Some Updates and Future Developments for Global From Asia

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Many people have asked what is the next move for Global From Asia. Approaching 3 years now since we started this podcast, it has gotten quite interesting. We have written a book Hong Kong Supercharged along with a video training program. There are constant messages from people who learn a lot from the podcasts and we couldn’t be happier! We … Read More

Buying a Hong Kong Owned Chinese Company Out of the Box

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We have heard a lot about buying a shelf company in Hong Kong, this is common talk in the blogosphere. But have we heard about buying a Hong Kong company that has a Chinese WFOE (Wholly foreign owned entity) with it? Today, we will dig into this, why you would consider buying a Chinese company, and what you need to do.

Sales Lead Generation Differences in Asia from New York City with Gilbert Joa

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GFA125. In this podcast episode, we will be talking about sales and marketing! What a lot of us need but often ignore and focus on other things. Gilbert Joa is here sharing his sales and marketing tactics. The show actually is extremely helpful – not only for Hong Kong and Asia – but anywhere in the world – so keep your notebooks out and let’s get listening! For full show notes, check out

Honored to Speak at the Global Sources Smart China Sourcing Summit

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I was asked to speak at the Global sources Smart China Sourcing Summit to discuss about various business structures for your Amazon FBA business. This article is about my topic of Hong Kong business structures.

I was the last speaker on the 3rd and final day of the summit, and I was talking about taxes! So how could I possibly keep everyone awake at the last session on such a dry topic.

Therefore, I worked as hard as I can to add some jokes and case studies, as well as add some wit to there conversation.