Looking To Setup Your Company, But Not Sure Where?

Many of us hear about the amazing benefits of setting up a business outside of our home country.

Yet, this is such a new idea and we’re comfortable with the local laws, the local banking, local business practices.

How to make that big move from local to global?

You ready to take that leap?

You’re Running Your Business Now- Locally

You are currently running, or have run a few businesses in the past and you’ve done pretty good. There were some regulations and local laws that got in the way maybe. Or just the local business environment kept you at a certain level.

I remember the days when I was talking to the people in my hometown growing up. No one thought about business overseas. Heck, no one thought about what was happening in the next town over!

Heading to New York from my hometown in Connecticut was like a new universe.

None of my friends had ever done that, and no one could help me.

And that was only a 2 hour car drive away!

Going to the other side of the Earth is a totally different level!

You’re ready to start your next venture. You’ve been reading the blogs and in a few internet marketing forums.

Where Should You Establish Your Next Business?

So you have the business plan sketched out. Lining up some suppliers in China. Have a potential distributor in Brazil. Studying about Amazon FBA.

But where do you setup the company? And when? How long will it take. Does it matter if I do things in my personal name at the beginning and then later switch it over to a new corporate structure?

Brain overwhelmed with questions.

Then you freeze up.

Maybe this isn’t for you – maybe you should just stick to what you know and open a new company in your hometown.

There are some mindset shifts, and it is a process you need to go through.

Work With Us To Find The Right International Structure For You!

Are you ready to rock? Don’t want to settle for your hometown’s offerings and ready to jet set?

Let’s work together!

Introducing our “Global Business Booster Pack”. Here goes:

What is the Global Business Booster Pack? And What Can It Offer Me?

No, we’re not a medical vaccine booster!

We are the shocker that will get your butt in gear and get you going global at a much faster pace than fishing around on your own.

  • “Getting the Plan Laid Out” strategy

    Let’s work together to hash things out. What is your goal with the business? Where do you see you and your business in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years? Let’s sketch out what that looks like and come up with a plan to get you there.

  • “Get that cash” sales and marketing strategy

    Now that we have the plan outline, on our next call lets dig into the numbers. What kind of clients do we need, how many clients? From where? This is a specific process where we think about our target client. Where are these clients based? How do they like to pay? The sales strategy is a critical component when deciding what kind of international business to establish. How they’ll pay, what currency, what their risk tolerance is for an international service provider, etc.

  • “Put It On Paper” Business plan outline

    Now we have those first big milestones done, now it is time to make it “real”. Let’s write these things down and see what it looks like. Does out dreamline and our sales strategy line up? Where are we incorporating the company. How much initial investment will we need? This will also help when we start to incorporate the business and apply for banks.

  • “Do It” implementation preparation

    What is all this going to take. Here we will work together to make a project plan. What are some major milestones? How about KPIs, what are we going to look at to keep us on track. And of course a step by step action plan that we will use to make all this strategy a reality.

We deliver this package as:

Each of the 4 phases will include:

  • A thirty minute consultation session with Michael Michelini. Get some 1 on 1 phone time with Mike, hear things out from his experience. Ask questions, and stay on track to get through each phase.
  • Strategy & Framework – Each phase has actionable strategy plans and checklists that you will use.
  • Your Own Shared Document Archive. We will get you into a private shared folder of documents that we will work together on customizing for your specific business and personal strategy.
  • Introductions to business experts. As we get to know your business case, we will use our extensive business network to match you up with the right people and speed up your business.

Take Advantage of the International Business Booster Pack

So sound like something up your alley?

Here is the next thing you need to get this going.

Let’s do this. You will get a lot of personalized help to get your business going global!



  • Consultation
  • 1 30 minute call with an expert
  • 2 email follow ups
  • Specific advice for your situation
  • Get ideas on where is best for you
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Booster Pack

$497 USD

  • All in the initial consultation pack
  • 30 minute call with Michael Michelini
  • Strategy and Framework
  • Personal Shared Drive Folder
  • Introductions to Business Experts
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For the experience and the assistance you need to get your business global from day 1. The headaches you will skip, the motivation you will get – this is a no brainer decision!

You will get 1 on 1 time with Mike. He does need to sleep sometimes – so we recommend taking advantage of this service while it’s still on the market!

Ready to get your international business the attention and action strategy it needs to win?

What are you waiting for

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And of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Money Back Guarantee

What would this amazing offer be without a money back guarantee? If after your first call you are not satisfied – so whatever reason – we will issue you a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re happy with it, we will move to the next step and then release to you all the file archives and strategy plans. Once we get past the first call – and are happy to move on – we know you’ll love it! These materials and strategy sessions will give you huge ROI.