.

[00:15:58] So when we went to one span, we were there about lunchtime and she was basically saying like, oh, we were the first people she’d seen with the blue straps, which is basically like it means we’re representing a foreign company, not a Chinese company. So some more valuables that was lunchtime. Yeah. Maybe.

[00:16:20] I mean maybe, but maybe not, you know, it’s like we, we, I mean, we experienced some weed things there as well. Like, you know, those ones time we went to and that time was actually seem to be a foreign company, maybe off a Chinese based foreign company, but there was foreigners who seemed to be the bosses and very strangely

[00:16:39] They didn’t want to talk to us. They had a big, like, huge span. They, and we were like trying to talk to them and we didn’t have a business card. So they were like, oh, basically if we didn’t have a business card, then they are not willing to talk to us. It’s like the cameras business calls in China, you know,

[00:17:00] so we had some problems, but all in all the show was full size like, oh, we’re only over five days and it was reasonably good. I mean, I was already pretty happy. And the people I went moved, but pretty happy apart from a bit of a pain in the ass to get you in and then to do mobile COVID tests, the show was pretty good, but then two or three days later was the Shenzhen gift show.

[00:17:30] Now. So normally I haven’t, I been to that one like four or five years ago? A couple of times. Yeah. I think it was at that one. It was like used to be downtown. I remember, or somewhere in the city center. If I remember. Yeah.  yeah, it’s in Futian and a exhibition center and food team. Yeah, it’s not, it’s very like Chinese local and they’re selling like, you know, dry meats and stuff like this.

[00:18:06] This all, it’s almost similar to, if you’ve ever been to the, the, so the Chinese new year sort of markets where people go there and buy like some dry food and look, you know, sort of luxury food. There’s a lot of this going on in the myth of like somebody trying to sell you a handbag. And this was before, right.

[00:18:25] So it wasn’t really expecting much of it. And then they moved it to the new exhibition center, which I didn’t realize until I posted on Facebook the other day, I knew it was big, the world’s biggest exhibition center. So it’s bigger than Canton Fair. Wow. It’s got 20 halls and it’s, it’s really big.

[00:18:49] It’s really, really big. I don’t know if you, you may have seen it if you’ve driven past it. It’s like next to the airport. Yeah, I remember I was going to say, as you take the highway to the airport, you see this massive unending like expo center. Yeah. I think I’ve seen it from afar. Yeah. From the highway, but it’s definitely huge.

[00:19:10] Yeah, I’ve already been there a few times, but when I’ve been there to other exhibitions, maybe max and min, they had to, it’s like four halls open by this time that 16 of the 20 Halls open. And I mean, we went and I, we were there for one day. We managed to do four halls. So in theory, it was going to take us.

[00:19:35] Four days to complete the whole fair. It’s kind of like gunning. Okay. In some respects, I think all the Hong Kong fairs, it steps up its game. There’s still a little bit of the local feeling to it, but not so much. And this one. And was like really impressed, but I saw a lot of new things and the cost of the booths at this one are relatively cheap. We asked, we asked the people there about how much she paid for the booths.

[00:20:14] And like a sort of standard booth where slide 16,000 yuan. So it’s about, you know, I like to maybe just under two and a half thousand dollars for four days size, reasonably cheap. And then there was also three halls there that were run by 1688, Chinese people not. Yeah, it’s the Chinese version of Alibaba.

[00:20:43] So it’s Alibaba is their Chinese website is 1688.com. And this was really good. And these guys, they only paid 13,000 yuan for their booths, but obviously they’re paying Alibaba as well, some subscription fees and stuff like that. And I saw a lot of good stuff there. I saw a lot of interesting stuff there met a lot of nice people there.

[00:21:05] What I would say about that one.

[00:21:10] It was like, not as well-organized as canceled fair. So the stuff was a bit random, you know, you might be in the hall and it’s a lot more random than Canton Fair was, and you know, some staff at the moment he couldn’t replace cancel unfair. But of course, if they did it three times, plus cancel fair, did over a five week period, then it definitely could replace Canton fair.

[00:21:34] Cause there was. But then like clothes or shoes or anything like this, there are, or, you know, machinery or, you know, things that you might find at Canton fair. It was more like electronics and gifts stuff. And there was a lot of big brands there, which was a bit strange. Swarovski, you know, what is that like? I would like ask you got staying here and they’re like, oh, we’re looking for distributors.

