Canton Fair 2020 is Cancelled

It was recently announced that the Canton Fair 2020 and all its exhibition activities shall be suspended. This is in light with the infection prevention and control efforts of China.

This is their official announcement:

“In the spirit of the important instructions and speeches on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus infected pneumonia, we will resolutely win the prevention and control of the epidemic to better protect the life safety and physical health of exhibitors. The exhibition hall of Guangzhou Fair will strictly implement the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Commerce, Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City on the prevention and control of the epidemic, and suspend all exhibition activities. We will keep close communication with relevant government departments and inform you of the latest news about the resumption of the exhibition.”

They made the same announcement through their official WeChat News:

True to the announcement headline, Epidemic Prevention in a City of Unity, it is during these times that we stand as one.

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