Chinese Internet Tech Business Tips with Richard Robinson

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GFA061. Episode 61 today, thanks everyone for checking in, hope my fellow Americans listening today had a good Thanksgiving holiday last week, I myself kept it simple and joined a friend at his place and had “turkey in a bag” which sounds pretty disgusting but tastes pretty amazing! And I’m thankful for you guys, listening to today’s podcast and those who are taking action and improving their businesses in Asia!

Steps To Start Your Chinese E-Commerce Business with Frank Lavin

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GFA058. Episode 58, yes! This number is getting bigger and more serious, loving it! So the book, hong Kong business supercharged has been amazing first week, I haven’t pushed it too much besides the podcast and an email but I am so excited not just buying it – but enjoying it and sending me feedback and saying that it has helped them – Mike “the greek” is a good friend I met in Shanghai and he has told me how amazing the podcast has been and the book is already helping him so much, and that is what is most important to me…it really motivates me to keep podcasting, keep blogging, keep writing – so thanks Mike the Greek and everyone else!

Choosing a Product Category For Your Import, Export Business in China with Deepak Madnani

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GFA057. Thank you everyone for tuning in – I am so excited to announce I have released the book Hong Kong Business Supercharged – almost 8 years doing business in Asia, 1 year of doing these podcasts, 4 months writing it, and have prepared a nice sales page on to check out- there are 3 packages to choose from for various budgets and needs. Kept my word getting it out by November 1st and had to spend the last couple days building up to it full time on preparing – but it feels so amazing that it is on the market and already getting good feedback from people, so please check it out and let me know what you think!

On the Ground China Tips for Entrepreneurs with Marcus Maher

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GFA055. Happy Tuesday morning everyone, I’ve never officially stated it, but this show has been sticking to a weekly release on every Tuesday morning 10am Hong Kong time. Occupy Central is still going on and I have been blogging a bit more lately in addition to this podcast, you can read my article about my feelings on it at – try to not get political, but I can’t keep silent about it anymore as it affects me, this show, and my business so much!

Running E-Commerce in China from Shanghai, with a Splash of Fashion with Tiffany Ma

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GFA039. I have been doing some serious traveling in China, was just in Chengdu last weekend for Startup weekend there, back to Shenzhen for a day to spend time w/ my Chinese family and newborn baby and then to where I am currently in Shanghai, China for conferences, meetings, and Startup weekend this weekend. Next week once back down in South its off to Guangzhou for more baby paperwork (certificate of birth abroad pickup) and then Hong Kong for some business deals. Just feel like life in China is so much more intense!

Running a Kickstarter From China and Asia with Joe Constanty

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GFA036. Thanks everyone for tuning in again this week! I’ve been working hard on updating the website this past week, making a free eBook how to Supercharge your Hong Kong company. If you guys are interested please go to the site and pop in your email to get the teaser card, and when the book is complete you’ll get you copy free!