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Global Reach Partners: Leading Foreign Exchange Specialist

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Global reach partners focused on foreign exchange. Their in-depth knowledge and expertise helped their clients to achieve a better result. They provide a variation of perspective that makes their clients completely understand the process.

They take full responsibility to their clients informed decisions through providing them informations that are up-to-date with the market fluctuations.

Global reach partners, an intelligent foreign exchange.

Corporate Services provided by Global Reach Partners

They deliver strategies that are effective in all market conditions. Their solutions helps you reduce currency risks. Manage your business best with them!

Spot Forex

Spot contracts enable you to take advantage of the exchange rate and immediately transfer it in a short timescale. You can settle any transactions faster. You can trade on the phone or online.

Forward Contracts

This feature allows you to plan ahead to fix an amount of currency to a predetermined date on the future. You will have the certainty regardless of any currency fluctuations. Once the time period is fixed, you will be able to withdraw the funds of any amount.

Types of forward contracts:

  • Fixed Date Forward:  This allows you to agree an exchange rate on one or more specified dates that will fit in an agreed payment plan with a foreign supplier.
  • Flexible Forward: It allows you to drawdown on your hedging rate at any time for any amount. This only means that you can use the currency at the most convenient time for your business.
Market Orders

Global reach partners provide an advanced instructions for bought and sold currencies. It helps you save time in constantly monitoring volatile exchange rates.

Types of orders:

  • Limit orders: These orders are utilized to have a better exchange rate and maximize the return of the foreign exchange transactions. This market order aims to take the advantage of spikes in rate.
  • Stop loss orders: This type of market order is made to protect the buyers from negative rate fluctuations that can detract the targeted hedging levels or costed levels.

Features of orders:

  • Good til Cancelled (GTC): You can cancel your orders anytime as long as the agreed rate has not been reached.
  • One Cancels Other (OCO): It regulates both the limit orders and stop loss orders. When the limit order has reached its corresponding orders.
Option Products

Option products help you manage currency risk that is appropriate for your business.

  • Participating forward: This product provides a 100% protection, and does not require an upfront premium payment. The favourable market moves 50% of the requirement rate for your benefit. However, margin calls may require payment.
  • Vanilla protection: You do not have to worry with unfavourable exchange rate movements. You are given the right to buy a predetermined amount of currency at a specific price on specific dates. However, this product requires an upfront premium payment.

Other Services provided by Global Reach Partners

Through their sister company, FC Exchange, they offer personal currency exchange.

Personal Foreign Exchange

It is a fully-tailored foreign exchange service that enables people to transfer money abroad for their pensions, house purchases, and other transactions. Aside from their best rate guarantee, they guide you through the international money transfer process and the latest market news.

You can open an account for personal transfers or business transfers.


Recommend our service and become one of our valued and trusted partners. Aside from strengthening your client relationships, you can also benefit from the additional revenue stream. They have three options for partnerships. You can choose what will fit to your business.



  • Introducer: When you introduce us to individuals and businesses, you will earn a commission with every transaction they make. You will be updated with their process.
  • Partnership: You will adopt a shared marketing approach through contents and other offered materials. You will be paid commission on a fee-based and percentage basis.
  • Affiliate: You will be paid through a cost-per-acquisition with a full support and dedication to maintain strong communication. You should have the knowledge and relevant target audience to invite traffic and client acquisition.

Sign up now with Global reach partners!

Sign up now with Global reach partners! You will be offered market-leading exchange rates, personalized hedging strategies, and treasury management solutions!


Global Reach Partners: Leading Foreign Exchange Specialist
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