Hong Kong Loses Title of Largest Real Estate Market

Hong Kong has just lost its claim to being the largest real estate market in the world in 2019. It has shifted down two spots, with Japan and South Korea taking the first two spots respectively. The report came from Real Capital Analytics, a firm that collects data.  The ascendance of Japan and South Korea is not unthinkable. In 2018, … Read More

Who Let The Rats Out?

On Saturday, according to the Chinese zodiac, it will be the Year of the Rat (although some people are now translating it as ‘mouse’) – I guess it depends on the lobby, LOL According to tradition, the zodiac rat (and all born under this sign) is smart, shrewd, and lucky – there are a lot of comments that I could … Read More

Major HK Government Change a First Since Start of Protests

The Chinese government has changed Hong Kong’s top liaison. This change is the first major government change since the protests started last year. Just as the new year rolled in, the Chinese government made their first significant change to Hong Kong’s government. Wang Zhimin, their top representative to Hong Kong coming into the year, was replaced with Luo Huining.  The … Read More

Hong Kong Malls to be Flooded by Protesters

Hong Kong protesters have said that they will be trashing malls during the Christmas season. This was in response to the Hong Kong government not acquiescing to their demands. The protests have been happening for quite a while in Hong Kong. It started because of the extradition bill that the China and Hong Kong government decided on. However, the protests’ … Read More

China Eyes Macau as Next Hong Kong

China is eyeing Macau as its financial center akin to Hong Kong. It is no secret what has been happening in Hong Kong over the past few months. Protests have been raging ever since the extradition was brought onto the table. Since then, protests have been escalating at a maddening pace.  With how crazy it has gotten, the world has … Read More

The Turkeys are a-Clucking

My wife has suggested, make that strongly suggested, that I make these articles shorter….I replied that our name is Little but there is lots of news! 😊 All kidding aside, this column is starting to have a serious impact on my time. I don’t think any of you realize exactly what it takes to collect apparently important material, winnow it … Read More

Asian Markets Weaken Over Trump’s Signing of Hong Kong Bill

The position of Asian markets have just weakened. This happened right after United States President Donald Trump signed the Hong Kong bill supporting the protesters. Several Asian markets were affected by the bill’s signing. Apart from China, it also affected Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea.  The decreasing was held to less than one percent for each market. The biggest … Read More

Hong Kong’s Rich Planning Escape Routes for Their Money

The rich citizens of Hong Kong are planning escape routes for their money. Several banks are reporting on some activity from Hong Kong’s rich. There are rumblings from the biggest banks and bankers. They say that the wealthy and affluent of Hong Kong are opening several offshore accounts. This is the response if the protests get way out of hand.  … Read More

US Senators Pass Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act

Senators from the United States have passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. Under this act, sanctions are allowed to be placed on individuals who are threatening the autonomous nature of Hong Kong. When the Senate of the United States got together, the decision was unanimous. There wasn’t much to think about when passing this bill. Their goal … Read More

US Fast Tracks Hong Kong Bill

The United States is fast tracking their Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. This is being done due to the increasing violence of the prolonged protests. The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act seeks to help Hong Kong as a whole. The target of the bill is to punish any people who have violated Hong Kong’s autonomy from … Read More