India Business Owners Protest Massive Amazon Investment

Small India Business Owners have rallied together and are starting to protest. They are currently protesting against the massive investment that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have announced for India. Less than one day ago, Bezos announced that they would be investing $1 billion into India. The purpose of the investment was to digitize both small and medium-sized businesses.  Apart from … Read More

Amazon Global Selling Sets Up Its Vietnam Team

Amazon Global Selling has just set up a team in Vietnam. The team was put together on the 18th of October, to help and work with other Vietnamese shops and stores sell their products globally online. Amazon Global Selling, the long standing program of Amazon that assists and provides technical and professional support to sellers, will be assisting the Vietnam … Read More

3 Amazing Things Happening Right Now (and limited freebie for you)

Dear Readers, Well, this is quite the trifecta. I wrote this a few days earlier than Oct 22 – but I will be living this trifecta moment as this email goes out. As you receive this letter, three amazing things are happening in this community all at the same time. Today: 1) Global From Asia turns 6 years old. Domain … Read More

Giving Out The Goods [Human or Bot]

Dear Readers, I often get people asking me if it is really me when replying on social media. That human element is still so critical. And this is what Will Tjernlund is sharing on today’s podcast – as well as at the Cross Border Summit next week. Can you believe it is just about 5 days away? But Will and … Read More

Picking a Side of the Border

Dear Readers, Thank you for reading – a buddy Chris Moore sent me an article of someone stopping their newsletter. Yet I feel this newsletter here at Global From Asia is really “heating up” with a lot of great feedback from subscribers, with higher open rates and more personal replies, so thank you. Maybe it is because I am picking … Read More

Double Down in Vegas

Dear Readers, I am on the road again – passing through Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Ningbo – seems I can’t stay away from this area. On the trip, I had a chance to catch up with Howard Thai – the Professor of Amazon – and an expert in our GFA community (also will be a speaker at our fourth annual … Read More

Case Study of Knowing Your Factory [Video]

Dear Readers, I was back up in China (second time in a month) from comfortable Thailand, and visiting our moka pot factory. As a content creator and host of Global From Asia – I took my v-log camera and made an interactive video to share insights of why it is so important to visit your factory, and build a long … Read More