Let’s Partner! Add Your Service To Our Marketplace

Do you sell services to business owners to help them in the Asia market? From logistics to marketing companies, we connect our audience of entrepreneurs and business experts to a vetted marketplace of service providers.

We regularly get requests from podcast listeners and blog readers asking for services in the Asia market – and we have found the best way to capture their business is to give them an easy way to see the service details, price, and being able to pay online via credit card.

So let’s work together. Make a service package that you can list on our marketplace, and we’ll work together to introduce this to our audience. Share in the profits, and make a long term win-win relationship.

Please note, we put our audience first – we will do proper background checks on your business and ensure that you take “good care” of our network. Therefore, we will review your application (below) and contact you with more questions. This is to ensure that we continue to keep the trust and relationship with the business owners needing quality service providers.

Get on the ground floor on this growing marketplace, and lock in a special offer before we get backlogged!

Service Provider Application