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Since 2016, Global From Asia has been hosting the Cross Border Summit, Cross Border Matchmaker, and many other business trips, workshops, and special events.


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Meet Cross Border Experts

GFA’s network is all about cross-border e-commerce and Amazon FBA

Dima Anashkin

Ecommerce Entrepreneur, Former Partner at Valuelink

Being a 7-figure seller in Ecommerce with several brands in Japan, Germany and US. He offers a consultation service to amazon sellers, and was also a former partner of ValueLink. Other projects he worked on at ValueLink involve Market Research and Business development.
Meet Dima At Cross Border Matchmaker 2018 in Shenzhen, China

Hey Guys, what's going on? My name is Dima. I'm from

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Michael Michelini

Podcast host and blogger

Mike is the host of the Global From Asia podcast. He deeply enjoys sharing knowledge and connecting hard working, global business owners from around the world.

American social media & E-Commerce & SEO specialist being China since late 2007 a true business connector. He is passionate to help companies do business in China, and help Chinese companies to grow in the overseas market.

Currently building a new e-commerce brand live on

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Wilson Blues

Founder, Banana Works

With over 10 years of export B2C e-commerce experience from China, Wilson Blues is a veteran at the game.

Learning how to build an international e-commerce business from inside Mainland China, Wilson has a unique perspective as a Chinese business owner going global while also understanding the Western mindset and business tactics.
Meet Wilson at the Cross Border Summit 2019 in Guangzhou, China

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Meir Simhi

CEO Brand Masters

Living in Shenzhen since 2007, Meir is an Israeli super-entrepreneur with rich background in E-commerce and web marketing.

Since 2014 he’s been running an e-commerce training program and digital strategy consulting agency to help entrepreneurs and companies build brands and establish a presence in the online environment.

Recently Meir has co-founded, an innovative B2B platform helping Makers and online sellers create better products in less time.
Meet Meir At Cross Border

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Zack Franklin

CEO of AMZ Kung Fu

Zack has ran two multi-million dollar companies in the last year and has spoken across China about Marketing, Amazon, and Sales. He currently is the Founder and CEO of AMZ Kung Fu which is a marketing agency aimed to help Chinese sellers in Shenzhen increase their sales and take their business to the next level.

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Simon Lim

CEO & Managing Partner of GoRemitHK

Simon is CEO and Managing Partner of GoRemitHK, Global citizen, startup entrepreneur and growth hacker based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
He started his career in Hewlett Packard and Schlumberger as consulting engineer.

After moving to Hong Kong, he managed one of the leading New Zealand regulated FX trading platform in backoffice and compliance operation before starting GoRemitHK.

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Glenn Ball

General Manager & Partner Nogogo Online Groceries & US Co shop

Glenn has 25 plus years of Food & Beverage experience including as Executive Chef for Gambaro Family Restaurants Brisbane and has contributed to numerous Food Reviews in daily press as well as TV and other Media. He was 1 of the Chefs chosen in Australia for Barilla Pasta Cook Book. As well as physically cooking he has consulted on many large food projects and assisted in lease negotiations with

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Davide Nicolucci

Founder & Director Growth Hack Consulting HK

Davide Nicolucci is a professional Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker since 2010. His international career covers various projects with multi-million dollar ecommerce companies in Europe, North America and Asia.

In 2017, after working for 2 years with top Amazon sellers based in China, he opened the first Marketing Agency for Amazon Sellers in Hong Kong: Growth Hack Consulting HK LTD whose clients are 6

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Daniella Santana

China Business Expert

Serial Entrepreneur | China Business Expert
International Trade Consultant | Startup Mentor | LinkedIn Trainer

Daniella is a serial entrepreneur and a China International trade Expert with over 10 years living in China and 13 working with China. She has worked for TOP logistics companies and managed operations in China for OEM/ODM manufacturing projects (purchasing, quality control, sourcing, logistics) for consumer products for European, American and Latin American companies.

