Huawei Backed by Chinese Military, Says US

The United States (US) Department of Defense says that Huawei is owned by the Chinese military. Apart from Huawei, they go on to say that the top 20 Chinese companies are also backed or owned by the Chinese military. These include video surveillance company Hikvision, and Chinese telecommunication companies China Mobile and Avic to name a few. All of these … Read More

Beijing to Create Entity List to Rival US

Beijing is preparing to create their own entity list of businesses that will rival the one that the United States (US) has already made. The US Commerce Department just recently made a list. It was a list of more than 30 Chinese companies, firms, and institutions that were added to a blacklist. All of those added in the list were … Read More

China Interested in CPTPP Trade Agreement

China has shown renewed interest in the Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) Agreement. The CPTPP agreement is a trade agreement from March of 2018. The countries included in the agreement are Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam. Premier Li Keqiang just said last week that China would like to join these groups of … Read More

China’s Rich Avoiding HK Asset Parking

China’s rich are now avoiding parking their assets in Hong Kong. Rich people from mainland China are straying away from placing their assets in Hong Kong. This started when Beijing placed new international laws on Hong Kong. The new laws ultimately stop anyone from Hong Kong from undermining China. Due to this, the mainland rich fear that authorities may steal … Read More

China to Rush Anti-sedition Laws in Hong Kong

China is rushing to force national security laws – like it’s anti-sedition laws – on Hong Kong. The Chinese government has decided to force national security laws on Hong Kong without any further delay.  The protests in Hong Kong are still on-going despite the pandemic. With news of China’s sudden move, the protests continued. However, the police were there to … Read More

China Threatens Australia’s Iron Exports

China has just threatened to stop Australia’s iron exports pipeline to Beijing. China’s recent threat to Australia is what they describe as a “wake-up call”. This came about due to Australia’s inquiry into the COVID-19 virus. Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, called for an inquiry on where the virus originated.  The threat is a sizable one, as Australia … Read More

China Pressured to Write Off Country Loans

China is under pressure to write off loans that it has saddled on other countries.  Currently, numerous countries owe China money. This is mainly due to their massive infrastructure plan called the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).  The BRI is China’s plan to link multiple countries. It’s aim was to create networks through seas, rails, and roads. These networks would … Read More

Participation Fee Is Waived For The Online 127th Canton Fair

The current global pandemic, COVID-19, caused many event organizers to either cancel or postpone events. The 127th Canton Fair was not spared of this necessary move of postponement. The initial schedule of mid-April did not push through. In early April, however, the Canton Fair organizers announced that the 127th Canton Fair will now be held online from June 15 to … Read More

Oil Prices Drastically Drop from New US-China Trade Spat

Oil prices have significantly dropped again after another trade spat between the United States (US) and China. The pandemic is still on-going. It has already affected various countries, their economies, and businesses around the world.  Various countries though are beginning to “recover’. Or at least they think they are. Some countries are continuing to enforce their community quarantines. Others are … Read More

China’s Zijin Mining Warns PNG Over End of Gold Mine Lease

China’s Zijin Mining issues a warning to Papua New Guinea (PNG) if the lease for a co-owned gold mine is not renewed. Relations between China and PNG are currently rocky. Their continued relationship currently depends on a gold mine. This gold mine is owned by both China’s Zijin Mining and PNG’s Barrick Gold Corp.  The message from China is clear: … Read More