Make Your Amazon FBA Business a Reality

Join our hands on, intensive bootcamp to build your e-commerce business


Jan 1 - Mar 31, 2018

Start the year with a bang

Hong Kong

Right in the heart of HK

12 Weeks

Learn & take action in your FBA business

The Program

In the bootcamp, we work together through all the pieces necessary to launch on Amazon FBA


Work together to find the right product to start with.


Differentiate your product to stand out.

Product Development

Get the manufacturing sorted and smooth.

Seller Central

Get your Amazon FBA account in order.

Listing Optimization

Create a listing that drives keywords and converts.


Introduce your product to the world, with a bang!

The Program

Here is a taste of what to expect in this 3 month (12 week) bootcamp.

The Global From Asia Bootcamp gives you the goal to launch your Amazon FBA business.



Get to know the other founders and get comfortable with the working environment.

Product Research

Not sure what you will sell, here we will dig deep into finding the right product for your business.

Branding & Positioning

We are building a brand here. Let’s make sure we differentiate our product enough to stand out from the rest.

Samples & Manufacturing

Sourcing Products, Ordering Samples: Time to find the right product! Let’s get some sourcing going, and order samples to the Naked Hub Shenzhen office for us to review.

Seller Central Account

Opening Amazon Seller Central Account – let’s get the seller central account, start to prepare our listing, product photos, and more.

Place Manufacturing Order

Let’s make it happen! We have the goal to have production going for our products and let’s do it together.

Launch Your New Brand

Get the exposure and boost you need when getting your product to market.


The Bootcamp

The program is an intensive 3 month (12 week) program in Hong Kong to build you and your Amazon FBA business to a reality.

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Here’s what Global From Asia event attendees have to say

“This day is amazing so far, such amazing speakers, I have learnt a lot of Amazon stuff today, you CANNOT miss this event next April!

Check out Global From Asia #crossbordersummit”

Chris Davey
Amazon Seller in Zhuhai, China

“I had the pleasure of attending the Cross Border Summit early this year. I was super impressed by Mike and the whole team from Global From Asia put together.

What you’ll get is a diverse range of speakers and attendees from around the world. What I got most out of it was the networking.

After the event I was able to create a lot of business opportunities as well as friends. And that can be a very important thing when doing business in China and I found that hugely invaluable.

So apart from that, I recommend attending next year’s event, I know I have it on my calendar.”

Kai Law
Amazon Seller from Aukland, New Zealand

Backed By Pros

We work with the best in the industry to make this bootcamp top notch.


The GFA (Global From Asia) Bootcamp is a new program to put all the knowledge, network, and services for building an e-commerce business in motion to allow participants to make their product brand ideas a reality. The bootcamp’s goal is each team launches their Amazon FBA business at the end of the bootcamp.

About Global From Asia – Global From Asia is a cross-border e-commerce platform and community that was established in 2013 to simplify international business mysteries and level the playing field.

About naked Hub – Named Hub is APAC’s largest coworking space operator, backed y USD 33M funding, with 12 hubs in China, 2 in Hong Kong, and 24-30 new locations in the pipeline across China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other key Souteast Asian cities in the next 12 months.

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The Global From Asia Bootcamp is a collaboration between naked Hub and Global From Asia