GFAVIP Featured Member of the Month (November) – Gauthier Troxquet

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Another month, another featured member at GFAVIP. For November, Gauthier Troxquet takes the spotlight. Gauthier is an Ecommerce Specialist and as a Customer Success Manager at sourcing and testing products with factories in China. Let’s get to know Gauthier and his business a little bit more. Gauthier goes by the nickname GT. He’s from Belgium and currently living in … Read More

GFAVIP Featured Member of the Month (October) – Carol Zurita

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Another month, another featured member at GFAVIP. For October, Carol Zurita takes the spotlight. Hailing from South America, Carol has a long history and extensive experience with entrepreneurial activities. She started fifteen years ago, and has brought her talents to various parts of the globe. Let’s take this chance to get to know Carol and her business a little bit … Read More

Paul Jones of PJ Entrepreneur

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Paul Jones of PJ Entrepreneur. PJ or Paul Jones, a man whom you may call a global citizen. A person who has done a lot of things and even has a natural talent when it comes into the world of business. Many of us are afraid of failing however to PJ it is simply a great learning experience.

Ray Ng of Unipro Consulting limited

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This week’s featured member is Ray Ng of Unipro. Ray Ng is a certified public accountant who started his own company from the ground up, armed only with the experience of working in one of Hong Kong’s Big four accounting firms. Unipro Consulting Limited is one of Global from Asia’s business partner. Find out more about Ray Ng and Unipro.

Jason Zhang of Rabbitow

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This week’s featured member is Jason Zhang of Rabbitow Technology Co.,Ltd. It is an innovative scientific and technological enterprise that specializes in the intelligent health interaction field. Rabbitow brand products were awarded for “Men’s products of the 2016 Asian adult industry” in Asia Adult Expo in HONG KONG, the “Innovative Sex Toy of the Year-Design” in Asia Adult Expo and Reddot Design in 2018.

Nick Bartlett of CBIP Logistics

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Our featured member this week is Nick Bartlett of CBIP Logistics. From the scenic landscapes of New Zealand, 31 year old Nick Bartlett an expert in logistics and consultancy, saw plenty of opportunity in Hong Kong. After moving into Hong Kong with a big corporate company He simply could not let this opportunity slip from his hands. Learn how Nick did it all.

Thiago Honório of Winner Best

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Today’s featured member is Thiago Honorio of Winner Best. Thiago was exposed to China leading him to seek his own path and establish himself by networking with the Bicycle and Motorcycle Community in China.

Esteban Kadamani of Infinite Group

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We are back! Our featured member for this week is Esteban Kadamani of Infinite Group who started the company from humble beginnings with his partner back in 2004. After reaching a milestone of 11 million in sales, they decided to travel to China.

Mike Michelini of Global From Asia

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Our featured member this week is none other than, our CEO, Mike Michelini. Mike has been an amazing boss to his employees, always making sure that his staffs are satisfied and happy in his company. “American Internet Dude in Asia” is how he fill out his social media profiles that can only fit a few words. But that basically summarizes … Read More

David Hehenberger of Fatcat Apps

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Our featured member today is David Hehenberger – the founder of Fatcat Apps where they make wordpress plugins. He also run a SaaS (Software as a Service) startup called LandingCube. These days, he is particularly interested in startups, product management, design, & cryptocurrencies.

Chris Li of Jousun

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Today’s featured member is is a developer/business guy. His company, Jousun, is an online fresh online grocery shopping delivery. They focus on organic products and anything from meats, vegetables, fruits. Currently, they have about 30 to 40 vendors and about a thousand plus products in their shop.

Mar Rodriguez a Youtuber and Owner of MarCariB & Ki

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We have another featured member for this week. She’s a Youtuber and a vlogger from Mexico – Mar Rodriguez. Her businesses’ main products are mobile accessories, gadgets and Chinese cosmetics. Their main shipments are to USA, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia etc. Learn all about Mar’s experiences as a China business vlogger.

Jons Slemmer of RedStar Consulting

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in this blog, we will feature member Jons Slemmer who does website hosting in China. His business focus on helping international brands to set up websites in China. They provide/arrange website hosting and apply/assist with the required ICP license.

Xiaoning Rao a Freelance/Project Manager

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We are back with our new member’s series and I’m happy to present to you our next member – Xiaoning Rao who will share her great experience as a Freelance Project Manager. She currently does the market research and consulting for Sovereign company.

Jelena Lucic of 1 Clever Dot

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We’re back again for another member to be introduced on our series. I’m here to introduce a passionate woman when it comes to her business. Tune in as Jelena Lucic talks about her friendly eco products.

Sandor Weyers of ElementZ Travel and iDOPT Wildlife

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wildlife conservation
Our next member is an entrepreneur who has the passion and love for nature and wildlife. I am grateful to be able to talk to our next featured member. Let me present to you Sandor Weyers who will be talking about how he pursued his passion for wildlife conservation and made it into 2 business companies.

Mike Caha of Truly Scaled Limited

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Another member to be featured this week is Mike Caha. Mike is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Truly Scaled Limited. It is a media company that covers your business from content globalization to IT infrastructure. It provides a digital marketing solution designed to captivate an international audience.

Russell Smith of RS Marketing

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This week our third featured member is Russell Smith. An entrepreneur from the UK who started off selling on eBay from China, and later moved into content marketing and web design, which is what he’s focusing on now. He also mentioned he has a passion project, the Living Leaf Tea, which sells tea directly from China. Living Leaf Tea is his side project for now. Learn more about his digital marketing business!

Oswaldo Loor of Shenzhen Drones and Clear Waters Limited

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Welcome back on our new member series. In this series I am happy to introduce our next member, Oswaldo Loor – the man behind agricultural drones. His business is now being recognized in different countries. This man helped a lot of agricultural businesses by means of his drones. Read Oswald’s story about shenzhen drones.

Introducing Our New Member Series Column

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This is the latest series on our website in which you will meet our members. Here we introduce our members. They will share their experience with our website, their skills and expertise regarding business, and inspire our readers to overcome challenges with stories of how cross-border business helped them achieve their goals. Read on for our Intro member series!