ANNOUNCEMENT - GFA is Focusing On Dealflow for Amazon FBA + Ecommerce Brands

Over the years - we have discussed with many on buying and selling businesses in the Asia market. In the year 2021 - we are now focusing 100% of our energy on sourcing DEALFLOW for Amazon FBA sellers and e-commerce B2C brand owners who want to sell their business.

If you’re an ecommerce seller, or you’re a potential referral partner - please check our blog and video podcast about this important announcement

Read more about GFA Broker focus here.

Looking for an Asia Based Business Broker?

Looking To Sell your Amazon FBA Business To Chinese Sellers?

As China, Hong Kong, and the rest of Asia continue to rise in the global economy, so is the interest in buying and selling businesses.

Looking to cash out on your hard work building out your business? Want a new buyer, maybe a Westerner, to buy it out – then this service is for you!

Here at Global From Asia we have been looking t continue to add value to the cross-border e-commerce community. And one way we have found lately is to helping international Amazon FBA business owners sell their Seller Central accounts and businesses to Chinese FBA sellers.

So, in response from the growing demand of sellers from around the world wanting to sell to the Chinese Amazon FBA sellers, we are listening! Our team here can collect your information and selectively introduce it to our network here in Shenzhen, China.

We will do this via:

  • Wechat messages
  • Wechat groups
  • Private round table meetups in our Shenzhen community center
  • Phone calls

We understand privacy and data is the most important, so we will not disclose anything sensitive without your consent. But we will need to provide them some details to get the process started. Please complete the form and our GFA representatives will route this to a network of potential and qualified buyers.

Here’s an example of a request we recently received:

Generally speaking, my biz is low maintenance (max 5-10 hours per week), does over a million in sales, mostly coming from 3 products (all winners) with insane margins. The products are private label but have withstood the test of competition and are well entrenched.

Broker a Deal in the Asia Market

Or, are you looking to enter the Chinese market or other parts of Asia?

Maybe you want to speed up the process rather than:

  • Registering a new company
  • Going through the banking application
  • Office setup
  • Hiring
  • Managing
  • etc etc.

Why not just skip all of that and buy a proven business!

We are excited to work with you!

Buyers – Work With A Western Managed Firm Who Understands Your Needs

We have all read the blog posts and books about how a Westerner invests or outright buys a Chinese business and gets totally screwed. I’m personally tired of reading those books and instead want to work with people who are going to write the book about


And often times, that is skipping a few of the beginning steps. We have a network of people on the ground in China and other parts of Asia who are sourcing deals that are good opportunities. They are looking for partners from overseas, or just outright buyouts.

Come in and take advantage of these opportunities! Contact us today and let’s make some deals.

Sellers – Looking To Cash In On Your Hard Work?

Are you a business owner based in Asia and looking for an exit? Maybe you’re tired of the grind, have the business running stable and want to hand the reins over to someone else so you can work on the next big thing.

We TOTALLY understand. Rather than you trying to juggle multiple businesses, go focus on your next big idea and let a buyer come in and take over.

There are plenty of international business owners screaming to get into the Asian market – and they don’t want to start at the ground level. They’re looking to take the elevator and start on the fifth or sixth level.

So get on top of this and let them take a look at buying out your business.

Contact us today.

How The Process Works

For buyers – right now we are not publicly listing the opportunities as they are still private and intimate deals. So you will need to reach out to us and we will discuss your situation and see if we have any sellers that can match your current demands.

Take this application form and it will help us understand your situation a lot more.

For sellers – reach out to us and let us know about your business. Why you are selling, the current state it is in. Where you have incorporated, any contracts, obligations, or debt you may have. We will do some due diligence at the beginning to ensure you’re good to show to our buyer network.

Once we have a match between buyer and seller, we will have a letter of intent, as well as an initial fee for introducing the two. We have a network of lawyers who can help in the process, or you can use your own. We will take a transaction fee once the deal is confirmed and paid, making this a win win deal for all parties involved.

Start Now! Let’s Make A Deal

Excited like us? Great – then let us know if you’re in to play and make some deals!

Interested to buy a business in Asia – fill out our getting started application form here

Interested to sell your Asia based business – fill out our seller’s form here.

We look forward to making win-win deals for everyone, and thanks for your time.

To your global business success!

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