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Looking for an Asia partner for your internet marketing? Our team has representation in Hong Kong and Philippines to maximize the best of both worlds. Our core operations is based in Cebu city of Philippines where we have expert American internet marketers overseeing a quality team. Looking for maximum value and a long term partner, then read on my friend!

Organic SEO

We help companies improve their search engine presence. This is by doing things the “correct way”. We pay attention to on-site factors such as fast, well built, nicely designed websites. Combine that with quality content and proper online distribution.

Organic Internet Marketing (commonly referred to as SEO or Search Engine Optimization) is the option to go for when you are not strictly looking for customers or clients from a specific location. Let’s say you’re a mass tort personal injury attorney, who is looking to take on clients from around the U.S. If that’s the case then organic SEO is the what you need. Organic SEO is for those who want to target the whole nation in the Google search engine.

So what does it take to get your site ranked on the top of Google organic results?

  • Social Link Building (ie: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare)
  • Web 2.0 Link Building (ie: WordPress, Hubpages, Squidoo)
  • Natural Share Links (ie: Related 3rd Party Comment Shares)
  • High Page Rank Links (ie: Our network of sites linked to your site)
  • Social Bookmarking (ie: 3rd Party bookmarking sites)
  • My Secret Sauce (ie: Sorry No Examples)

So how much does it cost? I quote on a case by case basis. Price factors include your current rank, and the amount of keywords you are wanting to target, it also depends on how aggressive you want to be with your ranking. Contact me today so we can discuss the best SEO option for you. Looking forward to speaking with you!

Local SEO Marketing

Have a business that needs people in a certain geography to find you? No problem. We specialize in helping local based businesses such as restaurants, lawyers, and retail outlets. Get found when people are searching for a certain location or service provider in their immediate area.

Local SEO is great for locally targeted businesses. Many future clients use local search when they are generally ready to hire a Lawyer, Doctor, Real Estate Agent or a Service Provider, so this makes local SEO a highly effective tool. It is essential for businesses that operate locally to gain local exposure so that they generate leads. Traditional media such as radio and local newspapers are costly marketing channels compared to local search.

So what does it take to get your site ranked on the top of Google Plus Local results?

  • Creating a Google Plus Local page
  • Correct Google Page Optimization
  • Correct On Page Optimization on personal website
  • Uploading GEO Site maps on personal website
  • Creating plenty of local citations (ie:Yelp.com, Yellowbook.com)
  • Creating social image signals (ie:Flickr and others)
  • Creating slide show videos about your business
  • Correct Links
  • My Secret Sauce (ie: Sorry No Examples)

So how much will Google Local Optimization cost?

The answer is: I quote every new client on a case by case basis. Some clients already have good Local SEO and just want to improve their current rankings, while others do not have any local SEO presences. Some clients want to be very aggressive with the local SEO efforts, while others just want a standard local SEO service. Cost is individualized per client order with a guarantee that I will have your rankings improved within 60-90 days or your money back. So click the button below to get your free, no risk, no obligation ranking report for your current website.

White Label Services Available

Are you a service provider such as a web design agency, consultant, or marketing professional? Looking for a partner to do the internet marketing? We work with a wide network of these kinds of agencies and love working with you, shoot us a note and let’s get talking!

White Label SEO services we are very much open to and welcome. This is a service where we cooperate with design agencies, media companies, and a wide range of consultants and specialists who have relationships with clients. In this cooperation, they keep the communication with their client, and we work on the SEO and internet marketing for them.

We like our job of internet marketing, and welcome you asking us for white label (also called private label)

How Does It Work?

Ready to get started? Check out the three step process below. Want to submit a request to get a proposal, go to the bottom of this page now.

Submit a Request for a Proposal

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The more information you can provide, that will help us quickly give you a proposal and detailed information to get started.

Review Your SEO Proposal

We’ll work with you to get the right proposal for your expectations and budget. We have three levels, analysis report (DIY), training (on-site and online), and full-service agency work.

Start Seeing Improvements in Your Website

Once you approve, your account will get started and you will see results and improvement on your website on a regular basis. We will send reports and checkins on a regular basis.

Why choose Hong Kong SEO Services to handle your online marketing efforts?

  • Personalized Service

    We are not a large firm that signs new clients, then strings them along with very little results. You get personalized service with a specialist, not a secretary.

  • Proof is in the Pudding

    We have a proven track record, there is no guess work involved, just results.

  • Win Win Long term

    We want you to do well, because we value your business and want to continue to help you grow your online exposure for years to come.

We are excited you have read through this whole massive page. Now its time to reach out to us and have us review your site. We will give you a no obligations required proposal and analysis of your website and internet marketing strategy.

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