Many More Wish They Could

Due to matters beyond my control, this is going to be the last in the series, for awhile at least. So I’m going to depart from the issues that I raised in the last few Gabs – after all, expounding on politics is a thankless task – As Emma Goldman so poignantly and pointedly declared all those years ago, “If … Read More

Diversion From My Daily Grind

While Mike Michelini thought that I, seeing as I have been doing the HK/China/Taiwan/Korea circuit for 30 years or so, could provide some interesting insights for an ‘occasional’ column, I never thought that I would be literally overwhelmed with raw data. I certainly didn’t (and still don’t) expect to get paid, but all that I was expecting was a modest … Read More

What a difference a day makes

Welcome to the latest version of Global Gab. First, just a few points: We all realise that the column is time-sensitive and every effort is being made to get it into your mailbox as fast as possible. We expect to make great strides in this aspect within the next few weeks. Thanks for your understanding and patience. There is absolutely … Read More

The cracks are starting to appear

Ever notice how almost all the people who should know better don’t ever seem to, at least publicly? You really have to wonder about who’s paying the people who talk about the problems of upcoming inflation etc. in China while treating it as a stand-alone or a one-off and blissfully ignoring both the fact that the same pressures exist in … Read More