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Welcome! Please browse the latest section of our website in which we introduce our members.

Why We Are Doing This?

This is the latest series on our website in which you will meet our members. Here we introduce our members. They will share their experience with our website, their skills and expertise regarding business, and inspire our readers to overcome challenges with stories of how cross-border business helped them achieve their goals.

We offer value to every member and client we have through this series as we want to let you know that you are all important to us. You’ll have the opportunity to inspire other business owners as well as those that are just starting.

Let’s learn more about our members!

Here you will get to know our members from different industries, positions, and backgrounds, from corporate to business owners and entrepreneurs who want to venture, grow and dive into cross-border e-commerce business.

  • Established International Businesses

    International business owners from manufacturing to sales and marketing who keep on top of their game and ensure their businesses expand internationally.

  • Corporate Businesses

    Our corporate members, whether from startups to banking and corporate finance finds the perfect setup type of content that help them with their decisions when it comes to their business. A good example is business people with small capital to start with, they like to try out things first and testing the water before giving final thoughts. This also include entrepreneurs who have experience in raising funds.

About the Series

Each week in this new series, we will meet our proud members as we introduce them and their successes, which have been assisted by our website and services. We’ll learn how our community made an impact on their business lives as we empower them with the right tools and information and how we can learn from them.

You will be able to read their experiences as members, about the challenges they faced before they joined Global from Asia and how our products and services helped them reached their goals.

We will have conversations with our members in which we will gather all the information needed for this column. We are going to invite them to answer a couple of questions as well as ask for their views and perspectives on e-commerce business. We will have them share testimonials on how our products and services impacted them and their company and how they achieved their goals.

This is going to be an interesting series as we are able to showcase our members and their stories, highlighting the impact of their accomplishments. We will also have a glimpse at their vision as they help move the community toward success.

How to become a Member

If you are inspired by our members’ great experience and success stories, please check out to join us and level up your business. Being a VIP member comes with a lot of perks and will be your go-to resource to optimize your business.

Being a Global From Asia VIP gives you a lot of valuable resources and connections that will take your business to a higher level. You will also have access to different VIP offers, including amazing tools.

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