[00:22:01] Wow. Okay. So that was kind of interesting, but yeah, it was quite a lot of big brands Phillips were there. Yeah. And then obviously a lot of the big Chinese ones, but there was a lot of foreign ones as well. So all in all that show, I actually enjoyed more than Canton Fair. And it’s only 30 minutes from my house.

[00:22:21] Imagine that one developed quite convenient. So.

[00:22:31] And also, you know, if that one develops really good, it’s that convenient from Hong Kong that does the need to be exhibitions in Hong Kong anymore. Do all these Chinese companies really need to throw all their stuff to Hong Kong? Because also I think in, you know, I mean, plus plus it’s right next to the airport, you know, the Shenzhen airport

[00:22:54] And then the, the greater bay plan, you know, the GBA, you know, so it’s definitely, it’s definitely something to think about and it makes sense, you know, especially after COVID, it’s a good chance for things to change. Right. You know, the new world, a new way. So it’s sounds like it’s possible. Well, thanks, Chris.

[00:23:14] This just turned out to be a great, you know, we were, it’s actually a, quite a bit of insights here, so, so then do you know about the next one. Did they talk about the next fairs? Is it going to be again in the spring or, you know. They didn’t talk about it. But I mean, generally the gift shows are the same as Canton.

[00:23:35] They’re supposed to be six months. So I guess Canton fair will try again in like April, May next year, along with the Shenzhen shows, cool to be interesting to see how this Shenzhen develop, because those, the what they say, you know, I wasn’t walking around seeing empty booths. I did see some empty booths on there, but I didn’t see any in one.

[00:23:59] It makes me think they have got capacity.

[00:24:05] Phase two or something like that. It’s very, very interesting. Awesome, Chris. Well, thanks so much for coming on and sharing with us today. What are some places people could find? Of course you have, you didn’t do a little meetup this time. It wasn’t nothing like, you know, your previous meetups, but I think you also did have a little get together.

[00:24:24] And then at the Canton fair, I saw some photos. Yeah. That’s why we just had, I think we had 12 people or 15 people, something like that, just a few people. Really. It was like,  actually, and there’s like a, you know, small, we just went for a meal together and then went to a bar and drank a lot of shots. You know, these people, mainly foreigners who live in China.

[00:24:48] So. Yeah, these, these are the survivors. These are the veterans, you know, I saw some, some really regular great people in the, in there. I wish I was there. All right, Chris, thanks so much. So FBA4u.com, right? That’s the best, best place or anything else or for the find you. Yeah, I say ready, I’m not already making too much if you don’t call it because like the main reason behind that was to run the networking events.

[00:25:15] And obviously, cause there’s no foreigners is in China. It’s not really, no, not really huge events. We did do one thing we had about 25 people there. But yeah. So yeah. fba4u.com or you can find me on Facebook, CJ, Davey, D a v e Y. Great. Thanks, Chris. Thanks again for sharing. It’s great to have you back.

[00:25:37] All right. Thank you, Chris Davey so much again for sharing on our show and to the community as always. We all appreciate what you do here, Chris. And again, the show notes. Do you remember what the URL is Aubrey started putting on a spot globalfromasia.com/. Well double-check, but that’s the link for the URL.

[00:25:56] And you can find all our show notes, the video format of this and the audio format of this show and the transcription and links. And we’ll try our best to cite some of the previous shows and other things that we’ve discussed during the event during this interview. How about you, Aubrey? I mean, you’re in a tourist city.

[00:26:14] It’s your hometown, right? Puerto Galera, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a local travel hotspot right in the Philippines. At least I’ve been there for travel a couple of times to people it’s you would call it a travel city, a tourist city.Yes we’re a tourist destination actually. And I believe we are also famous too in Asia and other parts of the world as well.

[00:26:39] Yeah, it is. I mean, like I I’ve been down there actually, a lot of our listeners know the tropical MBA podcast. They did a meetup at Puerto Galera in 2011 or 12, I can’t remember Dan and Ian and the crew. And I tagged along to that. That was my, not my first time in Puereto Galera there actually I think my first time was 2009.

