Product Development During a Lockdown, Latest on the Blimp Case Study with Luciano Drehmer

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Everyone is asking us how Blimp Method is moving along with the Excalibur Brothers public case study – so why not use this podcast today to bring Luciano back on and catch us up on things!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Luciano

    For those who didn’t check out the episode with you, can you introduce yourself to listeners today?

  • Discuss the position of Excalibur Brothers brand today

    Since we last had you on the show, a lot has developed! What is the current brand positioning of Excalibur Brothers?

  • 4 products and the concepts

    Let’s discuss each one and the thought process behind them.

  • Polishing cloth

  • Leather glasses case

  • Flask

  • Shot glass set

  • Packaging is critical

    You have spent a lot of time on the packaging. And it does make a huge difference. On top of the enhancements on the products themselves, having a good delivery experience is important. Can we dive into this?

  • Receiving Samples, And the Lockdown

    What a challenge! For the last month + we have been trying to receive samples but one has been stuck somewhere at least a few weeks. We are making the best with videos in advance of shipping.

  • What does the timeline look like now?

    Where are we, and what is our timeline on launch?

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Episode Length 33:55

Thank you everybody. We are very excited to launch the new products. It’s going to be a good reward.

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Show Transcript

gfa 373

[00:00:00] I want to start with episode number Aubrey. Yeah. Have to be, we are on episode 373 going to 400. Huh? Yeah, we’re getting up there pretty quick. And today’s little update about the case our public case study is the BLIMP method called Excalibur Brothers. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Global From Asia podcast, where the daunting process of running an international business is broken down, into straight up actionable advice.

[00:00:26] And now your host, Michael Michelini. So Aubrey, are you, are you free or are you locked? I don’t have, I lost tracked. You’re free. Oh, I’m still locked. You know, I guess, you know, I don’t, why should I expect any rights here? I was stuck in China, so almost a month here, but I guess, you know, one of my friends told me actually, during the first lockdown phases in 2020, you know, It’s a good chance to get work done.

[00:00:59] Right. You know, and buckle down and get work done while you’re stuck. So that’s what we’ve been doing. We’ve been working hard here and keeping things interesting. Exactly. Just like today’s show, we’re going to bring on Luciano, our branding and product expert, He’s been working with us on Excalibur Brothers.

[00:01:17] How’s it been for you Aubrey? I know you’ve been following along. You’ve been on a lot of the calls at the BLIMP Method and also some of our smaller team calls. How are you feeling about all this so far? Yeah, I think I’m doing good. I just want to remind you that it’s okay to rest. Sometimes, don’t work too much and don’t be so hard on yourself.

[00:01:35] I think you’ve been working, working so hard and yeah. If after you end that lockdown, I think you deserve a good rest again. And you know, on my end, I think I’m doing well right now. And I’ve been catching up with lots of things and I’ve been learning so much as well. And thank you for always giving me the opportunity to do that.

[00:01:55] Yeah. I mean, we all like working with you Aubrey. You’re you’re afast learner and it’s really great. So, so now let’s our show. We can just jump right in. Luciano is here. How are you doing this? Good morning. Morning!

[00:02:13] Yeah. Hello, Aubrey. Hello, Luciano. I know. Uh, nice to meet you again. Yeah, we told she’s got her passport now. So she she’s she’s well, I don’t know if she went, but you know, get her out to China or somewhere, right? For some networking. Soon

[00:02:31] Yeah, for sure. Yeah. I mean, you know, we got to get to Puerto Galera, Luciano. Uh, have you ever been there? To where? Puerto Galera. It’s her hometown. Oh, Puerto Galera. Is it in Philippines? Yeah. Yeah. No, I have never been in the Philippines. You never been anywhere in the Philippines? No no. I’d love to go. Do they still have that saying Aubrey, it’s always more fun in the Philippines?

[00:03:01] Is that still what they say? It’s still our slogan, I think so.

[00:03:07] It is. Okay. I remember that. So you better go here because it is more fun here. It’s fun. It’s fun. Uh, yeah. She’s like, it’s actually like, even Filipinos go there for a holiday. And it’s like a beach town island right Aubrey. It’s like, yeah. It’s like a resort area.

[00:03:30] I never, never been. I’ve been everywhere in Asia already. Philippines is definitely on my list. Yeah, it’s a, it’s definitely one you should, you know, it’s, there’s uh, um, I don’t wanna say negative, but Manila is not really, I can get there’s some good parts of Manila, I guess, but I’m more of the province. I like the province.

