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Tap Into The Story of Asia Business Leaders


Uncover Real Asia Business

GFA TV is helping you to uncover the possibilities of what can be done when “going global from Asia”. As our brand is called “Global From Asia” it seems fitting to make this new extension of having TV interviews with leaders in Asia business.

With this series, we will have the ability to :

Learn how these business leaders got started

what was their environment growing up? How did they get started in business?

The way they learned how to start their business

with a lot of the culture pressure to stay in their day job, how did they get the courage and the motivation to endure entrepreneurship?

Failures in their journey

let’s dig deep into what didn’t work along the way. No true entrepreneur is complete without a host of failures and lessons along the way. Let’s learn from them.

Turning points in their business

was there a specific “big break” that took their years of hardship and converted them into a success they are today? Was it one specific event, and how did those stars align?

Tips for new entrepreneurs

For those just starting out, as well as those scaling up operations, what this business leader recommends them to do (if he were to do it over again)

Audience questions

before the interviews, we will tap into social media to get questions from you!

The Goal – To Show The Continued Global Growth From Asia

We want to show you that it is possible to grow a global empire from Asia. Not just one that sells to a specific Asia market, we interview guests that are business owners of international, cross-border, businesses.

GFA TV Show Format

We don’t just want to have “talking heads” – but also show you the real inner workings of an international business right here in Asia. We will tour the company, see how the staff are managed, how the operations flows, how the business stays so fine tuned. We have had our audio podcast for many years, and hope to take the video interview section and allow those listeners to also enjoy that section of the TV show.

So, by watching GFA TV, you will get a great mix of a “discovery” business interview to learn the story and tactics this business executive went through, and also get to tour their company and learn their inner workings.

Mini Series For Various Topics and Industries

This will start out as a monthly show, with a theme for a certain amount of shows. That means, we will have a 5 part (for example) mini-series of GFA TV focusing on e-commerce business owners. We may then do a 6 part series of an industry such as real estate or finance. The purpose is to give a more specific them for a set period of shows so that you, the viewer, can follow along on industries and trends you are most interested in.

The clock is ticking, now is the time

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