Currently, Daniella is

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What People Are Saying About Us

“This day is amazing so far, such amazing speakers, I have learnt a lot of Amazon stuff today, you CANNOT miss this event next April!

Check out Global From Asia #crossbordersummit”

“More than grateful for the friends, the partner, the knowledge, and the willingness to share. I AM A REINVENTED WOMAN! and my business tells! Cheers to the success and happiness.”

“Holy Freaking Sh*T this Podcast is so AWESOME! I can’t believe I discovered this only after 5 years of living here in China. I wish I discovered it earlier. There’s no time to lose. I want to physically cram into my ear all of the episodes. If you want to get down and dirty on the operations side of things, this is the place.”

Chris Davey
Carol Zurita
Duke, Philippines

I’m Vicky and I’m from YKS Group. My company is a cross border e-commerce business in China. It is my first time in Cross border Summit. First of all it is a great chance to know the different people from different countries. A good chance to know what foreign people think of China.
- Vicky

Great insight from people on the ground

Michael could probably fill a podcast with just his own experiences and the guests he brings in just multiply that. My todo list of things to look into and books to read is growing with almost every episode, so this is indeed actionable advice.
- SjorsP

Mike helped me to write a business plan to show to the bank.

Everything was pretty easy from perspective of me handling it, I don’t really need to do anything. Mike helped me to write a business plan to show to the bank. I got the bank account right away. The incorporation just took us 1 day. I would recommend the service to anyone who wants to setup shop in Hong Kong.
- Julian – Entrepreneur from Germany

I bought Mike’s Supercharged book

All the information I needed in one place instead of googling stuff. The video just managed to saved me a lot of time. I would highly recommend this book to anybody.
- David from Austria

international business podcast with honest and real entrepreneurs

The Global from Asia podcast provides you with a great insight on different aspects of international business, my favorites consist of international trading and ecommerce. Not only does Michael come off as a genuine, trustworthy host – but he does a great job in choosing other like-minded genuine guest speakers who provide real world advice and stories that hit close to home. Their stories have motivated me to start getting involved with international business. I truly enjoy listening to the Global from Asia podcast and would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in international business or doing business with China.
- James Solis

Thanks Heaps For the Podcast

Hi Michael. My name is Narinda and i live in Australia. Looks like the global summit [correction: should be Cross Border Summit] was awesome. Its my dream to go to China and improve my Amazon business. I love your podcast so thank you heaps for that
- Narinda Sandry

What a Relief!

I was really worried. Do you know anyone that just exit Shenzhen, walk across the immigration to the HK side and then turn around to re-enter Shenzhen? I’m wondering if you can get away with that. Your blog is so great and informative. Thank you for doing that. It benefits so many people. You must have put a lot of work into doing it. I know how time consuming and difficult to write and maintain a blog.
- Silvia Comeau

Best Business Podcast for Entrepreneurs in China

I stumbled across the Global from Asia podcast by accident almost a year ago now and I’m very glad I did. I’ve listened to every episode since and have gained a huge amount of knowledge in the process. Michael provides an authentic and insightful view of business in China & Hong Kong, particularly for those within the entrepreneurial space, and his range of guests he interviews are always fascinating, bringing with them a fresh perspective on what can be a very complex region.
- ShaunCunningham

Your Site Is Wonderful

Reminds me a bit of but for Amazon in China, great stuff!! Thanks for what you’re doing, I’m a newbie for Amazon but selling on Alibaba, looking to expand into Amazon also. Taking notes and paying attention!
- Irv in Zhejiang

Hands down the best Podcast on how to do business out of China and Hong Kong!