[00:03:54] But the internet is a problem like Aubrey is dealing with the internet is the big problem in the Philippines. It’s unbelievable. Yeah. I think regardless of wether you’re in province or in the city, it’s still a problem. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, much easier. Right? So China’s got fast internet. If you’re using Chinese websites, you know, we’re not using Chinese websites.

[00:04:26] Yeah. But I joke, well, seems like we mostly work with Philippines and China. It’s like the two worst, top worst internets in the world maybe. But yeah. So today’s show is a quick update, you know, thanks Luciano for coming back. I think it was just a couple months ago we had you on, right. And Aubrey was co-hosting and introducing this new brand Excalibur Brothers and a lot, a lot has been happening.

[00:04:53] Right. But yeah. So yeah, I mean, there’s been a lot, a lot of. For me, I guess it’s reminding me how much upfront time and investment it is to create products and brands. Right? I mean, man, we’ve been, I think it’s been eight or nine months. I can’t say a year yet, but it’s getting to, I think August will be a year that this has been like, kind of like in the works right, Luciano?

[00:05:20] Yes. Yes. We’ve been working on this since August last year. We’re doing a lot of progress and doing amazing progress and the, the project very excited. Um, I think, uh, the first products we’ll land at Amazon very soon. So, uh, we really cannot wait for this to happen. Okay, Aubrey, you wanna take the first question?

[00:05:51] So yeah, I think all for those who didn’t check out the episode, I think our last episode with Luciano is on 365 about next e-commerce journey, launching the blimps. It’s just the official launch of Excalibur Brothers as well. So Luciano, can you introduce yourself again to the listeners? Hi! My name is Luciano I’m one of the partner’s of Excalibur Brothers. My background is mostly branding, design marketing, and I’m helping build 

[00:06:26] the brand, Excalibur Brothers. Me and Michael have been doing like amazing progress recently. And we’re in the Amazon e-commerce business for a long time. We’ve been as a community building these together. And this is very, very exciting because there are like many, many, many, many, many people working together and, and this, and this is like very, very, very interesting, which you learn, share,

[00:06:56] knowledge, and we’re always, always learning a lot and very excited. There’s so many interesting people working with us on this. So. Yeah, for sure, for sure. And we’ll show some products to those watching on video. I know a lot of mostly are still in iTunes audio subscription, but if, if you want to watch the video, I’ll show some in my hands today for that.

[00:07:21] And I’ll explain it to audio in audio for those listening only. But what I was gonna say was, um, the brand position of Excalibur brothers, I think even from the last time we talked is kind of, kind of tweaked, you know, I think, well, it’s always evolving, right? I think every brand. Should we share a little bit about some of, some of the considerations we’ve taken as, as it’s developed with the product line.

[00:07:43] Like, you know, I think we’re really drilling down on men’s gift. And I don’t know if we said that on our last episode, which was, I’m looking at the notes, Aubrey puts 365 was that last show if people want to listen. But since that last show, you know, I think we’ve kind of drilled down a [00:08:00] little bit more on the brand positioning, right?

[00:08:05] Yes. We went all known to the brand positioning. We went, we went on to the brand strategy. I think this process of, of brand positioning and brand strategy is a never, never ending process because brands evolve. Brands are organic things that evolve with time and assumptions we made before they become more mature.

[00:08:35] As we understand better the customer, we are where the consumer we are working with and the product lines we are working with. And of course, this has been for us, always topic that we, we, over to time, we get more and more mature. So I would say that Excalibur Brothers. We started as a brand. Um, we, we were, we were thinking before arrived.

[00:09:05] Excalibur Brothers is a brand that existed before, since 2003. Yeah, exactly. It is a brand that, it’s a website that you bought in 2003 and have a history on, on that. Right? Well, technically I knew I wasn’t, I wasn’t the original owner just to be, yeah, you’re not the original owner, but I mean, they, they, they started like as a website that sells.

[00:09:32] Medieval products. Right? And we, we took this as, as, as our starting point to build in the brand and brand history. So Excalibur Brothers before it was ran we’re doing medieval products, the products itself are medieval products. But I would say now that we, we came to a point that medieval is more of the brand story to feel.

