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NordVPN: Secures Your Privacy Online

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NordVPN introduces you the internet world without any borders. They give you the freedom, advanced security, and complete privacy.

Available NordVPN Server Locations

You can choose for over 4,500 servers worldwide. You do not have to worry on which server to choose. There are 62 countries that provides the fastest VPN experience and better connection to any used device. NordVPN covers each continent except for Antartica.

There are 2,137 servers you can choose from America.

You can select over 2,030 servers from Europe.

You can choose from 369 servers located in Asia Pacific.

There are  54 servers that you can pick from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

What is the recommended server by NordVPN?

The smart algorithm of NordVPN highly recommends Hong Kong #57 server for you!

With this Hong Kong server you will experience a true freedom online! The following features will enhance your freedom experience:

  • They offer the most advanced encryption to ensure the security of your data.
  • There is no bandwidth throttle.
  • Sensitive and important personal information are kept private.
  • It is optimized for secure P2P sharing.
  • It is friendly for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Why use Hong Kong server in NordVPN?

It secures your WiFi connection. In public WiFi connections, its level of security is unknown. Thus, it is important to be careful when sharing and accessing sensitive data. But, you do not have to worry with NordVPN because it gives you a safe access online. It provides security on the Internet traffic with its military-grade encryption. It is guaranteed that there is no hacker that can tamper your personal and private information.

Protects your privacy anywhere. We know, you carry your smartphone everywhere. Thus, NordVPN had the idea of securing your phone anywhere you go. There are native apps offered for both iOS and Android. These apps are easy to use and it protects your Internet data with military-grade encryption.

Share files privately. There are no bandwidths limit of P2P activities. It allows you to connect to a number of optimized servers that can secure your online activities.

Prevent online tracking. In Hong Kong, most residents are concerned with their privacy because there are no government agencies that provides a protocol to follow request on the users’ data from IPS. NordVPN is concerned with that, thus, they protect your privacy with their military-grade encryption.

However, you can also try other serves that you might be interested.

Unthrottled stream? Enjoy it with NordVPN

Around the world, it is undeniable that online media streaming has now become our source of everyday entertainment. Why not? The online media has a wide selection of media content that without any doubt will make you bored. It goes from TV episodes, movies, shows, music, radio, documentaries, and much more!

However, traffic, throttle, or bandwidth is a major problem of many Internet users. Many ISPs throttle bandwidths to prevent congestion and regulate Internet traffic. It is unfair for the users, they did not pay for constant buffering.

Thus, NordVPN made a solution for it. They offer a solution that can bypass the limitations and enjoy your favorite media streaming without any interruptions. How do they do this? They replace your IP address by redirecting your Internet traffic through a remote server. It makes your online activities invisible.

What makes this feature happier? It allows you to have an ultimate freedom by allowing 6 devices to connect under one account! Moreover, you can use your account to secure your router, making all of your devices connected and protected in one network.

NordVPN Plan Subscription

What are the features included in the plan?

  • No logs policy
  • Global network
  • P2P allowed
  • Onion Over VPN
  • Blazing Speeds
  • Easy to Use
  • Kill Switch
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Double encryption
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Friendly Support 24/7
  • Plan cancellation anytime

How much is the NordVPN plan?

1 month plan for $11.59 a month. You do not have a saving from this plan.

1 year plan for $5.75 a month. You are billed $69.00 every year. You can save 52% from this plan.

2 year plan for $3.29 a month. You are billed $79.00 every 24 months. You can save 72% from this plan.

It is recommended to get the 2 year plan. You can save and enjoy more from it! Do not worry! They have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


NordVPN: Secures Your Privacy Online
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