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“Holy Freaking Sh*T this Podcast is so AWESOME! I can’t believe I discovered this only after 5 years of living here in China. I wish I discovered it earlier. There’s no time to lose. I want to physically cram into my ear all of the episodes. If you want to get down and dirty on the operations side of things, this is the place.”

Duke, Philippines
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Build a Global Business from Asia! We all watch the news. Asia is the new big kid on the block. Unleash the power of “going direct” and understanding all the ways you can leverage the region for your business. If you’re curious, you can read about all cross border here, or dive into various forms of content:

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Most Recent GFA Blog Posts

A few of our recent blog articles below, check our blog page for the full archive.

Overview of Global E-Commerce Marketplaces – Which is Right For You?

October 16, 2017

Selling online? Then you need to choose your channel. Even if you’re “just” selling on your own website- that is a channel! Today - we got you covered! This is an overview of various e-commerce marketplaces.

Overview Of What We Currently Offer

October 13, 2017

The world is flat. Location and business are no longer one in the same. Global From Asia is fulfilling the need for Western entrepreneurs who need access to the same tools and opportunities in business structures as the big conglomerates. We have grown quite a bit here at Global From Asia. Listeners and readers are confused on all the things we do - so today we want to kind of use this blog to recap everyone on where we are and what GFA offers.

A Business Guide to Taipei: 10 Things You Need to Know

October 12, 2017

Are you planning on visiting Taipei for your next business trip? Perhaps you’ve scheduled some business meetings or you’re visiting a large industry event. Whatever the case you’re going to need a business guide to get a clear picture of what you should expect during your stay. Here are ten important things you need to know about Taipei before you ...

Developing News – Hong Kong Banking May Get Easier & Tax Reductions For SMEs

October 12, 2017

I've never been so excited - after years of frustration - I remember back in March 2016 as this banking nightmare started - seems Hong Kong regulators are loosening up. And developing news that the Hong Kong banking system may ease up with not requiring local HK residential address proof, combined with tax reductions from 16.5 to 8.25% if profit ...

Most Recent GFA Podcasts

A few of our recent podcast interviews below, check our podcast page for the full archive.

The Story of Coming Back To China To Build a Multi-Million Dollar Amazon FBA Business with Jerry Gan, Founder of Valuelink & CEO of AMZ Tracker – GFA197

October 17, 2017

Jerry Gan, the founder and CEO of Value Link, also the CEO of AMZ Tracker is on the show today. He is a top Amazon seller with a massive team and growing leaps and bounds as a seller, but also as a software provider for Amazon seller, owner of AMZ Tracker, Zon Blast, and others it is a pleasure to bring him on the show. Let's listen as Jerry talks about how he went to America for his education, how he saw the opportunity to get in the Amazon FBA game, and his coming back to China for business. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/episode197.

Announcing our Amazon FBA Product – Time to Launch

October 13, 2017

We promised you - and we are doing it - we are exposing the product we are selling on Amazon FBA - coffee accessories - the brand name is Sisitano and the order was placed this past Monday. A bunch of the partners of our Amazon FBA business dialed in and we talked about our new product and what our plans are for launch and marketing, enjoy our product launching! For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/ecommerce012.

Buying Online Businesses in Hong Kong and Asia

October 10, 2017

This week's episode we have guest expert Murray Priestley. He lives in Hong Kong and his focus is buying, scaling and selling online businesses. A natural leader, he acts as a catalyst for rapid growth & execution. Listen in as Murray talks about buying online businesses in Hong Kong and Asia. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/episode196.

Preparing To Place An Order at Yiwu Market with Andy Church- GFAE011

October 6, 2017

We are preparing to place our Amazon FBA business first order at the Yiwu market! Lorenzo has been doing on the ground hustling, and we met Insight Quality Ino and have the founder and my good friend on today’s show - Andy Church! We have an epic conversation about preparing yiwu order and making things happen, let’s tune in. For full show notes, check out GlobalFromAsia.com/ecommerce011.

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Our Top Free Guides

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Over the years we have shared a lot of guides, no email opt-in required – posted right on our blog. You can also dive deep into cross border specific topics. Here are some of our top ones. Enjoy!

How To Open a HK Company

Looking to start your business, and want to see the process of opening and operating a Hong Kong company? Check our HK incorporation guide

First Time Visit To Hong Kong

Company setup, coming in for the bank account application and client meetings. Get the top tips for your HK visit.

Bank Account Application

A hot topic, getting a bank account in Hong Kong. Once the company is setup, check into the HK bank account application process

Getting a HK D-U-N-S Number

Apple developer? In Hong Kong? Ya, you need a DUNS number, here we cover getting a Dun and Bradstreet number

Upkeep for a HK Limited

You have a Hong Kong company registered, what’s next? We discuss the ongoing fees and filing. Upkeeping a HK company

Merchant Accounts

Running your business online, at all? Then you’ll need a merchant account, check out HK’s merchant account options.

Hong Kong / China Border Crossing

Many people leverage the power of Hong Kong for its access to China. Here we dig into every border crossing possible.

Live in Hong Kong or Shenzhen?

A common question people ask is why I live in China. Here we cover details and examples of why you may live in Shenzhen, China or Hong Kong.

How to Get An APEC Card

Travel in Asia on the regular? Hate those long custom lines? Then travel in Asia like a VIP with an APEC business travel card

Get The China E-Channel?

A laowai like me and constantly traveling in and out of China? In late 2016 they now allow you to skip those long foreign customs lines!

Hong Kong Immigration

Looking to relocate to HK? How do visas work for entrepreneurs? Wondering how to find where to live, office? Check out our HK Relocation guide

Drop Shipping from HK

Want to have global e-commerce distribution from Asia? Check out our free drop ship Hong Kong e-commerce article!

Hong Kong & Amazon FBA

Living and working in Asia and want to consider Hong Kong for your new Amazon FBA Seller Central Account? Learn what you need for Amazon FBA from HK

Paypal Hong Kong Guide

We all know how troublesome it is to deal with Paypal internationally. Check out our Paypal HK guide to avoid problems, and how to fix it if you have ’em!


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“Resourceful and Super Fun! From his blogs, to his ebooks, to the Podcasts. Every time I read or listen to Michael’s content I come out feeling more knowledgeable and ready to get back into the hustle of doing business with my Chinese counterparts.” ~ Omar Abu.

“I have been reading Mike’s blog posts and listening his podcasts since the first episode. Mike is your man if you want to learn more about running a (global) business from Hong Kong/China. Each one contains a nugget of wisdom which you can use to help building your global business!” – Leroy H.

“Valuable and Impactful. Great to have an on the ground from the trenches source of information of doing business in HK, China and beyond. Appreciate this podcast! Thanks for taking the time to put this together for us!” – Jason P.


“I thoroughly enjoy working with Michael. He is professional and motivated. We share a passion for customer service. Michael is a genuine stand-up guy, and I would highly recommend doing business with him.”

~ Scott Docherty


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