Global From Asia to Attend This Year’s CHat Conference in Shanghai

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CHat Conference is Back in Shanghai This September!

I’m excited to announce that the team at China Channel is bringing back their CHat conference! The dates have been released for Sept 21-22, 2017 followed by a Wechat App hackathon!

Had a Great Experience Last Year

Last September I ventured up to Shanghai, China to host a workshop on cross-border free trade zones in China at the conference, as well as had a booth and got to enjoy the conference.

Basically, everyone – at least foreigners / English speaking community of Chinese that is involved with the Chinese marketing space, specifically in Wechat (which, basically is Chinese marketing nowadays, let’s face it) is at this conference. I got to meet Thomas from Walk The Chat, as well as a host of others in the industry.

My favorite part was I could catch up with a ton of them and interview them on my various podcasts – most of the shows were recorded for China Business Cast, but we also got some in for this Global From Asia podcast. Because the theme is more specific on into China business – the content is more suitable for China Business Cast. I met the guys from other podcasts like Ryan from China Startup Pulse, and the Chinaccelerator team (I’m an alumni of batch 3 in 2012!)

Schedule For This Year’s CHat Conference

So the event is on a Thursday and Friday, September 21 and 22, 2017. Same venue as last year, which is a rooftop venue with about half indoors and half outdoors.

We Will Have a Global From Asia Shanghai Meetup The Night Before – on Wednesday Sept 20

What is even more excited is the night before the CHat conference, the crew at Global From Asia will be having a meetup to talk about e-commerce – both into China as well as of course our passion – export from China.

It will be a fun meetup starting at 7pm and going till 9pm with networking after.

This is our first Global From Asia meetup in Shanghai, and even months in advance we have been getting positive response to it.

Register for our GFA Shanghai meetup here.

Support China Channel & Sign up for The Chat Conference Today!

The team at China Channel has been very supportive of the efforts here at Global From Asia and we want to show our support. Matt Brennan was a popular speaker at our Cross Border Summit this past April, 2017 (our second annual conference) and we hope to continue to support each other’s causes.

Shanghai is also the center of Chinese marketing, especially for foreigners – heck – half the time you forget you are even in China! It is a great excuse for me to come up from Shenzhen – and I hope to meet some of you there!

Global From Asia Readers – enjoy a 10% discount

We have a special offer for you guys – a 10% coupon code for the conference. When using the code, please choose the correct ticket booking platform.

Yes, there are 2 ticket booking systems.

As this is China – we have to have special ticket formats.

So the CHat conference has 2 ways to sign up for tickets:

If you want to signup from inside the Chinese firewall and use Chinese Yuan (RMB) go here

If you want to signup on the international event page and pay in US dollars go here

1 Day: 488 Early Bird, 788 Normal
2 Day: 688 Early Bird, 1,088 Normal
Workshop: 388 Early Bird, 588 Normal
Everything pass: 1,488 Early Bird, 588 Normal 2,188

Mike Michelini’s Discount CodeCoupon Code: GLOBAL

Discount: 10%
Expiration Date: September 22, 2017

Any questions, the team at China Channel is more than happy to help – and me and the whole Global From Asia team is super excited to see CHat conference back in Shanghai! I’m packing my bags already 😉