New Indonesian Bill Threatens to Ignore Environment Concerns for Profit

Indonesia has just introduced a new environmental bill that threatens to ignore environmental concerns for profits. A bill was just submitted to the Indonesia parliament last Wednesday. The bill is called the Job Creation bill. This new bill is aimed at “opening up industries”.  Within the bill, there are proposals that will aim to relax the environmental requirements for certain … Read More

Huawei Charged for Stealing Trade Secrets from US

Huawei has just been charged for stealing trade secrets by the United States’ (US) Justice Department. The charges against Huawei were racketeering and the illegal taking of US trade secrets. The US has said that Huawei has been doing this since the start of the 2000s. This two decade stealing has added another layer to US President Donald Trump’s war … Read More

Philippine President Voices Termination of Visiting Forces Agreement with US

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has just voiced his plan of terminating the visiting forces agreement (VFA) with the United States (US). President Duterte recently stated that he wants to end the VFA agreement with the US.This happened right after the US cancelled the visas of President Duterte’s ally.  This happened last month. The US government cancelled the visa of current … Read More

Coronavirus Troubles China’s Electronics Manufacturing

The Coronavirus is continually causing troubles for China’s electronics manufacturing. The Coronavirus is showing no signs of stopping. The number of cases and deaths continues to rise everyday.  Apart from the health aspects though, the Coronavirus has begun to infect other parts of people’s lives. In a general sense, the Coronavirus has affected many country’s economies. Due to the quarantine … Read More

China to Cut Tariffs on Billions Worth of US Goods

The Chinese government has recently announced that they will be cutting the tariffs on billions worth of US goods. The U.S. goods are known to be valued at around $75 billion. The United States and China have been involved in a trade war for over a year. Recently, a phase one deal has been implemented. This deal is moving thing … Read More

Coronavirus Infects Economies

Coronavius has spread all over the world. Upon analysis, the Coronavirus has also infected the economies of many countries. The Coronavirus originated from China, specifically the Wuhan province. Since Wuhan is ground zero, the number of infected and dead people are steadily rising. The Chinese government has imposed a strict set of restrictions all around. The restrictions in Wuhan affect … Read More

China Oil Demands Decrease by 20%

China’s overall demand for oil has decreased by a total of 20% due to the Coronavirus.  The drop in China’s demand for oil has dropped. The 20% drop roughly equates to about three million barrels a day. This information comes from people who work within the energy sector. They indicate that the Coronavirus is putting a strain on China’s economy … Read More

Canton Fair 2020 is Cancelled

It was recently announced that the Canton Fair 2020 and all its exhibition activities shall be suspended. This is in light with the infection prevention and control efforts of China. This is their official announcement: “In the spirit of the important instructions and speeches on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus infected pneumonia, we will resolutely win the … Read More

Thailand Finds Coronavirus “Cure” in HIV Drug Cocktail

Thailand’s health ministry says that they have found a cure for the Coronavirus.  A Chinese woman afflicted with the Coronavirus found herself in Thailand. The woman was 71 years old. Fortunately for her, the Thailand health ministry had what no other country has ever had. They have a potential cure for the virus.  The administered treatment was a mixture of … Read More

Hong Kong Loses Title of Largest Real Estate Market

Hong Kong has just lost its claim to being the largest real estate market in the world in 2019. It has shifted down two spots, with Japan and South Korea taking the first two spots respectively. The report came from Real Capital Analytics, a firm that collects data.  The ascendance of Japan and South Korea is not unthinkable. In 2018, … Read More