Ready to your business in Hong Kong?

Doing at least 50-75k profits/yr doesn’t want to do HK because of the costs and is scared of the entire process, send them my way and I’ll put up the $10k for the incorporation, flight, hotel, initial bank deposit & help them through the entire process in exchange for basically being an investor/small % stakeholder in their company (I’ll take much less than they end up saving on taxes) and helping them with some strategy as well from my previous marketing experiences of building a few 7-figure brands

Executive Summary

This investor program is offering a done-for-you incorporation package for internet-based businesses that generate at least $60,000+ in profits per year. The main benefit is that you’ll reduce your corporate taxes to 0% (corporate tax rate in HK as long as no customers originate in HK).

The main challenges that usually prevent individuals from pursuing an incorporation in Hong Kong even though it would reduce their corporate tax bill to 0% and set them up with a strong PayPal account and clean structure are:

  • Daunting Process

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  • Cash Upfront

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With this program you pay nothing. Zero. We take care of everything. We’ll setup a Hong Kong incorporation for you and cover all the costs including the initial bank deposit. Additionally, we’ll walk you through the process offering strategic advice along the way.

Services Included

  • Initial incorporation costs
  • Initial bank account deposit of up to $8,000 covered in the form of a 12 month loan
  • Yearly incorporation maintenance costs covered conditional on company profits exceeding $60k
  • Travel arrangements covered
  • Travel arrangements covered Draft business plan created
  • 3 copies of due diligence binder necessary for bank account application
  • Mock bank interview to improve successful bank account application
  • Contract with our HK company to establish HK presence necessary to open bank account
  • Personal strategy meeting with investor in Hong Kong night before bank meeting
  • Strategic advice with opening PayPal & merchant accounts
  • Strategic advice with accounting & audit
  • Access to Investor’s Offshore Video Program covering offshore incorporation

What’s The Deal Exactly?

In exchange for the investment, the investor will take an equity stake in your company becoming a strategic partner and investor. Our equity stake, dependent on your current profits, will be significantly less than the current taxes you pay meaning you will still save at least 50% of your current tax bill making this a no risk decision since we cover all incorporation costs and offer a done-for-you solution.

How To Qualify?

Confirm that over the past 12 months your business has generated a minimum of $60,000 in profits and is on track to generate that over the next 12 months

Apply Now

Schedule a call with the investor to go over the incorporation program & discuss specifics