[00:09:59] And we used is like medieval story and medieval feeling to build a brand narrative. To sell all their products, right? Not necessarily our medieval products, but can be as, as you look at a product, cause you look at the brand, you’ll remind the medieval feeling. So Excalibur Brothers is a brand that’s that make gifts

[00:10:32] for gentlemen for men. And the story is, is about the medieval times. The packaging makes a few about good about that, right? I agree and yeah. Yeah. So maybe we can share more on how this products became more on men’s products. So maybe we can start discussing each category or each product. Yeah. Maybe let’sstarts with polishing cloth.

[00:11:02] Yeah. So for those watching on video version can see it in my hand, but it’s essentially a microfiber material cloth that’s for cleaning a wine glass. Of course, it could be other materials, but primarily, and you can see, we have two different variations. So this is white with like red trimming and like Luciano has said in the brand it’s the tag itself is like a flag.

[00:11:26] Right. Luciano designed this. The feeling like you just said. Yeah. Yeah. Go ahead. You want to explain that? Yes. It’s very subtle. Like this is like a medieval element and we’re selling a polishing cloth for wine. It’s a good product for gentlemen for, for, uh, and we’re going to package in a very nice box. We’re working a lot on the packaging experience and that the box itself also will look a little bit like leather.

[00:12:01] We using a special paper that have this like texture that use a little bit rustic and elegant at the same time. And we working in these details that make difference for the brand? Agreed. So also, Aubrey, we didn’t pick the URL for today. I’m going to say it now. Please help me maybe put notes, EB meaning, Excalibur Brothers.

[00:12:32] And then products, all one word, and then people could see maybe put some pictures of these products on there. So people maybe listening could, could type it in. Also, you made me remember Luciano. We did a blog on Mike’s blog, video blog. I took my camera at a packaging supplier. So Aubrey, if we could also embed that into the page, the YouTube vlog.

[00:12:54] So people can watch that video of Luciano and I going to the packaging supplier. We got rejected from the factory because the COVID restrictions or because of my, my, it was my fault, but I thought that might be some good notes to add, but yeah, with an S people can check all those things out.

[00:13:12] See if they’re listening or watching anyone file along so well. Let’s get the female intro feeling. Aubrey. I mean, we keep saying men, I mean, of course women could buy it. I mean, what do you think of, you know, of this kind of product? I mean, do you think it excludes someone women, or how do you feel about this?

[00:13:31] Put you on the spot here? I think it’s also applicable for us because, you know, actually we’re the one who’s doing the dishes, right. Normally. Yeah. You gotta be careful on that, but yeah, I do dishes too, but, but yeah. Oh, of course it could be gifts. You know, if you’re picked a lot of, a lot of people on e-commerce women are I think, uh, I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I think women buy more online than men by actually a pretty considerable amount.

[00:14:00] I don’t know if Luciano already know that, but it’s also a gift item. So women might be looking for a gift for their father, their boyfriend, their husbands, et cetera. And then they see this and maybe it’s not for them, but that feeling. It’s also for that person they’re buying it for. So that’s another angle.

[00:14:21] Interesting. Okay. Do you want to talk about the next product Aubrey? Yeah, I, so I agree on that one. I think let’s proceed to the next one. The leather glass case which I believe is the hardest part or the hardest one to outsource, right? Yeah. This one has been the hardest one for us to design. We’ve gone through a few different suppliers.

[00:14:42] So I’m holding in my hand. This is actually not going to be our final one. You might be able to see that here. I like this field, it’s got the, Luciano designed this.It’s like the cursive writing. It says established and then a year. And then it has our logo. It’s just as like the shield, right. Just the cross and the shield.

[00:15:04] So, and this is for glass reading glasses. This one thing. Yeah. We’ve been having trouble with this. Luciano, you want to share a little bit about some of this product, experience. I also put pens in it. Yeah, we are. We are making the leather, we’re making that a glass case glasses case and with, we thought that, uh, as doing a glasses case for a brand that stands for, for

[00:15:39] medieval-like narrative. And we also, of course, aim should be, um, a high quality product brand. And we are paying a lot of attention on the product sourcing part in the materials. So we want to make sure that we, we not, we’re not  using like low quality, low grade synthetic materials. So we decided to utilize a high quality of leather.

[00:16:08] We’ve been trying as much as we can to get the best quality materials we have from the suppliers. And this is a lot of, this is a lot of research from our side and we were doing a lot of progress. Sometimes it is difficult to find real leather, always find a supplier. He used fake leather. So how we kinda 

[00:16:34] Well, how we, we, we find our ways to, to get you the right materials, typically the more time to source a quality material. But I think it’s going to work the call, the customer really appreciate quality. We will definitely get for, uh. After all Excalibur Brothers is a premium brand, right? So we definitely want to deliver a quality product.

