Corporate Services

Global From Asia has a JV partnership with Unipro Consulting Limited. We provide HK and China corporate services through this entity and have a full list of services on the page below. If you’d like to “choose your level”, we tailor it for your needs.

Get your business rolling

Setup Stage
You are at the setup stage of your business. You may be doing business already (in a company in another jurisdiction) or in your personal name. This is the place to go to establish your new business structure. Setup your business now.

Get the business in order

Optimize Stage
You have your company established and aren’t looking to setup a new entity. Yet, it isn’t running the way you’d like and you want to make some changes and tweaks to your operation. Optimize your business now.

Growth Stage

Growth Stage
Your business is running fine and smooth. You want some assistance growing your business in Asia and around the world. Sales, marketing, and recruitment services. Invest in training your staff today. Grow your business now.

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E-commerce Services

Our Ecommerce Services encompass an expansive range of offerings, including integration with leading online marketplaces.



Get Your Amazon Seller Central Account Setup and Rockin’



The Help You Need To Get Your Products Into

Consulting Packages

For those that want personalized advise on your specific situation on business in China or Hong Kong.

Private consulting call

Private 1 on 1 Call

Not sure where to start and just want a private call, this is for you!

Global Business Booster Pack

Ready To Play Ball?

Doing business in your home country, but not sure if you’re ready to go international?

China Business Booster Pack

China Super Starter!

Looking to crack the Chinese market? Want to review your strategy + get plugged in fast, here you are!

Singapore Company Setup

From setting up the company, to bookkeeping optimization, to audits and crazy forms, Global From Asia can help you out!

Banking help in Hong Kong

SG Company Setup

Looking to get started with your Singapore company? Want to work with pros you can trust.


Hong Kong Business Services

From setting up the company, to bookkeeping optimization, to audits and crazy forms, Global From Asia can help you out!

Hong Kong Company Setup

HK Company Setup

Looking to get started with your Hong Kong company? Want to work with pros you can trust.

Banking help in Hong Kong

Bank Assistance

Want some professional help preparing for HK banks? Let us help you with the banking and financial system.

Intui Quickbooks HK setup

Quickbooks Setup

As an official Quickbooks Pro Advisor, we would love to help you setup and maintain your Quickbooks HK account.

Hong Kong Bookkeeping


Looking to get started with your Hong Kong company? Want to work with pros you can trust.

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Company Secretary

Company Secretary

Act as your limited company’s secretary. Assist with annual return + other company upkeep.

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Hong Kong Virtual Address

Hong Kong Address

Collecting mail, alerts twice per week of new mail. Not for packages or high volume use.

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Hong Kong Audit

Audit Filing

Got your profit tax return & looking to file your auditor’s report? Look no further.

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File Offshore Status in HK

File Offshore Claim

Ready to file for offshore status for your Hong Kong limited company? Qualify as an offshore business?

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Close Hong Kong Company

Close HK Company

Assist you with your company deregistration and can advise you on other options you can take.

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Hong Kong Tax form help

Tax Form Help

Late on taxes? Or lost & want help. Here you go!

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Meetings in HK

HK Meeting Space

Visiting Hong Kong and need a private, quite place? We offer a complete meeting space.

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Hong Kong Business Events

HK Events

In Hong Kong on a business trip and want to network a bit? We hold regular meetings.

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Transfer to us

Transfer To Us

Want to move all your Hong Kong company upkeep tasks to us? We’re honored, learn more here.

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business review for HK

HK review

Have a Hong Kong company maintained at another agency and want us to give it a full checkup to make sure things are fine? This is the plan for you!

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Name Change

Name Change

Changing your business brand or have a shelf company you want to make your own name? We can help you file the forms and get your new company name in Hong Kong off to a great start!

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Merchant Account Matchmaking

Merchant Account Help

Trying hard to get the right merchant account for your business? Let’s talk!

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fulfillment and warehousing help

Fulfillment Advice

Looking to warehouse and distribute your products from Asia to the world? Or into China?

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Hong Kong Company First Aid Kit

HK First Aid Kit

A couple years behind on taxes and reporting? Not even sure when you last filed anything, let’s help you get back on track!

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China Business Services

Venturing into Mainland China for your business? Global From Asia can help assist you in various ways.

Hong Kong Company Setup

China Company Setup

We work alongside you to establish your business in China from start to finish.

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China Starter Package

China Starter Pack

Get on the fast track to Chinese business with our China starter package.

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Chinese Business Assistant

China Business Assistant

Chinese business assistants to help you with thing such as Translation of documents and factory sourcing.

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Register Chinese Trademark

Chinese Trademark

Looking to do business in China, at all? You need to register a trademark!

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Become a certified China business consultant

Become a Reseller

Build your business & offer our services to your clients as a certified China business consultant

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Chinese interns!

Chinese Interns to USA

Assist you with your company deregistration and can advise you on other options you can take.

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Apply a Chinese ICP

ICP License + Server

Struggling to get a Chinese website setup? Let us work with you from beginning to publish!

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Chinese Travel Assistant

Chinese Interpreters

Coming over to China for the first time? Want some professional service – let us prepare your business travel today!

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Chinese consulting help!

Private 1 on 1 Call

Not sure even which service to start with? No problem, get on a call with a China expert today!

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China factory sourcing

China Sourcing

Searching for Chinese factories + want to work with professionals?

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Chinese Internet Marketing

Chinese Internet Marketing

Want to rock the Chinese internet with your foreign business? Baidu, Weibo, Wechat, let’s rock!

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USA business expansion

USA Expansion

Are you a Chinese company looking to take the leap to America?

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Partner Offers

Below are some products or services where we are strategically part of. They are relevant for our readers and recommend you check them out!

Get Hong Kong Investors

Hong Kong Investors

We have investors interested in you setting up shop in HK!

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Philippines Call Center

Asia Call Center

Need a personal team to manager your inbound calls? With our call center service, you can!

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Mobile app developers in Asia

Mobile App Developers

Looking for a reliable mobile app developer for the longest time? Let us help connect you with the right mobile app development shop.

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Internet Marketing Cebu

Internet Marketing

Global From Asia is a strategic partner in a SEO office in Cebu city of Philippines.

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China passport visa

China Visa

Need a visa to enter China? Most likely yes! We can help you from Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong business insurance

Business Insurance

Looking to protect your business from certain liabilities, a full range of packages here.

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Global From Asia’s Core Values


An educated client is our best client. You should be aware of the paperwork you are signing and comfortable you are making the correct decision for your long term business strategy.


Businesses need to pursue long term value creation. In our pursuit of excellence, we want to work with the best clients in the top of their respective industries.


We will lose money in the short term in order to hold up our credibility. In it for the long term, we want clients to feel safe and confident we are working in their best interests.


Like education, we want the client to understand what they are signing. Even if it makes more work for our agency, having clear pricing separating government and banking fees from our own, we do it.