10 Things You Need To Know About China Sourcing

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Looking to make your first order from a Chinese factory? Or maybe you’re currently doing it and still crossing your fingers that it is going along well. Here are some tips I have learned over the years from my own experience and experts in the field. Find out some really helpful tips for sourcing in China.

USA Government Programs for Exporting & Selling American Products Internationally with Bryson and Paul

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GFA049. Thank you everyone for tuning into Global From Asia episode 49! Man, almost 1 year doing this – I am so pumped, recording today’s introduction after an amazing first Mastermind call with 6 other amazing business people, all first time to ever be on a mastermind call – I know it’s a strange/intimidating name but the idea is it is a 1 hour call – we use Google hangouts and go around the room introducing each other and helping each other achieve our business goals – so our first call had a wide range of people, mostly already in Asia – and we helped Gerard in the Netherlands on the hot seat as we helped him hash it out if it is worth him setting up a Hong Kong business for his China sourcing to Europe business http://www.betafresh.com/ as he is getting information overload and a bit conflicting news about the costs and he is also wondering the yearly costs to maintain it. I’ll have a show next week more about that as others are asking too!