We offer the following services:

ICO Analysis

Are you a professional investor, hedge fund, or fund manager? We can provide in-depth ICO analysis  Рsaving you time and allowing you to focus your investments on high-quality projects.

ICO Advising

Are you currently running, or thinking of running an ICO? We can advise you on whitepaper, token economics, roadmap, website, social media, and PR, allowing you to achieve a successful token sale.

ICO Data

We look at every ICO announced on the bitcointalk forums as well as ICOs submitted to us, giving us a unique perspective on the ICO market. We can provide statistics on number of pieces of the ICO puzzle.

ICO Influencer Marketing

Do you need more exposure for your ICO marketing campaign? We can help match you up with the right influencers in your industry to get more awareness and eyeballs. Learn more about our ICO Influencer Marketing here.

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