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Jason Zhang of Rabbitow

This week's featured member is Jason Zhang of Rabbitow Technology Co.,Ltd. It is an innovative scientific and technological enterprise that...

Chris Li of Jousun

Today's featured member is is a developer/business guy. His company, Jousun, is an online fresh online grocery shopping delivery. They...

List Of Our Recent GFAVIP Members

  • Profile picture of sunan naeem

    sunan naeem

  • Profile picture of Joko Colina

    Joko Colina

    Location: philippines

    Company Website:

    I'm the GlobalFromAsia Community Manager. -if you have any questions/comments/suggestions you can send me a private message or email me at [email protected]

  • Profile picture of Tim N

    Tim N

  • Profile picture of Dustin Laverick

    Dustin Laverick

  • Profile picture of Simon Lim

    Simon Lim

    Location: Hong Kong / Shenzhen

  • Profile picture of Jermain Yew

    Jermain Yew

  • Profile picture of jose


    Location: china

  • Profile picture of Mohammed Berrekkal

    Mohammed Berrekkal

  • Profile picture of Cameron Walker

    Cameron Walker

  • Profile picture of Leo M

    Leo M

  • Profile picture of Gerard Nieuwenhuis

    Gerard Nieuwenhuis

  • Profile picture of David Hehenberger

    David Hehenberger

  • Profile picture of Tim U

    Tim U

  • Profile picture of ESTEBAN KADAMANI


    Location: MIAMI, FL


    Esteban is an entrepreneur, visionary, and a hard worker. He’s an expert in Latin America- Has 5 years working experience with Chinese/Latin American businesses, and an importer and exporter with a passion for turning ideas into reality and helping others...

  • Profile picture of Rene G

    Rene G - "@Mike: Where is the “New Posts” Button? Was super convenient to catch up about missed conversations"

  • Profile picture of Douglas White

    Douglas White

  • Profile picture of Julian Dorobantu

    Julian Dorobantu

  • Profile picture of Andy

    Andy - "Good call on HK accounting – thanks Ray & Mike!"

    Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

    Company Website:

    After 12 years in Shenzhen, China (2002-2014) working in the quality assurance industry decided to relocate to the States. At the same time, launched my own firm working with small to medium sized companies sourcing product in Asia. Haven't had...

  • Profile picture of Stephen Filiatrault

    Stephen Filiatrault

  • Profile picture of Gustaf Bystrom

    Gustaf Bystrom - "Got this from my business partner and this is Australia. “Our accountant said he is getting mandatory audit requests on his clients who […]"

  • Profile picture of Jeff Schierholz

    Jeff Schierholz

  • Profile picture of Andre S

    Andre S

  • Profile picture of Julian Juenemann

    Julian Juenemann

  • Profile picture of Lukas Hehenberger

    Lukas Hehenberger

  • Profile picture of Jons Izaak Slemmer

    Jons Izaak Slemmer

    Location: Chengdu

    Company Website:

    - Web development business in Netherlands since 2008 ( - Hosting/ICP license business in China for last few years - China specific proxy VPN solution (

  • Profile picture of David Ho

    David Ho

  • Profile picture of Jay Whitmore

    Jay Whitmore

  • Profile picture of Thiago H

    Thiago H

  • Profile picture of Roland Bernath

    Roland Bernath

  • Profile picture of Chris G

    Chris G

  • Profile picture of Chris T

    Chris T

    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    Company Website:

    eCommerce dude, selling own and uniquely developed products and having lots of fun along the way...

  • Profile picture of Antonio Cerqueira

    Antonio Cerqueira

    I am in Real Estate Investing, consulting and e-commerce

  • Profile picture of David Alfaro

    David Alfaro

  • Profile picture of Mike Caha

    Mike Caha

  • Profile picture of Claire Hu

    Claire Hu

  • Profile picture of Eetu Viitala

    Eetu Viitala

  • Profile picture of Karl Kangur

    Karl Kangur

  • Profile picture of Chris Pollard

    Chris Pollard

  • Profile picture of Oscar Jesionek

    Oscar Jesionek

  • Profile picture of Dustin Ellard

    Dustin Ellard

  • Profile picture of Adam Wright

    Adam Wright

    Location: Penang

  • Profile picture of Amy S

    Amy S

  • Profile picture of Davud Macmillan

    Davud Macmillan

  • Profile picture of Dominic Wells

    Dominic Wells

  • Profile picture of Angelica Tayona

    Angelica Tayona - "Don’t forget to check our member series blog! Just click on the link to read more:"

    Company Website:

    GFAVIP Community Manager

  • Profile picture of Claudia Rincon

    Claudia Rincon - "Good work Angelica, Thanks for my bio. Best, Claudia Rincon"

    Location: Miami Beach FL

    Proactive Bilingual B2B negotiator, known for building strong relationships by partnering with stakeholders at all levels with professionalism, flexibility and diplomacy. Bilingual talent management (TM) and organizational development (OD) professional who executes the achievement of organizational and operational goals...

  • Profile picture of Chris Davey

    Chris Davey

    Location: Zhuhai, China

    Company Website:

    Hi, My name is Chris Davey, I'm from England I've been living in China since early 2012 (Zhuhai, to Macau), my background is procurement, from 1998-2015 working with Bowers & Wilkins including 3.5 years working in China. My main business...

  • Profile picture of PJ Entrepreneur

    PJ Entrepreneur

  • Profile picture of Nick B

    Nick B

  • Profile picture of Matt Lubin

    Matt Lubin

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