[00:17:01] And we’re liking the leather category. I think, you know what, today we’re going to kind of go through a lot of different kinds of product materials and types. And actually last, last sessions, Nelson, Luciano. Nelson been talking to us, uh, and he’s helping us QA actually, I didn’t say it on the cloth, but we had to actually kind of go back and add the washing instructions on the label.

[00:17:21] But yeah, of course we need to. We want to be a real brand. So of course you can cut corners and do things fast, but then later that will, of course, cause hopefully not too expensive, but it will cost problems. Delays of course, negative feedback of maybe even recalls things like that. So we’ve ,this one has been a lot more trouble actually.

[00:17:44] Yeah, I think we give credits to somebody shout out to Meir. He gave us this idea. He’s got a lot of experiences with this kind of category too. And I like this product, but yeah, it’s definitely been a lot, much more challenging of the, of the four that we’re gonna talk about today. And like we said,  beginning, like making your own brand, making your own products is probably one of the bigger investments you make in.

[00:18:08] Again, back to the BLIMP method and a franchising, I think the four that are going through it are really happy that we’re realizing I talked to Meir on a call yesterday. He called me up. We did it like 45 minutes talk, but this is the big value. You know, they, they were on the franchise model where we here as a brand or on our side, developing this and tweaking it.

[00:18:30] And of course, reporting back, Aubrey has been really helping a lot with the communication, but going back with the franchisees that are going to be selling this to have their Amazon accounts, getting ready, preparing the shipping plan. But yeah, it’s, it’s a huge amount of upfront. The idea is it’s, it’s a long-term asset for both the franchisees, with their cashflow and sales and saving their time and using our expertise and skills of Luciano and the team here to, to get this going.

[00:18:56] I’m really excited, but yeah, it’s been this one, especially has been a troublesome.  I think there’s a, there’s a new sample, a new supplier. This is not the current production one, or I still am keeping this it’s cost us also like $50, you know that US? Cause it’s production sample. They had to like, we have two of them, but I’ll save one for Aubrey. Aubrey, you want one when you come over here?

[00:19:16] All right. So that’s the second one. Yeah, that one was definitely a more challenging one. So I think let’s proceed to the third one, the flask. Yeah. So this is a flask drinking flasks sets. You can see here if you’re watching on video also has some pictures. This is the flask.

[00:19:39] As again, it’s not totally finished. This is PU polyurethane not genuine leather. So literally just today, the factory has sent us pictures of the flask with genuine leather, with the EB logo, Excalibur Brothers logo on the bottom right of it. But it will also come with these  shot glasses inside and a little funnel and a nice gift case.

[00:20:05] But yeah. What do you think of this Luciano? This one? What’s your, uh, yeah, this one is the same, the same idea. Right? We’re gonna utilize the, I like, I like the sample. If it gets good. I just think we need to change for the. For the genuine leather as well for this far, it’s going to do this for us. We’re going to customize it.

[00:20:29] And I think this is ready to go. Yeah, this one’s a little more straightforward packaging. I think we’re going to modify. We have, well, we actually worked with a different print packaging supplier, so I’m excited to see that. They been working on it too. Buy, yeah. This was a little more straightforward than like you said, if the leather glass case is some challenging one, but this one, but then they told us today that it can’t change the bottom, the, the, they can’t put our logo on the bottom.

[00:20:57] I don’t know if you saw the that Luciano. Yeah, I just saw it. I think, I think we can. I like your idea to tell the supplier that we, if they cannot do it, we find another supplier. Yeah. I mean, I think you’ve got to push a little bit sometimes, you know, I think it’s working with suppliers is, I don’t know if this is everywhere, but to China, especially from my experience, sometimes you want to do something.

[00:21:25] You want to really push the boundaries on what can be done. And they don’t like that. They want to know they want, oh, this is not, this is hard to do, or I don’t want to do, or this cannot be done. And I, uh, we know that can be done. See this, this features on the market. Sometimes we ask. And, and they don’t want to because they already have their production line set up.

[00:21:53] And if you ask for, for making engraving in a part of the product that they’re not used to, they [00:22:00] don’t want to make difficult for, for them. So the, the, the that’s hard they’ll do that. You, if you want to stand out on the market, if you want to make an impression, if you want to make some. And need to push the boundaries of what can be done.

