Are you currently falling behind to your American counterparts? Or rushing to catch up? Maybe your business in China has grown up and you need to expand to America with your own office and sales team.

Looking for an international business consultant who knows both China business and American business?

Look no further, we are the right team for you!

Get The Platform You Need For USA Business Expansion

It’s overwhelming. You’ve spent years, decades, building up your factory in China and you are now looking to go to the next level.

But you’re an expert in production and manufacturing. You have some partners in China who know some marketing, but have limited English and they don’t have much of a network in USA.

You feel you may have hit a ceiling in your business. Now it is time to break through!

Let the Global From Asia team help you:

Open a USA company

Getting setup in America is a straightforward process. But which state, which type of company formation (LLC, Corporation, etc) is right for your business?

We will work alongside you to understand your current business model. Analyze your short term and long term goals and your budget for this expansion. No sense rushing into it if you’re not ready.

At this evaluation period, we will dig deep into if you’re ready. Think hard, are you willing to take the time and monetary investment for this growth?

Building And Securing Your Brand

Having a brand is the foundation for your international growth. Have you gone through the trademark process for your logo and brand name? Take this step serious and we will work alongside you to ensure you have a good portfolio to work from. Don’t make the mistake to skip this step only to find out later that you have nothing! Running into IP conflicts with other companies is a long process and can put you in financial ruin.

Opening an Office & Setting Up Operations

Once you establish the above, now it is time to secure a proper office. Where is the right place? It is a mix of where your inventory will be, where to position your sales team, and where your market demands you to be.

Our team will work with you on making a decision matrix and analysis giving you the best mix of location, price, and position.

Finding a Sales Manager & Sales Team

Now that you have the operations ready to rock, time to find quality talent. As a Chinese manufacturer and a budding brand – take the steps needed to attract quality talent. Having a top notch, incentivized team is critical to your success – so don’t slow down at this stage.

But how much to pay? What is a good base salary and commission structure to offer the team? These are questions our consultants and specialists can assist you with, so rest assured you will be in good hands.

Keep Operations Going Smooth

After the office is setup and hiring has happened, we need to ensure that the operations is moving along smooth. Do you have the management processes in place? The workflows and standard operating procedures? Have you trained local management to handle this on their own.

Working with our team of experts will ensure that things are configured and correct for the long term. To succeed, you need ease of business operations.

Let’s Get This Process Started!

Are you ready to go to the next level and expand international? Work alongside cross border business experts who have been there and back and will hold nothing back!

Having the right contacts and experience as well as culture understanding is something hard to find – but we have it right here.

Get Step One Going

Let’s get things started with an initial consultation. After completing your getting started application, we will line you up with the associated expert. They will discuss with you your American business expansion.

This is a one time payment and after we understand your business, goals, and budget, we can then send you a full proposal.

You know what’s great? This is a no obligation step, you can take all our knowledge, experience, and then the proposal, and use this for yourself or with another consulting company! This is why we have the consultation, to make sure we are a match and on a win win side.

Expand Your Business for only $188 USD