Massage At the Hong Kong Airport – Relax and Recharge

Many ask if there is a massage center in the Hong Kong airport – and if you are searching for one – then today you are in luck!

Here at Global From Asia, Mike took a stopover and enjoyed a high end Thai massage at the Om Spa, a massage parlor that is part of the Regal Airport at HKIA (Hong Kong International Airport).

It is on the third floor of the Regal Airport – connected to the arrivals area of the airport – only about a 5 minute walk. Please note that you need to exit customs to enjoy the masage, as it is outside of the restricted area.

Arriving at the reception desk of the Om Spa – no hotel registration is required. When arriving, Hong Kong aircrew were in front of me for a shower and massage as well. So feel free to stop by and enjoy the spa facilities whether you’re a hotel guest or not.

After registering for the massage, they asked me if I would like it soft, medium, or hard. Also, it is Thai style massage and I had a real Thai masseuse expert as well. After selecting the strength of the massage they asked if I had any body parts I would like to focus on in the session.

Not sure about you – but for me – shoulders!

I was escorted to the premium suite area, one for both a massage as well as an overnight stay. Inside the suite was a waterfall shower, sauna, massage bed (given, of course), bed, office desk, and traditional wood Thai chairs for lounging or TV watching.

The massage was 60 minutes flew by, and in our video of this massage session, you can see hot oil being applied and a full body treatment.

During the head massage, I was so relaxed that I fell asleep and was awaken to the completion of the massage.

It was a great experience, and a very refreshing time during my travel through the Hong Kong International Airport.

For more guides and information about the Hong Kong Airport – check out our full resource here

Cheers and enjoy life with things like these massage sessions.

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