Michael’s podcast is choc-full of great interviews with folks who either have set up their business in China or Hong Kong, or representatives from Companies based in China/HK that can help you. Each episode provides awesome advice and clever tips from the people who have already gone through the grind, made some mistakes – info that’ll help you navigate your way through the “maze” quickly and relatively stress free. From setting up a company and bank acccount in Asia, to international logistics (and tons more besides) this is an absolute, “must listen” podcast. 5 Stars from me.
- Chris at Hibermate

Thanks for Email Course

I also want to thank you for the Global from Asia podcast as I enjoy listening and find the blog fun, intriguing, and educational. I am now in a situation where I believe that a HK company might be right for me, however I greatly appreciate any advise. I am excited about the future and look forward to always learning and growing. I am not sure if this is the right email address to reply to but thank you and keep on keeping on.
- Eric

this is one podcast I’ve kept subscribing to!

I listen to a lot of podcasts: I have a habit of subscribing and unsubscribing after a couple of episodes, but this is one podcast I’ve kept subscribing to! It’s refreshing to hear an entrepreneur talking completely honestly with specific tips, advice about starting a business in China/Hong Kong/Asia. I know a lot of people are interested in setting up a company or doing business in this growing part of the world – there’s a lot of BS and out-dated advice out there but this podcast keeps it totally real. Highly recommend (and check out Michael Michelini’s books too – they continue the mix of personal journey plus actionable advice)
- AC8888HK in Hong Kong

A must listen if you are into ecommerce and sourcing from China

Thank you for the show! I have been following it for almost a year and always get out some very useful and practical informations that I was not able to find elsewhere. Also the variety and caliber of people being interviewed ensure that topics are revisited but always with a different angle. More of the same please!
- TomTom1300 from United Kingdom

Just Want to Say Thanks

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the great content. I started listening your GFA podcast because I am fairly advanced down the track of trying to producing an original multiple component product china (agent, samples, prototype etc). Something I have been working on for a while and am very passionate about. Hard work though. I stumbled into your GFAE series a couple of weeks ago and have found it to be a bit of an eye opener. Only up to ep. 21, can’t wait to see how it works out! I am still committed to finishing my product but am now looking seriously at getting some basic FBA action going as well (I hope the GFAE series has a happy ending!!!!). Keep up the good work, if things start to move perhaps I’ll even make it to a Cross Border event in the future. Cheers
- Iain

Thanks for The contacts and help

Was an invaluable experience, Mike helped guide me to the best decision for me and my companies, and the resources available in China and Hong Kong.” It was great to talk to you too! Yes, the information you provided was invaluable! Thank you so much for the introductions, I will follow up on them. Thank you for the contract, it’s greatly appreciated! I’ll be sure to keep it to myself. I look forward to joining the community of individuals trading in Asia!
- Matt Kowald

Resourceful and Super Fun!

I Love everything Michael produces. From his blogs, to his ebooks, to the Podcasts. Every time I read or listen to Micahel’s content I come out feeling more knowledgeable and ready to get back into the hustle of doing business with my Chinese counterparts. Excellent Podcast highly recommended!
- Omar Abu

A knowledgeable, humble host spills the beans on Hong Kong

Michael knows what he’s talking about. His expertise on Hong Kong is only matched by his humbleness about it. What he knows, he shares and what he doesn’t, he’s honest about. It makes his advice and voiced thoughts a lot more dependable than others who’s main objective is to only appear knowledgeable (even at the cost of authenticity or potential misinformation). If you’re thinking of doing business with Hong Kong and other places in the region, his podcast is a great place to get started.
- Karsten From Thailand

Must Listen to Podcast For China business

If you looking to do business in China or move to China this is the one podcast you need to listen to. Having been there for over 10 years Mike interviews a variety of guests from importing, exporting, hiring Chinese employees, Amazon FBA, cross border payments and setting up Hong Kong companies for tax advantages. This is your go to weekly digest in doing business in asia.
- Lawster101

So greatful for friendship

You need to go to China to meet this man. Or hear him on his podcasts, I guess. Michael is amazing. And does amazing things. Started building businesses in China in his 20’s and continues to do more and more epic things. He broke into the world of the unknown: MAINLAND CHINA through tenacity and a positive outlook- and helps other entrepreneurs figure it out too. I got to join him on a Trade Zone trip in Shenzhen and my world got even bigger and the dots continue to connect. It’s amazing what he is in the middle of and I’m grateful I got to be immersed in what China is becoming. Just you wait… Keep being you!
- Amy Elizabeth Call

