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Businesses of all sizes are now going global from day one. The internet and globalization have given us an amazing opportunity to step up to the plate and open ourselves up to customers (and competitors) from all corners of the globe. Sitting back in your home country and hoping everything will work out may work at the beginning, but you need to have a global plan.

You need to go global, from day 1. No more excuses. Period.

Why Did I Start Global From Asia?

I remember first landing in Hong Kong airport in 2007, with no idea where to go. I was lucky I had a couple university friends who were local Hong Kongers to pick me up at the airport and let me stay at their home. They were locals and didn’t understand how or why a foreigner would come here to do business. Getting mixed advice from so many people, I fumbled around and figured it out and improved as I went.

From expats bar talk, to smokey Chinese offices, to on the ground learning by making mistakes, I have pieced together all my knowledge and put it into Global From Asia. I hope and pray this saves you some of my hardship I went through.

Mike, Wendy, Miles, and Maggie

For years I would learn and share tips about growing my international business from Asia from close groups of friends and business travelers. Even when I started this Global From Asia podcast (finally) in 2013, there was a lack of clear and direct information online about starting a Hong Kong business. Sure, there are English-language government websites, and a bunch of consultants sharing pieces of information with the pitch to contact them for their services, but nothing that was a neutral and informative source.

This is what I hope to achieve with Global From Asia. I want to be an unbiased, no B.S. source of information for you to open, operate, and grow your international business from Asia. And even if you’re not planning to do it from Asia, much of the information and interviews are fun and informative from anywhere in the world.

How You Can Get Started Going Global!

As the Global From Asia site has grown, I have incorporated a few ways for you to get the most from the site with some options below:

Some may already have a business set up and want to skip the mini-course — no problem. But I do recommend you sign up for the email series so you get our weekly newsletter, I’ll also give you a free “Hong Kong Cheat sheet” once you sign up below. Newsletters will include news about Asia business and other interesting trends I see happening, as well as the latest podcast and blogs from the Global From Asia site.

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You probably are overwhelmed with all the content on the site and wondering where to start. Here is a breakdown of some of the more popular content in various sections:


Learn about company setup, banking, taxes, and corporate upkeep. Podcast interviews and blogs to help guide you.

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Want to re-locate to another country? Asia on your radar? Traveling here on business, we have some tips for you!

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Take Part in the Global From Asia Program

If you have gone through the first few steps and all the content, you will already have a wealth of knowledge under your belt. But here is where I put it all on a silver platter in a step-by-step actionable plan and guide you can use for years to come. It is also a great way to show your appreciation for the content here and you will forever have my thanks.

Want Us To Do The Service For You?

Maybe you’re a busy entrepreneur, believe me I know! You want to work with a company in Hong Kong you know and trust.

Well, we are a fully registered agent to do your Hong Kong Company setup!

We’ll take care of everything and you can rest assured it is done to the highest quality. We can also help with a whole menu of other consulting services if you want to check out the list. No pressure, when you’re ready, we’ll be here!

Even More Services To Help You

We have opened up to the community! We have a few ways you can connect with service providers and other companies in the GFA ecosystem by picking from below:

I Really Appreciate You!

I really want to thank you for coming to the Global From Asia site, going through the content, and, most of all, taking action in making your international business a reality. I enjoy hearing from readers and podcast listeners about their progress in this difficult journey; please comment on the posts you like or have questions on. It also makes me really happy when readers share their favorite posts with their social media circles.

I wish you all the luck in your global business from Asia. Please, come along with me for the ride, and remember what Hellen Keller says – life is a daring adventure or nothing. So let’s enjoy it.

Yours Truly,

Mike Michelini

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