China Weaponizes Smartphone for Surveillance

China has weaponized smartphones for surveillance purposes. Forbes has published an article revealing a file sharing app is being used to target the Uighur Muslim popoulation in China. Back in 2012, a China app developer unveiled Zapya. The pitch was that Zapya was for file sharing. They said that the app made it easier to share files between people. Users … Read More

The Turkeys are a-Clucking

My wife has suggested, make that strongly suggested, that I make these articles shorter….I replied that our name is Little but there is lots of news! 😊 All kidding aside, this column is starting to have a serious impact on my time. I don’t think any of you realize exactly what it takes to collect apparently important material, winnow it … Read More

China Warns Against CO2 Border Tax

China has released a statement warning against the impending Carbon Border Tax. China says that this European proposal will ultimately hinder the fight against climate change instead of helping it. The European Union (EU) floated the idea of a carbon border tax last October. It acts as a sort of shield for any imports that don’t comply with the greenhouse … Read More

China Signs Defense Agreement with South Korea

China has signed a defense agreement with South Korea. This comes days after tensions between the United States and South Korea have reached a boiling point. The defense ministers of both China and South Korea have come to an agreement. Their agreement states that they will develop both their country’s defenses. In doing so, they will provide a strong and … Read More

China Puts Full Support in AI and Blockchain

China puts their full support in developing artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology domestically. The country sees these two technologies as important to the future. AI is a technology that many people are trying to develop. Most people look at AI and think robots with consciousness. However, the uses of AI are broader than that. One of the big uses … Read More

The Black Plague Returns in China

The black plague has recently returned in two patients in China. It is also commonly referred to as pneumonic plague. This disease has made its mark in history. It is the disease that ravaged medieval times, taking millions of lives in the process. Centuries after, it has returned.  Most people know that the black plague killed millions of people around … Read More

China Approves New Seaweed-based Alzheimer’s Drug

China has just approved a new drug that will help patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The drug is called Oligomannate. It is based on seaweed.  The news is particularly important. Successful efforts to battle Alzheimer’s are few and far between. It is a much needed win for people with Alzheimer’s disease. As one scientist in the field puts it, Oligomannate acts … Read More

Escapee from China’s Re-education Camp Shares Horrors

Uighur Muslim teacher escapes China’s re-education camps and shares the horrors she witnessed. Sayragul Sauytbay is a 43 year old woman of Uighur Muslim descent.  Her run-ins with the Chinese authorities began three years ago in 2016. At the time, the authorities were strengthening their surveillance on the Uighurs. This included confiscating SIM cards and installing security cameras. The authorities … Read More

China Rises Through “Ease of Business” Ranks

China rises through the ranks of countries that are easy to conduct business in. With this improvement, they have jumped over France.  The news was broken by a report from Washington. The ranking is based on the World Bank’s annual ranking. Last year, the second strongest economy in the world, saw themselves at the number 46th spot. In just a … Read More

China Requiring Facial Scans for Phone and Internet Services

Chinese citizens are now being required to submit to facial scans to sign up for internet or get a new mobile number. The Chinese government will be implementing this new piece of legislation on the first of December. Starting then, telecommunication companies will need to scan the faces of their people. Apart from that, the new legislation will also prevent … Read More