Money in the Longtail, Adding 40,000 SKUs in 2 years with Mike Hartman

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This week’s guest on the show is going to be a speaker at the Cross Border Summit – Mike Hartman.

He’s an American, living in Romania and taps into all the technical talents in the community there and is scaling tens of thousands of products on Amazon and on Shopify. He talks about how to make money, maximize profits, diversify and gives some of his insights…quite a bunch of amazing value including software tools, tactics and strategies, which a lot of us probably never even thought of. Let’s tune in.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce Mike Hartman

    American in Romania building Amazon FBA and POD shopify sites and brands.

  • Using Amazon As a Safety Net

    Starting his growth on Amazon, but also expanding on Shopify/ third party shopping carts. 2 Seven figure shopify stores

  • Balancing Diversification and Shiny Object Syndrome

    How Mike has balanced going multi channel but also focusing for sales and profit.

  • Last year, 10,000 SKUs

    This year, 30,000 SKUs. The journey.

  • Originally managing a BSR 7 Product

    But now feels better sleeping at night with 40,000 SKU instead of big hit products and using FBM

  • Development in Romania

    Having programmers help automate and build systems to reduce human error.

  • Groups products

    How to find the right mix of products, categories, advertising kits.

  • Tools used, API, data trusting

    Zontools, Century Kit, Bind Wise, Black Box, Helium10 and various tools being used.

  • Apple Launch Season

    Finding Niches, the thought process of trends, deciding to jump into accessories, DJI Mavi, etc

  • Render Rig

    His team rarely touches product, 12,000 custom images in 4 days (6 images per product, 2000 listings). Remapping of flat files and category balancing and negotiation with Amazon.

  • Market changes and Trump’s Tweet on Vape

    Marks being changed, vape accessories dead, summer being rocked, and what is the future.

  • His speech at Cross Border Summit

    What he will be talking about and how to connect with him.

  • Connecting with Mike Hartman

    How to find him online and what to expect in the future.

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 40:36

Thanks so much for coming to the show Mike and sharing your insights with those who are making it and of course you have a full talk and share at the upcoming Cross Border Summit. Thanks Buddy and see you in a couple of weeks!

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