Dealing With Unstable Environments as a Digital Nomad with Andrew Henderson

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This week we have Andrew Henderson from Nomad Capitalist. He was a speaker at this year’s Cross Border Summit and delivered a captivating speech on letting countries attract you to them, not the other way around. Today’s show is a general overview of global citizenship, the trends we have both seen since starting business and where things may go.

Of course, no one can predict the future, but based on past trends, Andrew gives us some insights and ideas on what can happen, enjoy!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Andrew

    Thanks for speaking at Cross Border Summit – people really enjoyed it

  • What are you upto in China and Asia?

  • Starting Nomad Capitalist

    How did it get started?

  • Learning from His Father

    How he got his perspective

  • 5 Magic Words

  • Dealing With Changes

  • Reflecting on Patriotism

  • Renouncing Citizenship and Emotions

  • How countries will deal with the rise of digital nomads

  • How US Passport can help you out

  • Trends you Have seen

  • Dealing with the Future of Banking and Governments

  • What You’re Up to Now

    Taxes, residency, lifestyle

  • Contact

    How can people reach out to you and your business?

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 36:11

Thank you Andrew for sharing. What do you guys think of global citizenship? Of not being bound by the place where you were born. Here at Global From Asia, our first mission is to help you grow your global empire, but on a secondary, we know citizenship and residency is a burning issue for many global business owners.

So I wonder where things will go. For me, personally, I hope everyone in the world can have equal opportunity to achieve their life and business goals. It still blows my mind that there is so much entitlement in the world where someone thinks just because they were born there they should be paid and taken care of by the government and society. So before we blame governments, we should look in the mirror at ourselves and our expectations first.

/rant over.

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