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Protection – we want to ensure that those in the industry and in our association are “playing fairly”. If there is an issue in the industry, especially between our members, we as an association will work for the greater good to resolve this issue. By being part of the GFA Experts Association, you can feel safe that you have our best interests at heart.


Promotion – we want to spotlight and promote our members and their businesses. As a qualified business in the cross-border industry, we want to help you get the exposure you need. Listed on our member directory and in our member marketing materials, you will be part of an association who gives you the eyeballs you need.


Keep up to date on the latest trends and hear from others in the industry inside our private forum and premium knowledge base of videos & books.


You are only as good as the 5 people around you. Surround yourself with business people who are on the same boat as you. Browse our member’s series.


Private member events, both online and in “real life” to build your connections even more. Browse our business events.


Be part of our premium business directory of cross-border businesses. Get connected with the right value add service providers and skip the B.S.!


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Events with specialists and experts on China and Asia business.

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Sessions with panels of experts who you can ask and learn from. Focused business people in your situation.

Trade business cards (and scan wechat QR codes!) with friendly and fun business people in your field of work and various industries.

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