8 Reflections After Re-Entering Amazon FBA and E-Commerce

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Since we are in transition on the show schedules (moving to 4 podcasts a month and the e-commerce gladiator on Tuesdays) I couldn’t get a call in time with Roland as per usual – so I’m going to go through some solo reflections on what we have been learning and what I am noticing in Amazon FBA in 2018.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Private Label Still Takes Time!

    Sure, we could have started with no branded items, maybe would have been faster- but like what we are building.

  • Picking a Category vs Various Products

    Still like category / niche versus a whole bunch of random products that data shows can sell well.

  • Amazon Customers Feel Like gods

    Seriously they have all the leverage and they know it!

  • Still Believe It Is All About Brand

    While I worry about competition, still believe long term value is in the brand, and still believe Amazon is the best place to launch it. Unless unique enough for Kickstarter.

  • Leveraging a Lot of Skills I Use in The Global From Asia content world

    At least for the off-Amazon part – blog writers, web, social media posting, systems. My course Scale By outsourcing put to the test again.

  • Building a New Team Is the Biggest Investment

    Seriously, that is where a lot of the time has been spent.

  • It is About Consistency

    Just like anything in life, need to put in the work daily.

  • Excited to leverage my network

    Colombia coffee, more partners, more leverage.

  • Feedback appreciated

    Send us your feedback – blog@globalfromasia.com

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 18:37

So there you have it – Mike on the Mic solo. We are in a transition on the show schedule. Roland and team will be on the next one ready to share as always. Keep on pushing!

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