Logistics Companies in Hong Kong

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Wanting to learn all about HK logistics companies? There are hundreds of logistics companies in Hong Kong you can choose from, but to help you choose which company best suits you, make sure to take note of these characteristics you need to look for in a logistics company.

Shipping & Logistics Options from China & Hong Kong with Nick Bartlett

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GFA129. Today’s show, we have Nick Bartlett to talk about shipping and logistics from China and Hong Kong. Nick’s sales force is qualified as freight consultants – their services expand across all different methods of shipping and advice. Find out more about shipping and logistics HK and China more. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/episode129.

Overview of Hong Kong Warehousing and Logistics with Danny Sung

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GFA041. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day and ready to learn more about Hong Kong business! Episode 41 today and I’m going to start off our show today with a new iTunes review from Roffo in Australia:

“If you’re thinking of basing your business out of Hong Kong but don’t know where to start look no further than Mike’s terrific podcast!

He focuses each show on one aspect of running a business from the region, the perks of doing so (hello SE Asia travel) and debunks the myth that a HK based company is just for big international corporations. He also feats special guests who draw upon their real world experience.

There are too few good resources for starting a business from Asia, so finding Mike’s podcast has been a gem for me. Highly recommended”.