Fabulous for all those NOT living in the US

Michaels podcast is one of the best. He provides a really different perspective than so many of the others that are very American centric and tend to revisit the same stuff. I have heard things on Global from Asia that I have never heard anywhere else and I’ve listened to over 1000 ecommerce and Amazon selling podcasts because of the guests he interviews. I always wish they were longer !!!!
- Mummarin from Australia

didn't expect Such Amazing value

My friend introduced himself to you last week in Irish Pub in Futian. I checked your YouTube channel and also your website and I can say that honestly, I didn’t expect so many motivational videos and blogs, which are truly helpful, since I’ve just moved to Shenzhen. People like you are much needed in today’s world, the ones that inspire and motivate people with their own stories. When things get tough, I will watch your videos again and again for sure. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for doing your best to help others. I wish you a lot of success with your work, I truly hope that your business will grow and become global.
- V.B.

Enjoyed your Video Course

I really enjoyed your video course [Hong Kong Supercharged]! Currently I am studying International Business Administration in Vienna. During my summer brake I am planning to go to Hong Kong. Your video course strengthened me in that decision! I am writing you in the hope that you could give me some tips how and where to start looking for an internship. What really interests me is the e-commerce business! I would appreciate some information or contacts from your side a lot! Drinking a beer with you in Hong Kong would be high on my agenda. Corresponding to the beer I would love to bring you a cigar from my last trip to Cuba. Enjoy your weekend! Best regard from Vienna
- Julius Möller

Keep Going!

Hey just fyi I got a your info from wechat. I encourage you to keep up the good work in the entrepreneurial community. Because people like myself are seeking genuine guidance and motivation. I’m great out of college and working abroad I’m looking to ecommerce to emancipate me from the rat race. Thanks again!
- Jon Marc

You Need to Listen to this

Thinking of starting up in HK? then Listen to this A huge amount of in depth information on a wide range of topics – all from people who have set up businesses in HK. High quality interviewees and honest advice that all rings true. Listen to this to whisk yourself along the learning curve.
- Max Martin

Helping Find Quality Staff In HK

It (GFA Jobs) was extremely helpful! I was able to connect to people I never could reach from Japan. I was able to do everything remotely. I just had to fly to Hong Kong and I was able to find a great new staff thanks to GFA Jobs.
- Davide Rossi, CEO of Go Go World

Great time at Hua Qiang Bei Tour

The HQB Tour is interesting particularly on how e-commerce is connecting directly into suppliers at Hua Qiang Bei.
- James Martin – Consultant for supply chain and management

Fun & Educational Experience On the Tour

I came across the event that Michael posted for Shenzhen. We do the whole tour, the whole day. They organize very well. We went to Hua Quiang Bei, the electronics market and it’s super impressive.
- Mareike Popp, Startup Grind Germany

Thanks for Legal Advice Podcast

People really enjoyed this podcast, thank you Edward for being an awesome lawyer and sharing amazing legal advice This was very interesting. I really would have appreciated alot if I can get the template, if that’s possible. Read it and found very useful. Where can I get it?
- Phatari

This Podcast Rocks

Holy Freaking Sh*T this Podcast is so AWESOME! I can’t believe I discovered this only after 5 years of living here in China. I wish I discovered it earlier. There’s no time to lose. I want to physically cram into my ear all of the episodes. If you want to get down and dirty on the operations side of things, this is the place.
- Duke

I'm A Re-Invented Woman!

More than grateful for the friends, the partner, the knowledge, and the willingness to share. I AM A REINVENTED WOMAN! and my business tells! Cheers to the success and happiness.
- Carol Zurita
This day is amazing so far, such amazing speakers, I have learnt a lot of Amazon stuff today, you CANNOT miss this event next April! Check out Global From Asia #crossbordersummit
- Chris Davey

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