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List Of Our Recent GFAVIP Members

  • Profile picture of Jons Izaak Slemmer

    Jons Izaak Slemmer

    Location: Chengdu

    Company Website:

    - Web development business in Netherlands since 2008 ( - Hosting/ICP license business in China for last few years - China specific proxy VPN solution (

  • Profile picture of Angelica Tayona

    Angelica Tayona - "Don’t forget to check our member series blog! Just click on the link to read more:"

    Company Website:

    GFAVIP Community Manager

  • Profile picture of Oscar J

    Oscar Jesionek

  • Profile picture of Leo M

    Leo Marrero

  • Profile picture of Thiago H

    Thiago Honório

  • Profile picture of Cameron Walker

    Cameron Walker

  • Profile picture of Eetu V

    Eetu Viitala

  • Profile picture of Amy S

    Amy Song

  • Profile picture of Chris P

    Chris Pollard

  • Profile picture of Claudia Rincon

    Claudia Rincon - "Good work Angelica, Thanks for my bio. Best, Claudia Rincon"

    Location: Miami Beach FL

    Proactive Bilingual B2B negotiator, known for building strong relationships by partnering with stakeholders at all levels with professionalism, flexibility and diplomacy. Bilingual talent management (TM) and organizational development (OD) professional who executes the achievement of organizational and operational goals...

  • Profile picture of Chris Davey

    Chris Davey

    Location: Zhuhai, China

    Company Website:

    Hi, My name is Chris Davey, I'm from England I've been living in China since early 2012 (Zhuhai, to Macau), my background is procurement, from 1998-2015 working with Bowers & Wilkins including 3.5 years working in China. My main business...

  • Profile picture of Tim N

    Tim N

  • Profile picture of PJ Entrepreneur

    PJ Entrepreneur

  • Profile picture of Gerard N

    Gerard Nieuwenhuis

  • Profile picture of Nick B

    Nick Bartlett

  • Profile picture of Matt Lubin

    Matt Lubin

  • Profile picture of Burt C

    Burt Chutkan

  • Profile picture of David Ho

    David Ho

  • Profile picture of Zack F

    Zack Franklin

  • Profile picture of David H

    David Hehenberger

  • Profile picture of Ismael W

    Ismael Wrixen

  • Profile picture of Gustaf Bystrom

    Gustaf Bystrom - "Got this from my business partner and this is Australia. “Our accountant said he is getting mandatory audit requests on his clients who […]"

  • Profile picture of Guido


    Location: Lisbon

    Company Website:

    E-commerce entrepreneur, Shopify Partner & Amazon FBA Europe consultant.

  • Profile picture of Jacob K

    Jacob Kearney

  • Profile picture of Paiman Lorenzo S

    Paiman Lorenzo Sarwari

  • Profile picture of Adam Wright

    Adam Wright

    Location: Penang

  • Profile picture of Antonio Cerqueira

    Antonio Cerqueira

    I am in Real Estate Investing, consulting and e-commerce

  • Profile picture of Rico Ngoma

    Rico Ngoma

    Location: Guangzhou

    Company Website:

  • Profile picture of Jelena Lucic

    Jelena Lucic

  • Profile picture of Simon Lim

    Simon Lim

    Location: Hong Kong / Shenzhen

  • Profile picture of Chris T

    Chris T

    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    Company Website:

    eCommerce dude, selling own and uniquely developed products and having lots of fun along the way...

  • Profile picture of Golden Chifuwe

    Golden Chifuwe - "Hello! My name is Golden Chifuwe but you can just call me Golden 🙂 Most people ask if that’s my real name, haha, yes it is. #Based. Am […]"

  • Profile picture of David Wand

    David Wand

    Location: Zhongshan

  • Profile picture of Mike Caha

    Mike Caha

  • Profile picture of Andre Martin

    Andre Martin

    Location: Luxembourg + Hong Kong

  • Profile picture of Andrew Voda

    Andrew Voda

  • Profile picture of Rene G

    Rene G - "@Mike: Where is the “New Posts” Button? Was super convenient to catch up about missed conversations"

  • Profile picture of Mike Vranjkovic

    Mike Vranjkovic

  • Profile picture of Russell Smith

    Russell Smith - "Would love to have a bit of ‘your website’, ‘about your business’ etc action on our member profiles. Am I missing it?"

    Location: Living: Dali, Yunnan. Business: Shenzhen.

    Company Website:

    I've been building websites for Chinese manufacturers (examples:, and plan to begin building Chinese sites for companies who want to enter China. That's a new biz direction as of May '16, so watch this space. Registered in HK. Website...

  • Profile picture of Brent D

    Brent Deverman

  • Profile picture of romaric d

    romaric d

    Location: I am currently living in Karachi Paksi tan

    Company Website:

  • Profile picture of Edward J

    Edward J

    Location: Shenzhen

    My partner and I are both US lawyers. We have a Hong Kong company, and we specialize in corporate law - tax, mergers and acquisitions, company formations (shareholder or operating agreements) and international structuring. For matters outside these...

  • Profile picture of Alan C

    Alan Chen

  • Profile picture of Oswaldo Loor

    Oswaldo Loor

  • Profile picture of Jack P

    Jack Pinkerman

  • Profile picture of Roland Bernath

    Roland Bernath

  • Profile picture of Andrew M

    Andrew Mckee

  • Profile picture of Ray Ng

    Ray Ng

    Company Website:

    Ray Ng got his bachelor degree from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Over the years, he had been working for several multi-national accounting firms and finance institutions. The first time he started his own venture and became an entreprenuer is...

  • Profile picture of Wendy Wangxia

    Wendy Wangxia

    Location: Shenzhen,China

    Company Website:

    Experience working in mobile internet, mobile gaming and apps in China ,for 10 years. I joined D.CN, one of the largest Android marketplaces in China, when it's a startup since 2006, for 8 years. My role was CEO Assistant, directly...

  • Profile picture of Jon Myers

    Jon Myers

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