Are you in the company setup and financial industry? Looking for cross promotions and people to partner up with?

Great, Global From Asia is looking for quality companies in the space to make long term relationships with.

Introducing Our Reseller Program

First, for those not sure what a reseller is – let’s dig in. A reseller is a partner company who offers our products and/or services to their clients as part of their service offering. When their client confirms and pays, they receive the money and then pay us a discounted reseller price.

Why do we offer this? Because we know we can’t reach everyone in the market. We’d rather have our reseller partners who have these client relationships be able to offer this to their customer base and earn money. Win win long term is our motto!

Want to offer our services to your clients while still being able to deal with the client service – then this is for you. Note: Looking instead looking to refer us the client and earn a commission? Please then check out our Affiliate program as that is more suitable for you.

What Are Some Of Our Typical Resellers?

Still considering joining our reseller program? Let’s discuss some of our current resellers:

  • Accountants

    Are you an accountant in America, and have clients who want to open up a business in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia? Don’t have the expertise or time to learn how to do it. Perfect, you can offer this service to your client and then we’ll help you implement it.

  • Lawyers

    Are you a lawyer in the corporate law space? Have a client who wants to setup in Hong Kong – perfect! Add that to your list of services and when they sign up, we will help you take care of the rest!

  • Incorporation consultants

    Specializing in helping people find the right place to do their business? Or an expert who does consulting sessions and private membership offerings. You’re a great reseller, you can offer this to your clients and increase your revenues!

  • Business Coaches

    Helping an entrepreneur take their business to the next level? Why not offer them the actual service of setting up the company. Package it up with your coaching service and we can take care of the details.

  • Manufacturing Rep / Sourcing Agency

    Do you help clients source from China? Maybe a new client doesn’t yet have a Hong Kong company. We’d love to work with you on get him him (or her) up to speed! Offer the service from your own business and we can take care of the nitty gritty.

  • Amazon consultant

    Tons of businesses are going on Amazon. Maybe they’re not based in USA and need a place to setup their company. Hong Kong is a top choice, offer this to them, and we can help you implement.

And so many more! If you’re offering a service to clients about business, international or incorporation services, I’m sure we can make a deal.

Potential For Joint Ventures!

Once we’re official reseller partners, let’s look into doing a joint venture together! Global From Asia would love to support you on introducing this to your client base. There is a lot of room and opportunity for more synergies.

You can do it as a special offer to your clients. We can set aside the time to work with you on making a great JV (joint venture) offer. This can be for you to email out or create a full marketing campaign around.

We have our team of designers and copywriters ready and waiting for great reseller joint venture opportunities. It’s all about making the pie bigger and helping quality companies and resellers reach new heights in their business!

We Can Be A Reseller For You

While today’s offering we focus on your company reselling our services, we’re definitely open to doing the same for you.

Many of our clients are across the globe. Often it comes up they need a product or service in a country where we have no representation. If we are in a reseller relationship with your firm, we could refer them over to you.

Why not? The client needs the help, we have a good relationship. Again, we’re working on long term win-win alliances with partner agencies around the globe.

Contact us for more details on how we can make it happen, it is on a case by case basis.

Apply Now To Be a Reseller!

So you’re sold on being a reseller? Why not take advantage and offer our services to your clients. We keep quality of service as the top priority at our agency, and you’ll be happy you did this! Earn more money from your clients, and less headaches.

Contact us to apply, and mention you want to be a reseller. Once approved, we will send you our marketing materials for resellers. You can re-brand them to match your firm, or leave them as is. There will be the pricing list as well, which will be a reseller price so that you have room to match our retail rates and earn your fair share.

Once in the program, you’ll be on our reseller mailing list and will get alerts about new offerings and updates.