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Another month, another featured member at GFAVIP. For October, Carol Zurita takes the spotlight.

Hailing from South America, Carol has a long history and extensive experience with entrepreneurial activities. She started fifteen years ago, and has brought her talents to various parts of the globe.

Let’s take this chance to get to know Carol and her business a little bit more.

Getting to Know Carol

Carol’s entrepreneurial work started years ago in Ecuador. As she tells it, her first project failed. However, failing fast and her headstrong mentality did not discourage her from starting more projects.

Due to this, she has gained experience in managing businesses, project management, finances, communications, and promotions.

She then brought her talents and experiences to America when she moved to Denver, Colorado. She started as an intern, but saw a great opportunity with Facebook ads and learned from it when it was still a new practice.

Soon after, she would head to China where she would start new projects and find success there. To date, she has built three successful businesses. One of them is Mr. Licks Pets, a company that sells pet accessories via ecommerce platforms.

In China, she was also able to learn more about promotions. There, she honed her skills and eventually started her China-wide tour for CEOs and business owners.

Her talents have also leapt on to the page, as she published Get Powerful Now! Your Guide to Moving On. It started as a series of talks and was then published by Morgan James in New York. It is a guide that helps women unleash their best selves.

Strategy Branding

Carol founded Strategy Branding, an agency based in China and Hong Kong. It is a company that helps small to medium business enterprises (SMEs) and startups understand the tactics and strategies to attain their goals.

Everyone can have a good idea or a product. However, the reality is that there are things in play that ultimately affect your idea or product getting picked up. This is what Carol and Strategy Branding are all about.

Through their work, they hope to teach business owners and CEOs the things they need to elevate their brand and increase their sales.

For Strategy Branding, it all starts with the brand. Establishing your brand and ensuring people are aware of it is a pivotal moment towards success. A good branding strategy will establish trust with consumers. This will ultimately lead to a conversion in sales.

Online marketing is the name of their game, and they play it well. The big difference is that their marketing packages are dynamic and fit any and all sizes of businesses. You are offered packages and plans that are right for you and your business.

As they say, “Strategy Branding is a small business for small businesses”. Thus, their plans strategies are tailored for your needs, and more importantly, your budget.

Don’t let the price fool you though. These strategies will increase conversion rates, boost sales on a budget, increase your presence to your target demographic, make customers happy, create loyalty, and profit.

You can also book Carol for workshops where she can discuss the many ways you can improve upon your brand and convert those sales. Their website also has a robust blog section that will keep you informed and up-to-date of the best marketing tips.

Ever Expanding

In a testimonial, Carol stated that GFAVIP has been a great place to find people who are more than willing to share their knowledge and expertise. She called it a reinventing experience that reflects on her business.

Armed with years of experience, marketing insights, a published book, and a mission to help CEOs and business owners of SMEs, Carol looks to keep expanding her marketing and branding work in Southeast Asia. She is targeting Singapore and Kuala Lumpur as areas that she can share her wisdom with.

If you want to learn more about marketing, Carol also has a website that offers free marketing e-learning courses. Courses include free branding courses, brandworth, and inside-out branding to sell up.

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