[00:26:59] or 2010. And actually some of the Shadstone team took me there in 2009 or 10. I can’t remember which of those years. And I’ve been a few times since it’s a, it’s a great little place, but you got to take, I think you can’t drive. We’ve got to, it’s an island. You got to take a boat, ferry, right from Batangas. And I was stuck in Puerto Galera there.

[00:27:22] I don’t know if you knew this or not for two extra days because. The water was too choppy for the boat. They didn’t let you take the boat because the water was too, too rough. Does that happen a lot or was that just some. Especially when there’s a typhoon.

[00:27:45] Yeah. So, so that’s a pretty, I like, you know, so you’re right on the beaches. There’s many beaches there to white beach and that there’s a few different beaches, but it must’ve been her hard because of COVID. Right. I mean, I have some friends that have a hotel there, the Badladz resorts, Sean, who I met at tropical MBA meetup and, and others, they must be, it must be very hard for the, that’s, just the area, right.

[00:28:08] Because of the COVID and tourists. Yes, the pandemic dramatically changed our lives here establishment shutdowns, loss of employment and such. It’s really devastating, you know. I know.  We’re recovering for now. Yeah. I mean, we’re all recovering. I mean, that’s the right word to use for recovering, you know, the Canton Fair.

[00:28:33] I’m not sure familiar with it Aubrey but it’s kind of like one of the more famous trade shows for, for not just sellers, but B2B import export people in China come here. And normally it was in spring and fall. April, usually of course, little bit of May and October or a little bit of. Every year. So a lot of events would happen.

[00:28:52] Like Chris was a guest, has his meetups. We would do like try to do our cross cross-border summit around the, the tradeshows or meetups or other kinds of cross-border matchmakers are a lot of our events were always around these trade shows. But now, like you said, just we’re recovering from COVID and still dealing with COVID.

[00:29:11] So, you know, China is still very closed and even for me to come from one city of China to that city, I was in Shenzhen then Guangzhou, as Chris talked about in our interview, you had to get a COVID test and you had to get paperwork and you know, like it’s just not as open as it, you know, everything is going to be just so much more difficult.

[00:29:32] I think tourism and travel. We’ll just, I don’t know. I don’t know if I ever go back to the way it was. I can’t, do you think, I mean, what do they say. In your community there. I mean, do you think it’s going to go back to normal, or will it all always be different? I believe it will always stay different.

[00:29:55] I hope it will be better than this situation. True. Yeah. I guess we can always, all we can do is hope and, but it is, I think recovering, like you said, I like that. But in the interview Chris talked about was, it makes sense. May not think, but could see another kind of trade show emerge as maybe the bigger one there’s in Shenzhen, the city were in there has started to be a more, a new kind of trait of malware if it’s new, but it’s a gift show and.

[00:30:24] He could see it. And I can also see it becoming more popular or easier to be bigger than the original Canton fair, or at least maybe start to compete or become as famous, maybe as the Canton fair because of the new world, the new normal, the COVID, the travel restrictions. So it’s interesting that he talked about that and I could see that happening, but the world’s going to continue to change.

[00:30:54] We’re all going to change, I guess. You know, there’s a saying, Aubrey. Like all that ever stays the same as changed. The only thing that’s the same as change, but man, it’s just been extreme change for us in our community here at Global from Asia and many of our community and people in the, in the import export e-commerce space the last couple of years.

[00:31:13] And it’s just crazy. So, but it’s great again to have you and the team help and our amazing community members like during that members call you had last week where I was in temple. They’re really supportive and you’re going to get to know more of them in the show. Maybe, maybe you and some of our members can interview guests in the future.

[00:31:31] What do you think Aubrey? Well, it’s exciting. And you know, talking with them, I really love they’re the us. And they’re open to communicate with us. I’m really looking forward to interview them in the future. It’s going to be great. All right, already, I think that’s it for today’s intro/outro. Thanks as always for coming on with me and sharing with the listeners and look forward to more upgrades and.

[00:31:58] I don’t want to say recovery, but recovery of even Global from Asia recover, reinventing, we can get more members involved, more team members involved, more shows, more guests, more content, more fun stuff. So thanks for being here with us Aubrey. Thanks for listening, everyone who are watching and see you in the show notes and see you in the next show.

[00:32:15] Bye bye.

[00:32:20] To get more info running an international business. Please visit our website at www.globalfromasia.com. That’s www.globalfromasia.com. Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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