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This is the place to be if you are just getting setup. 

You may have a company already in another country, or doing business in your personal name - this is the right place for you if you want to incorporate and operate a new business entity.

Browse various services you may need in your setup process.

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Hong Kong Business Setup Services

From setting up the company, to bookkeeping optimization, to audits and crazy forms, Global From Asia can help you out!

Hong Kong Company Setup

HK Company Setup

Looking to get started with your Hong Kong company? Want to work with pros you can trust.

Banking help in Hong Kong

Bank Assistance

Want some professional help preparing for HK banks? Let us help you with the banking and financial system.

Private consulting call

Private 1 on 1 Call

Not sure where to start and just want a private call, this is for you!

China Business Services

Venturing into Mainland China for your business? Global From Asia can help assist you in various ways.

Hong Kong Company Setup

China Company Setup

We work alongside you to establish your business in China from start to finish.

China Starter Package

China Starter Pack

Get on the fast track to Chinese business with our China starter package.

Chinese Business Assistant

China Business Assistant

Chinese business assistants to help you with thing such as Translation of documents and factory sourcing.

Consulting Packages

For those that want personalized advise on your specific situation on business in China or Hong Kong.

Private consulting call

Private 1 on 1 Call

Not sure where to start and just want a private call, this is for you!

Global Business Booster Pack

Ready To Play Ball?

Doing business in your home country, but not sure if you’re ready to go international?

China Business Booster Pack

China Super Starter!

Looking to crack the Chinese market? Want to review your strategy + get plugged in fast, here you are!


HK Supercharged

Hong Kong Supercharged

Complete textbook for someone opening their Hong Kong company for the first time or at the beginning stages.

Destination China

Destination China

Written to the “young Mike”, the big eyed Western entrepreneur venturing over to China to strike gold buying from factories.

China Startup

China Startup

Tempted to conquer the China dragon and do an internet startup in China? Entrepreneur’s experience with actionable tips to learn from

Global From Asia’s Core Values


An educated client is our best client. You should be aware of the paperwork you are signing and comfortable you are making the correct decision for your long term business strategy.


Businesses need to pursue long term value creation. In our pursuit of excellence, we want to work with the best clients in the top of their respective industries.


We will lose money in the short term in order to hold up our credibility. In it for the long term, we want clients to feel safe and confident we are working in their best interests.


Like education, we want the client to understand what they are signing. Even if it makes more work for our agency, having clear pricing separating government and banking fees from our own, we do it.
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