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Global From Asia (GFA) was established in 2013 by Michael Michelini as a podcast to help the international community better understand the Hong Kong business market.

A lot has changed! Both for GFA and the Asia market.

Over the years, we have grown with events, more services via various partnerships, and our GFAVIP membership.

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A hustling, bootstrapped entrepreneur?

We've been there, and we put as much free content out there we possibly can:

About Level 1: Free

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We built Global From Asia as a free resource to help people learn on their own pace, listen to podcasts with industry experts, read blog posts on current news as well as epic guides, and watch videos on product reviews in the cross-border space.

Looking for services and service providers in the community? Check our Reviews platform.
Impressed with the content and traffic we have built at Global From Asia and want our team to help you? We offer full service internet marketing via our parent company – Shadstone SEO Services.

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If you are serious about accelerating your growth and building your network, then join in our private membership community GFAVIP. Here you’ll get a full library of online courses from USA banking, China business, Growing an Online business Online, Scale By Outsourcing, SEO Tactics We Used to Grow GFA. On top of the courses, access to member calls online, and private forum with true experts in the industry. And of course, get first access to our annual Cross Border Summit as well as exclusive deals and access to anything in the community as it comes out.

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If you are looking for the fastest, and most customized help to grow your online business from Asia – join our GFAVIP coaching program. You’ll get the core GFAVIP membership as a baseline, but then also receive a personal coach in the community based on your requirements of growth and scaling.

Then, we have approved GFAVIP coaches that offer 1 on 1 coaching in our community. You’ll receive a private group in the GFAVIP forum for you and the coach to talk privately, with GFAVIP as the moderator and escrow to ensure both sides deliver.

Looking for Amazon FBA help? We have a network of experts who have grown 7 and 8 figure businesses and are ready to work with you.
Online Marketing and SEO? Want to grow your web traffic and content. Our vetted experts can work with you
Corporate Structure and Taxes? We started as a HK business podcast, and our roots are engrained in it with our CPA partner and network of bankers and tax professionals.

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