[00:22:19] We really need to push them. Exactly. Yeah. So, I mean, I think this is gold for anybody that’s watching, even if you’re experienced seller, I think we’re giving me pretty good insights. And again, we’re trying to, you know, share our story, share experience has were happening and, you know, what’s the final, final one Aubrey on our list today.

[00:22:39] The most fragile one, the shot glass set. Well, I don’t have, I don’t have it on me. It stuck somewhere for like two or three weeks. It’s been stuck. They have the packaging suppliers received it sorta the packaging has been getting worked on to be better, but basically a six shot glass and booze set that will be in a nice

[00:23:01] packaging box. This one, we’re really excited about the, I think the franchisees got his Amazon account at least applied or opened a Aubrey can’t remember. Yeah, he already opened one. Oh, he got it already. Perfect. But yeah, I mean, the supplier even asked me yesterday or two days ago. If we’re gonna order, I’m like, how can I order?

[00:23:20] I haven’t gotten a sample and it’s stuck somewhere because of the lockdowns. I don’t know. It hasn’t really not arrived at Wendy’s I mean, my w my actual house, but that one, I can’t show you because I don’t have yet still, but this, again, it fits into the category of gift. Right. And it also drinking and relaxing.

[00:23:40] Do you have any input on this one, Luciano? We can’t show it on the video today, but yeah, the, the shock class, it’s also very straightforward product is ready for, for us to choose the, the production. Everything is more or less. I think it’s the most likely it’s going to be the first one you’re going to launch it.

[00:23:58] I just saw the packaging [00:24:00] from the supplier is almost like 99%. Oh good. The, the, the, the sample they build, the prototype they build is almost a hundred percent of what we need. And I think there’s no much we need to change. I think this is going to be a great product as well. Awesome. Yeah, I’m totally, I’m really, I mean, honestly, I mean, it’s kind fun cause your products.

[00:24:26] I’m not a big drinker, but I mean, still, that’s a nice little gift to have in your house, you know, like, uh, celebrate with some friends visiting, you have it on the shelf. So yeah, those are, those are the four, four products and I hope the listeners a pre or watchers appreciate us sharing pretty openly. Uh, Aubrey, what’s the next.

[00:24:46] I think during our last call, we’ve been discussing about this one, the packaging of those products. So I know you’ve been spending a lot of time on doing that and any progress or anything you want to share about that? Well, you know, Luciano’s mentioning almost every product and he’s, he’s made like a really nice design for each one.

[00:25:05] Like. The software and we have we’re, we’re not using the factory’s default packaging. Right. We’re even using a separate supplier for this. So Luciano, you want to give some more insights on our pack packaging? Yeah, I mean, we, it’s very challenging. We were working with a supplier in, and so it was very far from where we are in China.

[00:25:31] So we were in China, but at the same time, we’re in a place that is far from the factory at the same time. So most of our communication it’s it’s we communicate with them in English and, and Jasmine is helping us with the communication. She speaks both English and Chinese, so she can make those like, the supplier misunderstand something.

[00:25:54] She can translate to them. And we’ve been building this almost remotely. They ship the sample, show us, but we are, since we are in the middle of a lockdown is also very hard for us to get the sample. We are relying a lot on videos of the, of the product. We see the, we asked them to make photos and videos of the product.

[00:26:18] And only by seeing the videos, we can already know what needs to, what we need to work next. It makes the process agile, agile, and, and. Yeah. I mean, this is, this is a very interesting times. It’s been unbelievable, but I think it is, you know, and actually we’re not, we’re not in the same room right now.

[00:26:42] You’re I think it looks like you’re in a hotel still and crazy. We were living in the same apartment for awhile, but not right now and lock downs. And, but when we were aware, you were showing me on your computer, the. Kind of making these, so it’s a foundation right? For the packaging. So it’s like a framework for future products.

[00:27:05] So while it’s a for investments now in the products and the packaging, the idea is when we add new products, we can use this framework for the packaging and, and other parts to, to go. Faster, which has been, definitely is going to be faster. I think that both product development and packaging development is going to be faster in the future, especially because we already have the materials figure out for the packaging.

[00:27:36] Uh, we have the color, the color palette, the color definition. We have all the packages supplier already understand as they already understand what. And we have the products, the, the, the, the materials that we need to print Arabic sourced by the supplier that we already work. And as for new products, we like, since we were working with two, four different products, all these four different products can become a family of.

