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This is an experiment. Do podcast listeners use wechat? Guess everyone around the world, or at least dealing with China is. Add us now!

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Here are a few ways to do this wechat thing….

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    Our personal GFA wechat account is “globalfromasia” so you can add me there, and this is where we can add you to Wechat groups.

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    In that cool banner above is my official account “mailini” you can scan the QR code.

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    Want to add my personal wechat account, scan below!

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    Want your own Official Account?

    We have service provider who can help you register your own business account on wechat Set Yours Up Now

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    Want Wechat Training?

    We have online and offline Wechat training sessions See more training options.

Thanks again!!!

I appreciate you taking the time to add my wechat, hope to connect with you soon. ~ Mike