[00:28:08] Right. So shot glasses can be shot glass with different colors. Leather case can be a different way type of leather case or a different color of leather case. The polishing cloth can be different types of polishing cloth, polishing cloth for wood polishing cloth for a glass, polishing cloth for different uses.

[00:28:31] And what’s the other one. The, the flask can be different colors or different flask designs and, and more different items, uh, for, for men as well. So It’s going to be the same size because the structure is going to be the same. Uh, so this is going to be all, all the products can be scalable. The packaging can also be scalable.

[00:28:57] So. Yeah, [00:29:00] that’s going to be great mostly now, I think. Yeah, exactly. And then of course, once we launched these products, we can, you know, luckily, like you said, we have 2003 old year website that’s been online consistently and has traffic. I can’t wait till we update the homepage though. I know I’ve been wanting to update the homepage.

[00:29:16] So probably when a show goes live, it’ll still show the, you know, like medieval products and we still get traffic for those. And we’ll maintain that, but we’re going to add these new products right on the homepage and we’re gonna have. The new messaging it’s we started making a product landing pages for each one on a website to drive to Amazon and things.

[00:29:34] I can’t wait to see the thing is rolling.Aubrey, you want to go to your final question? I think kind of skipping mine, already. I feel like we covered that. So I think let’s go to the timeline part of the business. So what does that timeline look like? I think we have one already for polishing cloth, right.

[00:29:55] We’re already targeting a launch date. It’s been pushed, you know, again, [00:30:00] lockdowns and everything else and learning about the product requirements. So the polishing cloth was looking like early April. We had to slow it down because. Nelson helped us from last show to tell us, to put a washing instructions on the label.

[00:30:14] It has to be a real brand or to fit all compliance we needed. So we had to kind of stop, stop production and make some washing instructions. Right. And so I still think like mid April ship and then it takes on a couple of weeks. So I don’t know what you feel like May for at least for a couple of days.

[00:30:31] Hopefully. May I think May’s doable. I think May’s doable. It all depends. It all depends on the, uh, we need, of course we need to make some adjustments issue, make some adjustment and the product on the packaging, you will add the instructions, wash instructions in the packaging issue, update the, uh, structure a little bit, the grading of, of paper of the packaging.

[00:31:03] We need to add an extra layer of security to make sure the box is not going to be squashed on the shipping. So we really need to make sure that they are very they’re they’re solid enough in like a solid enough in light enough. Right. We need to, to find a balance between lightness and solidness. So light enough to ship and though few have very heavy and save money and hard enough to ship and doesn’t break and doesn’t squish.

[00:31:37] So this is a. A bit of back and forth just meant that we need you to do. Yeah. But I’m pretty excited, you know? I mean, it’s like you said, it’s pain it’s I even say it, but I feel it’s painfully slow for me. I like, you know, but we’re creating value and long-term cashflow, so it’s worth the doing it right

[00:31:58] the first time, as much as you can. All right. I think, I think we covered everything. Of course is the key is the brand websites. You know, it might not be totally up to date when you’re watching it right away or looking at it. But I can’t wait to update that. I think hopefully, maybe in April or May, right.

[00:32:17] Luciano we’ll probably make an update on the site. Yeah. Awesome. Yeah. Okay. I think that’s a wrap. How do you feel in Aubrey? Ready to rock? You can help us promote some Excalibur brothers’ products online soon. Yeah, sure. Of course. Awesome. Maybe they would be as excited to receive that product or to buy those products.

[00:32:39] Yeah, of course. It’s a product business, right. So we’ve many years ago we talked to some pretty huge Chinese Amazon sellers, and there’s two parts of any business. There’s the product and there’s the marketing. And so a lot of them say in Amazon, of course internet marketing, but the superior product usually is what wins with the average price or [00:33:00] good price and good quality, right?

[00:33:02] Cause if you do the best marketing, but your product, isn’t what people want or isn’t people like you, you know, you’re not going to last, so you gotta get a good product. And that’s why we’re working so hard right now, because no matter how good your marketing is, if your product is not good, it’s not going to sustain.

[00:33:20] All right. Any last words for anybody Luciano, Aubrey. I feel good for me. I’m very excited to launch the new products. Yeah. Yeah. It’s it’s going to be a good reward. Just keep on pushing our, thank you everybody. Thank you. Bye-bye. To get more info mode running an international business. Please visit our website at

[00:33:46] That’s Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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